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MediacomTerrible customer service!

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Verified customer

I had the most horrible experience with Mediacon, I swicht my phone service provider for meadicom by December ,and I really regret it. I am working at home, and jobb consists in receive inbound call. I don't have service for 3 days, I call Mediacom to find out who was irresponsible for it. the Customer Service lie to me and blame the another Company for this situation. I called at the Supervisor of the another company to ensure who was responsible, and I had him in the line from my cellphone, after 7 times or more times to lie to me, they don't realize that I was recording the conversation and also I have the Supervisor from the another company in the line, who clarify that his company wasn't responsible for that. Mediacom technical support Service don't have a word to said.

Horrible bad customer service, rude, disrespectful, and liars. I am going to take legal action, enough is enough they cant play with people life and jobs. I am single mother I can lose my job because of Mediacom and also I lose 3 days of work. Never take that service.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Mediacom's response · Feb 10, 2011


    I am Chris from the social media team with Mediacom. If you would like to email me at [email protected] I can look into any issues you are having and would love to do all I can to make any problem you have right for you.

    Chris Lord
    Social Media Team Lead
    [email protected]

  • Mediacom's response · May 15, 2011

    We attempt to get a technician out as soon as possible. Unfortunately with such a late request in the middle of the weekend it is unlikely that a next day appointment would be possible for a Sunday. I would be happy to look into this for you further and see if that is in fact possible. Please contact us at [email protected] or on our forums at


    Mediacom Social Media Relations

  • Mediacom's response · Jun 10, 2011

    I apologize for the service issues and difficulty you've experienced. I would like to assist in any way I can. Please contact Mediacom's Social Media Team for assistance with any questions, service issues, or general complaints at, via email at [email protected], or via Twitter @MediacomSupport.

  • Mediacom's response · Jun 22, 2011

    I apologize for the service issues. Anyone who is having problems can contact us at the social media team for Mediacom anytime and we would be glad to assist with any issues. You can reach us directly by email at [email protected], on twitter through our support @mediacomsupport or through our site forums at . I apologize for any poor service and would love to make things right for you.

    Jayquan - this doesn't seem like a normal DMCA issue and I am not aware of any charges such as this through us. If you want to reach out to me I would love to look into this and get back with you.

    sassysoutherner - I apologize for the issues porting your phone and with everything else. The supervisor should have been more helpful and I would love to look into this. Please reach out to us so I can help and make this right with you.

    Sandra Holweger - I apologize for the billing issues. I would love to help. Please send me an email or get with me through one of the other means and I can take a look.

    If anyone else has issues, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help fix any problem you have!

    Chris Lord
    social media team lead
    [email protected]
    twitter: @mediacomsupport

  • Mediacom's response · Jul 04, 2013


    That is certainly not the experience we want our customers to have. I would be more than happy to work on getting this issue resolved. Please email me at [email protected] and I will do what I can to make things right.

    Mediacom Social Media Team

  • Mediacom's response · Aug 12, 2013

    Hello Jody,

    The level of service you have gotten thus far is not what we expect any of our customers to experience. We will be happy to look into the issues you are having and get them resolved. Can you send us an email to [email protected] with your account or phone number, as well as reference this post so we can refer back to it while working on the issue?

    Thank You,
    Mediacom Social Media Team


  • Dy
    dymphnam Jun 06, 2016

    Our home in Cobb, California burned down tragically last summer with 1000 other houses in the Valley Fire. Direct TV was our cable provider and Mediacom was our internet provider. Direct TV did not charge for the loss of their dish and receivers. Mediacom billed not only for the loss of the destroyed modem but also the monthly charges. When our rebuild is complete I will be using Direct TV as our sole provider.

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  • To
    tony256 Feb 24, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have been having issues for weeks now and have spent countless hours either online or on the phone and everyone promises to escalate my case to engineering and promises a return call in 24-72 hours and so far after more than 6 weeks still no working service that I am being charged for, the last guy I talked to was 4 days ago and as usual lied about escalating my case and about the phone call that I would receive as well, I am tired of being lied to and basically stolen from.

