Michaels Storesmanager

N Oct 10, 2019

I was hired as a sales associate at this store and worked there for only a few days before quiting. I would not recommend applying to this location to anyone. They put you on a computer to go through training modules and expect you to be finished in 2 hours (even when your log in that was provided to you does not work and you end up having to contact their IT people to have it fixed, which took about 30-45 minutes), and then they throw you on the floor and expect you to automatically know how to do everything that they want you to do and if you ask questions or ask for help they get annoyed. I was even told that the training modules are for the USA side and when I was going by what I learned in the training, I was wrong. The main manager was so rude to me from day one. She always yelled at me over the ear piece that you are required to wear (that all employees wear, so they can all hear you being yelled at) and if I didn't reply to her immediately (because I had a customer in front of me talking and I didn't want to tell them to shush or ignore them to reply to the manager yelling in my ear) she would become even angrier and yell constantly. I had no help on the cash register (the "sales associate" position ended up being fully a cashier, while everyone else in the store were sales associates and only came to do back up on cash). Two of the managers were very rude, only the customer service manager was understanding and helpful to the employees. I would not suggest anyone shop at this location for the way the employees are treated. And myself along with family and friends will no longer shop at this location as they do not deserve business if they treat their employees so disrespectfully. Management training is a must at this location.

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