Meijerla brees jr. pumpkin roll

J Oct 10, 2019

I don't know who is in charge of ordering seasonal bakery items for Meijer stores, but they obviously just cared about paying a few pennies less per order rather than the quality and repeated sales of that particular item. Example; Meijer carries a Swiss cake roll by Maplehurst Bakeries already, all year around, chocolate cake rolls, but instead of just doing the simple thing like ordering the Pumpkin version from the same company for the fall, they order a different one from a company called La Brees. I am not much of a complainer, but I had to send this comment in. It is the worst product I have ever had. The frosting tastes like flavored wax, almost like it has some kind of black licorice flavored chemical in it. It's absolutely terrible and I will not buy another one. In comparison, last year for 2018, Meijer finally once again stocked the Maplehurst version and it is an absolutely fantastic perfect product. My immediate family spent $1700 on just those products last year, large and small cake rolls, for dinners and parties etc., and I won't spent another penny more than the $5.99 I spent on this terrible La Brees replacement. I've already heard from others how terrible it is. So, good job to the person who made that [censored]ic ordering decision. I know that this email is inconsequential to the entire Meijer corporation and I am just one useless peon, but that decision to, not only NOT just order a different flavor of a brand you ALREADY CARRY, but go ahead and order TWO other brand names (Fathers Table being the second one, not AS terrible, but sure as hell not Maplehurst) because of wanting to save a few pennies per ordered the no regard for the actual quality or repeated sales for that item is one of the DUMBEST things I've seen in a while. Not only is that cheaper La Brees product just a terrible over all product, Meijer literally ruined our fall season for family parties which we have used Maplehurst products for. Ruined. We won't buy another one of either of those brands. It really is pretty frustrating that one clueless person gets to make that decision just based on your retail reports (I am in retail so I know all about the ordering process and saving $$ over a fiscal period and how to shave off expenditures in depts) so again, just based off your excel spreadsheet reports and not based on what the better product is or what customers actually want.

It's something we have to wait 9 months for, in order to find and we look forward to it, and Meijer completely dropped the ball on this one and ruined it.

The one pic is of the year round product Meijer carries, the chocolate rolls. The other one is the BS they decided to stock for fall rather than just order the pumpkin version of the damn product they already carry.

la brees jr. pumpkin roll
la brees jr. pumpkin roll

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