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  • We
    WeAreAllMadHere Dec 29, 2015
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    Thank God my service is month to month. I'm ready to switch. What good is a service you can't use.

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  • Jo
    jodykman Aug 06, 2013

    To Mediacom:
    Mediacom IS THE WORST. Our internet, TV and now Phone have been popping in and out for 2 years! The problem started when they redid our road. They refuse to fix the problem, they keep sending out techs, all the techs say it is their fault because their numbers don't match up, something about the meter should read 47 to 51; if it does read high at 51, you will probably get your service dropped periodically. Ours read 51, they said, we'll try it here and if you have problems give us a call. Yes, our service keeps dropping out and this last time now it's been out for 5 days! They have been sending techs out for 2 years and they say the same thing, and to fix it they need to run a new line, they can't do it but will call in the service call.
    Well, the service call never came out of all the times the different techs called it in. The main office says, we never received a service call, or it was some tech error that it got lost and that they can't set up a service call that they will send another service tech out (who cannot run a new line) but will schedule a road crew to drop a new line and the cycle keeps repeating itself...a road crew never shows up t drop a new line and they loose the drop order; this has been going on for two years! It really sucks that there cannot be competition of having other cable companies in the area. Mediacom thinks they can do what they want because of it. Finally talked to a supervisor "Burma" if that is her correct name and she said she would take care of it personally and guess what, I never heard back from her...does that surprise you, doesn't surprise me! I really don't want DSL, but it is getting to the point that a slower internet is better than no internet at all!
    One of the techs actually said that Mediacom will not fix anything voluntarily, especially something like this that is a more expensive fix and they will drag it out and stall as long as possible. That we should go down to the local office and complain and make a scene there, that will be the only way we will get it fixed. If that is the only way customers can get their services fixed…it must be pretty sight with irate customers at all the local offices….we didn’t want to do that, but I guess that will be our next step (have to practice yelling in public).
    We do a lot of work out of our house, plus we have to keep taking off work for a half a day to meet the tech so we have lost hundreds of dollars personally because of Mediacom, , not to mention loss of jobs because when we bring quotes and bids home, guess what; the internet goes down and we loose those jobs!.
    And I do volunteer work (all the computer marketing and animal listing of pets available for adoption) for Jackson County Human Society and we transport in dogs and cats that are about to be euthanized to our I can't get the dogs and cats listed to get them adopted to open up kennel space and get the urgent dogs here, not to mention the emails to pull the dogs and cats about to be euthanized or om the urgent many dogs and cats are dying because of Mediacom. A new batch of dogs from Miami Dade Animal Shelter is suppose to arrive Aug. 14 and I was suppose to have a lot of them listed and the day they are coming two days ago! The only thing I can think of doing is explain the situation on how Mediacom has been down for two years and they cannot fix the problem and it now is totally down. So we can no longer list any of our dogs and cats or upcoming “Death Row Dog & Cats” transports. And if they would like a little info, please cal the shelter. Sorry for any inconvenience. This matter is beyond our control, we’ve been doing everything possible to get this corrected for two years, but Mediacom so far has refused to fix our service that we are paying for. Will update you on this matter.
    I am going to try to get a committee together to convince the city to terminate the monopoly that Mediacom has in our city so we can bring in competition because this type of service is inexcusable. Wish me luck!


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  • Ac
    acbyrd4u Jul 03, 2013

    I was a new customer. When I contacted Media for the first time, I requested that my current phone number remain unchanged. I requested phone and internet service. Upon installation, my phone number had been changed to a new number. Additonally we (my family) noticed that we could only get wireless access in rooms close to the router. I called aboout the change in my phone number. I spoke to David in customer service. I was told it would take 5 business days for the number change, and David indicated he would call me back. I never received that call. I called after 5 business days because my number had not been changed back to the original number. This time I spoke to a different customer service person. After explaining the above to her in reference to the telephone number, she put me on hold for about 10-15 minutes. Upon returning she tells me it will take 3 business days for the number to be changed and that no one has done anything as of yet to effect the change. Well after waiting the 5 days and nothing ahs been accomplished by Media Com, then throw in the less than adequate wirelss service. I decided to cancel my service and return to AT&T. I additionally ask to speak to a Manager, and after being placed on hold for another 10 minutes was told no supervisor was available (of course). I informed the customer service person I was less than satisfied and Midai Com needs to come pick up their equipment. I also informed customer service I wanted my money back. So far I have not heard from any supervisor from Media Com. I also plan to tell everyone I know about the ineptness of Media Com and how they treat their customers.

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  • Kk
    kkjerome Jun 04, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Nice, I love a company employee who calls out to his customer base as Stupid!

    I signed for Internet only because I had Media-com twice and learned about their "quality" employees and service but because they had a low 1st year Internet I signed up, 2nd year came and it was high yet I was willing to pay it because I fell that the speed warranted it. Third year came and holy crap you folks are crazy! At some point there will be competition in the area that will offer "livable" Internet and I will be gone for good, first Cable TV and now Internet. I remember people saying in the near future we will see Cable, Phone and Internet for $100 per month... what happened? Internet for $65 is not a good deal, times are still tough for a lot of people and the Internet seems as though it should be the most basic service for a family, not at Media-com.

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  • Ih
    Ihatemediacommore Jun 04, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had so many problems with Mediacom I not only knew my tech on a first name basis, I had his cell phone number!

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  • Cj
    CJCoop Jun 04, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Lost cable, Internet & phone service due to a cut line by a neighbor installing a fence. Customer service tells me that they can have someone out on Thursday! Four days away. I pay that company $250+ a month and have for years and that is the best they can do? I am looking at either Dish or Direct TV. I've had it with them. This isn't the first bad experience I've had with them. The icing on the cake was when the cs rep read off my home phone number to me and said that the tech would call before coming and if I didn't answer the order would be cancelled. I said, "Good luck with that because the damn phone isn't working, the cable is cut!" There is a cure for ignorance but not for stupidity. Lord help our future generation.

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  • Me
    MEDIACOM WORKER Jun 24, 2011


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  • Ja
    jayquan Jun 21, 2011

    Mediacom has to be the most shameful company i have ever seen. my girlfriend call me and tell me they shut off her internet and i asked y she said that her when her dad called they told him that they bugged is router and seen he was download illegal music from (the best part) NAPSTER!!! WHICH WE ALL KNOW THAT YOU PAY THEM FOR ALL THERE MUSIC. so now he has to pay 100 dollars to to get it turned back on, and they do it again they will get fined again for over 3000 dollars Face palm.

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  • Sa
    sassysoutherner Jun 20, 2011

    We signed up for Mediacom recently and now regret our decision to leave our previous providers! Mediacom customer service SUCKS!! Here's our story: We signed up for service and on the order form we noticed a charge for the modem. The technician said he didn't think we were supposed to be charged for the modem since we had signed up for a package. We told him that info needed to be confirmed before he completed installation b/c we did not want an extra $5 charge on our bill. He called Mediacom and asked about the charge. He was told we would NOT receive a charge for the modem. I'll finish this part later...
    In the meantime Mediacom was having trouble porting our phone number from our current carrier. We were receiving calls from Mediacom phone service on an almost daily basis (business days that is) saying that the problem was a zip code mismatch. I did EVERYTHING they requested - updating our address with our provider, etc. I explained on numerous occasions that our current provider had U.S. following the zip code and requested Mediacom try to add that. They refused multiple times telling me U.S. following a zip code was not valid and that our phone provider needed to update their system. I'm a customer not tech support for either company - I can't make a company change the way they input information into their system.
    After about 3 weeks of battling with Mediacom they finally agreed to add U.S. to the end of our zip code. Well, guess what? It was accepted by our carrier and the number could finally be ported over and service completed.
    Back to the modem - we received our first bill and after reviewing it I noticed a $5.00 charge for a modem. I called customer service and explained in detail what occurred and what was told to us by our service technician prior to installation. The woman I talked to said all they could do was give us 1 month credit and we could go buy our own modem to avoid further charges.
    Needless to say that wasn't acceptable! That's not what we were told and that's exactly what I told Mediacom customer service. I certainly lost my cool at that point and told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor. After a few minutes she finally connected me to her supervisor, Shane (maybe it was Shawn). Regardless he wasn't very friendly nor was he interested in keeping a customer!! He said they were giving us 1 month credit on the modem and we had three choices: we could pay $5.00 a month for the modem, go buy a modem, or cancel our service. PERIOD!! I told him that wasn't very good customer service since it was explained to us that we would NOT be charged a monthly fee for the modem. He didn't care what we were told - those were our options.
    Mediacom should be ashamed! They DON'T listen to their customers and apparently the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing!! In my opinion it's like this, just tell the customer anything to get them to sign up and then we'll screw them over later!! SHAME on you Mediacom!!
    We are discussing whether we will continue with our service but purchase our own modem or go with another company all together!! Quite frankly I'd like to tell them to shove their modem & company where the sun doesn't shine!!

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  • Da
    Datuh Jun 10, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Mediacom - what a joke!! I have used them (no choice) for less than seven months. They have been to my house 4 times. If it rains or windy, the phone and internet service ar up and down up and down! Not all the tv stations work all the time. I call and I have to wait till next week for a all day apt for them to come and look AGAIN!! Before moving here I had two other companies and Never had any problems like this. My computer has to sit in my childs room because the tech didnt feel like installing a jack somewhere else!!!

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  • Sa
    Sandra Holweger Jun 10, 2011

    I signed up with Mediacom about 8 months ago and told it was good service. After receiving the service had trouble getting all the channels and music channels. I called Mediacom and they came out and told me everything looked alright. Still having the same problems and called again for tech to come out and I was told the line coming to my home it was not strong enough and they had to put in a bigger cable said it was not getting enough amps and they were aware of this because this area was having trouble because there was not enough of amps on this line. I signed a contract for 2 years and after all this time coming out to my home and telling me the same thing and after calling them about this I told them I would just discontinue the service and they told me I would have to pay the balance of breaking the contract which was around 193.00 dollars and I asked them would they want to pay for something they did not get and they did not answer me and I called several times to talk to a supervisor and was told they were not in and they would have them to call me and they never did. I told them it was a breach of contract because they did not provide me the service they said they would. I ended up paying the 193.00 dollars which I needed myself because I am disabled . They are just theives and liars and I would never never have Mediacom again.

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  • Me
    media sux Jun 02, 2011

    I understand customers can be rude and lose their temples from time to time but when i try for months justo get someone anyone to return my calls it is uncallled for. They lied to my face everytime i called "its over 300 foot when i watched the installed meassure 280 feet. They they said there was no ground to connect my internet up. All electric boxes by law must have a ground. They never came to actually check my lot and even when i was able to catch the installer in a lie ( because i have had to deal with this low end company so much I could install it) they tried to change the subject. they don't care about the customers NK they just want money. They refused to hook my internet back up at the exact same location just closer to the road. Dont try to defend them they are new and have some major business problems there are some customers who don't get the fine print but ignoring, lieing and being rude to the customers is not the best way to handle it. Get off you back sides and do some work already!

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  • Az
    azgoldcoach May 15, 2011

    Mediacom modem goes out Saturday night - I call in at 11pm and I am writing this at 2:15 am. I go through all of the trouble shooting when they finally accept that the issue is their modem - to which they tell me they will attempt to get a technician out on Monday. I earn my living through the internet!!! I pay on time every month so they can make their money but when I am in need they do NOTHING!!! I will cancel mediacom ASAP on Monday because nobody is working over the weekends. It is mindboggeling the vast number of complaints against this company and nothing ever gets better.

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  • Kk
    kkjerome Apr 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rheem, Hi I believe that this is deceptive advertizing on their part and that they knowingly sell people this 12 MBPS knowing that those speeds are only available while you are at work and not when you want to use your computer. I know that a few Attorney Generals in a few states could shake their tree.

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  • Jo
    JOHN BOLDON Mar 31, 2011

    Sure Email Me [email protected]

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  • Te
    techmama1028 Jan 24, 2011

    I work for DISH Network. I recommend that you try DISH Network service for the best in technology, customer service, and lowest digital pricing in the industry. DISH provides the most HD channels in the industry with FREE HD for life. DISH offers FREE standard professional installation for a six-room solution. Manager your DVR and record your favorite shows from your iPhone or your computer. DISH Network connects you to the best in programming and award winning customer service.

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  • Jo
    JOHN BOLDON Jan 05, 2011

    they is a rip off no they mess me up the rip you off this is a warning also direct tv

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  • Me
    MediacomScrewsMe Nov 23, 2010

    Another unhappy MediaCom customer.

    Called last week to set up to add Cable to my prexisting internet service. The date was set for Nov 23 between 8 and noon. I wait till 12:30 and nothing. So when I call to inquire about where the tech is I was told they "Called 3 times" After informing them I had 0 missed calls and no messages I am told they don't leave messages. She puts me on hold and I get disconnected.

    After I call back I'm told he called 3 times and left 3 messages ... Strange given I was just told they don't leave messages. I am then told that they will have to reschedule (this is at 1;30) ... I see no reason why the tech who alleges he came to my home can't come back at the end of the day and solve this problem.

    I Get disconnected 3 times during 2 hours of being placed on hold, transfered, and told Im a liar.

    Finally at 4:45 I am told that he left a Service tag on my door ... Oh yet another Lie. I then ask my elderly neighbor who sits in front of her window all day if she saw a truck outside. Of course not.

    And with that 15 mins before the close of business I am told I must wait until AFTER thanksgiving ... A FULL WEEK to get cable.

    Of course I have no options except to spread the word to the public and I plan to file a complaint with the BBB

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  • 6y
    6 year customer Oct 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never personally encountered a Mediacom support employee with a bad attitude.

    In my area they are all polite and seemingly as helpful as you can expect them to be. There are often outages in my area, and sometimes, even when the service is working, it works very slowly. Certainly much slower then their advertised maximum capacity for the internet package which I am subscribed to.

    I pay $75/month for *up to 20 mb/s download and *up to 2mb/s upload .
    The service I typically get out of this "Mediacom Online Max" package is : 2.5mb/s upload and around 12-14mb/s download.

    I have on several occasions received credits to my account for unreceived service. I do believe that the representatives are tasked with doing things like resetting your modem from their end as well as "re-uploading your software package" etc. These things are, in my opinion, nothing more then witch doctor/snake oil salesman shenanigans to get customers to leave them alone.

    I can understand this to a certain extent. I do not quite get why they bother wasting their time with such things that we both know will not actually work, therefor I must assume it is because some customers will continue to cause problems if not placated in some way .

    Perhaps they are polite to me because I try to be polite, understanding, and respectful to them...

    The reason I call them on most occasions is to see what information I can garner from them pertaining to issues with my internet. I usually just want to know what is broken and when I can expect it to be fixed.
    I certainly do not expect them to fix it for me, nor do I blame them for my service not functioning correctly.

    I live in Springfield, MO and Mediacom is not the only company here to offer internet and cable service . There are multiple satellite providers, and at least one land based provider as well.
    The only real problem with their competition is that Mediacom offers faster internet connections then the rest of them. If not I probably would have switched service by now just to investigate the speed and reliability offered by another provider.

    As soon as some of their competition offers comparable internet speeds, I will likely switch. However, at less then half the capacity offered by Mediacom, I do not see that happening any time too soon.

    Satellite is unreliable due to the need for line of sight, and DSL is always going to be slower then cable.

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  • Re
    respectfully anonymous Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a mediacom employee, as well as a student of law. First, to clear up the whole lawsuit arguement, anyone can file a civil complaint(lawsuit) against anyone for anything. In relation to mediacom, if you are out of a service, you are due credit for that service for the time you are out, legally. However, employees of mediacom do not issue credit, they request it. It is then fowarded to the accounting department for approval. Without evidence of an outage on the account- a report from a customer that is noted, a reported area outage, or trouble calls related to the problem- your credit will not be approved. If you were to file a lawsuit against mediacom for being out of service, and the only thing you would have to go on was your word, you would have a hard time proving your case, not to say you would not win, but good luck. Mediacoms contracts for service, promotions and work orders that you sign after trouble calls are full of amendments and clauses that should all be read before considering a suit. Also, promoting reliability and telling people how great our service is would be considered "puffing" which is not illegal It's the same as if pizza hut stated they were the best pizza around, and you didn't like it, you could not sue for it not being the best pizza.

    That being said, we are human beings just like you. It is interesting how customers disassociate themselves from us by stating that mediacom subscribers are hard paying customers as if we didn't know what is was like to have a job or have to pay a bill we did not agree with. I will admit, i work amongst people who have bad attitudes, are reluctant to due their jobs, and overall have no contribution to our company. But, there are people like me, who are not only educated but VERY good at their job, and try to help each and every customer on my line while maintaining a positive attitude and a mutual respect between myself and my customer. What people who dont talk on the phone all day continuously fail to realize is 2 things.

    1. We have a limited amount of resources available to us to help you. We are most likely not in your neighborhood, do not have your tech's personal phone number, and have restrictions just like any other company. We are sorry that it takes takes so long to get someone out to your house, but there are 1, 000 other people exactly like you who want there cable fixed TODAY and we just dont have the manpower to support such requests. We are sorry that your service has been out for so long, but we didn't run the cables or build your system, and weren't there to stand in front of the lightning strike that knocked your cable out. AND we are sorry that your bill is higher then it was a month ago, but we dont make the rates, we are just told when they go up and down and aren't given any more information then we give you, and because of that we get screamed at about it and try our best to apply credits and discounts which will most likely get us in trouble.

    2. Although in the rare occasion you are the personable and friendly customer we happen to come accross, there is not very many of you. We truly do understand and are compassionate regarding your issues, ( most of us) but yelling and screaming doesn't help. And if you are not the one screaming and cursing, i can garuntee within the last five calls the rep you are talking to has taken, there has been at least 2 people who have cursed at, belittled, and dehumanized him or her for something he or she had no control over. Multiply those bad calls by 8 hour days and 40 hour weeks, and in some cases, lifetime careers. If you think a rude customer service representive every time you have a cable issue is bad, i urge you to spend a single day in our shoes. Your single negative experience will fail to compare to the derogatory manner in which we are spoken to all day, every day. As far as the actual service goes, i agree we need work, unforunately the person you are on the phone with my not be able to fix the problem right then, and in some cases, at all. And if you are not getting the help you would like from the person you are talking to . . .there is something called a Que ( pronounced like the letter Q) that you can be transfered to and get a different representitive, and when you do, hopefully you will get someone like me who will do all they can.

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  • Ih
    Ihatemediacommore Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the person who said the lawyer would laugh at someone if they tried to sue because I'm paying voluntarily. Just because I pay voluntarily, there are laws about giving the person the service they pay for. I might 'voluntarily" hire a contractor to redo my kitchen, but if I pay him and he doesn't do it, I can certainly sue him for it. I am NOT getting the service I'm paying for and, therefore, I can sue if I so choose. Of course, if I were to sue, I think I'd seek a lawsuit for fraud because mediacom advertises reliable service that they don't give. BTW, I'm going bankrupt so I do have that lawyer and she would be more than happy to represent me. We've already talked about it.

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  • An
    angry customer 222 Jul 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Media com has the worst customer service and overall service I have ever dealt with! Over last several days my reception on my TV has been skipping in and out and the picture has boxes all over it. I called them to see what the problem was and the sent a "shock" to the box and the problem was corrected. The next day the same problem occurred and I called again to complain about the same problem and request a service call. The girl who "helped" me picked up the line after I sat on hold for 5 minutes and she was talking with a co-worker about her weekend activities she was planning with her boyfriend. Very graphic! She didn't realize she taken me off hold and I could everything she was saying, I said "hello...? " I was then put back on hold for another 2 minutes and the same girl picked up the call again and suddenly became professional. I told her about the issue I was having with my cable and requested a service call. She sent another "shock" to the cable box and said she could not set up an appointment for service so I was again put back on hold. For the entire three minutes I was on hold to make an appointment my cable was fine then it went out completely. I made an appointment (which will be in 3 days!) and I asked to be compensated for my inconvenience. The other lady told me they won't do comp's. I paid my bill 3 days ago and I have NO SERVICE!!! I want to be compt! If I am not, I will go to a higher authority. I am strongly considering changing my service!

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  • Ne
    NeoTokyo Jul 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OK but I had very poor Internet connectivity for 9 months and repeatedly tried to get a tech out to check everything out and run a new drop.

    I knew it was the areal drop because every time it would rain or snow or was windy our Internet would go out and the TV would get fuzzy and sometimes cut in and out.

    The operator that finally got a tech out to me said that she could only give me 2 weeks credit without a tech checking the lines first but if I accepted it that I would not be able to accept a credit if there was something found to be wrong with the line.

    I declined the credit and said that I want all 9 months that we had horrible Internet connectivity.
    She said as long as the tech could determine that the problem was on their end that I would get the credit.

    After 9 months they sent a tech out (After repeated phone calls and complaints from me and my wife) and he did find that the original coaxial was so old and out dated that it had to be from the original drop when the house was built in 1994!

    He wrote in his report that the drop was the problem.
    He said that I should have no problem receiving my 9 month credit as connection was poor at best.
    He said that I wouldn't have to call it or anything for the credit that it would be added automatically.

    About 45 days later and two bills I noticed that I had not received my credit yet.
    I called in and paid my bill and was transferred over to another customer service rep when I inquired about my absent credit.

    The female operator that I got was so rude to me and kept finishing every question with "Do you agree" or "Can I confirm that you accept that answer."

    She said that other than my contact that got the tech out there that I had NEVER called them before with a problem. I of course told her that she was wrong and she kept pushing that I had never called.

    I told her "I don't care that it says I have never called with a problem before, I have called several times with my problems!"

    She said that there was no way that I was going to get a credit on my account.
    She said a normal person would have called and complained a lot had they been paying for a service and not received those services.

    I told her that I HAD called SEVERAL times before and even made notes with the last operators but she continued to say that I had no prior calls to the one that initiated the service call.

    I told her that I called several times asking for a tech to come out and she flat out said I was lying that it would have been logged into the system.

    She asked me why that when a tech didn't show why I didn't call back and complain.
    I told her that its not my job to babysit the techs that fail to do their job.

    Finally she went into some sort of script trying to get me to say that I haven't called before and I just repeatedly asked for a manager.

    She said I could not talk to a manager, I asked why, she said because they were all busy at that time, I asked if I could wait, she said no, I asked if I could have a direct phone number to call one back, she said no.

    The only option that she gave me while yelling (Yes yelling!) at me was that a manager call me back within the hour. She sternly demanded a confirmation.
    I exhaled and said "OK" and she hung up on me.

    I never got a call back, not even a missed call, my phone would have recorded it.

    All in all, Mediacom doesn't care about their customers, they don't care about their operators enough either to give them good training.

    Mediacom is a Giant and doesn't care what it does or who it hurts.
    They will continue to ignore the problems at hand until a "David" comes to take the "Goliath" down hitting them in their Achilles heel -Their pocket book-

    Tssk Tssk again MediaCom.

    1 Votes
  • Bl
    BlancoLibre Jul 14, 2010

    There is something you must understand when making these complains, there is more going on in the background then you realize.

    Why is Mediacom so expensive?

    All of the major ISP's play the same game. Unfairly cheap promotion followed by an unfairly expensive price after the promotion. ISP's like the whole "New Revenue" or "Winback" attitude and they forget that customers will just end up following the promotional bandwagon. Get a promotion, wait a year, and then disconnect for a new provider and new promotion. So in all truth... Mediacom is initially absurdly cheap, but there is a price to pay later because of the current marketing structure.

    Why is the customer service so poor?

    Let us step back a moment and not look at Mediacom, but look at other providers support. Many support teams are not primarily US based, they do not offer 24/7 support, and they may have no phone option for support. Now let us also consider that these reps hear nothing but complaints all day (when you are holding they are receiving continue calls with no end in site), they are expected to remain courteous, and they are expected to resolve everything including absurd requests.

    Another aspect that you must also consider is that call volume has high and low points and they must hire an amount of people that is somewhere in the middle of the curve. This means when outages happens there will not be enough reps. Also remember that there are different levels of support at Mediacom. Larger and higher paying accounts will have more power in getting faster reactions. If everyone was paying $1, 000 a month per account I can assure you there would be no wait time, there would 99.9% uptime, and all would be happy in a wonderful land. This as you can realize is impossible. Although you may think what you are paying is a lot, it's not for what goes into being an ISP.

    End Result:

    You can't make everyone happy. There is not enough money in the business to make every customer and every absurd request answered. You can merely do the best with what you have. There is definitely need for improvement, but trust me... it is not that bad in comparison. There will be freak issues, but companies look at averages... not individuals.

    -1 Votes
  • Ne
    NeoTokyo Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mediacom is a money hungry ignorant Giant that doesn't care about customers.

    Both times I had service put in I had to hook everything up and finish it myself as the installer was too impatient to do anything else other than grab a signature.

    When we moved to our current residence we had such poor Internet service that we had times where it would not connect for days on end.

    Finally someone came out to replace the drop and housing wiring that was 16 years old!
    I tried to make that appointment several times before but to never have someone show up.

    While on the phone making the last appointment I requested that my full Internet service be credited from the time that I move to that residence back to my account. When the tech came out and verified that it was the near 20 year old lines that were causing my problem he said that I would get the credit and that it would reflect in my next bill.

    Whelp two bill cycles later and NOTHING!

    I pay $40 dollars a month for Cable TV and Internet plus the extra fee's they tack on. Its bad enough they doubled my rate but then to have to pay $40 a month for Internet that almost never worked... That's just robbery.

    Now Mediacom sent me a letter saying that I downloaded a Movie and violated a copyright.

    I do NOT download movies, music, games or whatever nor do I have the HD space, computer speed or want to do what they are accusing me of.

    I tried to call their hot line only to get an automated response that asked me to hang up after its near 10 minute explanation of why they think I (Or anyone that gets that letter) am a bad person.

    I have my own life and I sure as hell don't need MediaCom trying to accuse me of downloading a movie I have never even seen before.

    Strap me up to a polygraph, no lies here!

    I take this letter as a personal attack against me and I am searching for a group that is willing to do something about these false claims.

    I have found several falsely accused people, even my OWN NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR who have received these BOGUS copyright infringement notices.

    I have not been able to speak to a single MediaCom customer supported agent that was able to solve my problems or simply not hang up the phone after putting me on hold or simply in mid convo.

    Tssk Tssk MediaCom.

    3 Votes
  • Pi
    pinkjosh Jul 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been continueously calling mediacom customer care officials and have been telling them about the internet service I am subscribed to. I have subscribed to 12 Mbps MediaCom Online services and I never get an internet speed above 5-6 Mbps.. most of the times its less than 3 Mbps. Every time I call them, they give me an appointment to send in their technician.. every time their technician comes check my modem with his handheld and says everything is fine... This has happened multiple times and I am still waiting for the real service that could fix the root cause of this problem.

    I never know whoom to tell. Mediacom is charging me every month for 12 mbps connection and never give me that kind of service. I am really disappointed that they have this kind of customer care. This is really unethical to charge someone for a kind of service that you never provide..

    Dont know if putting my complaint on this blog could help me but I really am not sure whoom to ask for help.

    Appreciate if some one is hearing out there and could help the east moline, IL area for the same.

    Vishal joshi


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  • Jo
    John8:14 Jun 09, 2010

    I have also been a there... I'm a chef so i work night, and only use the internet at 12:00am to 3:00 am. It works just fine I'm sure when i am at work, but for the little time i have to use it, it doesn't work...6 times teches came out to fix nothing to do with the problem, changing the splitter and nothing else, and billed each time for their terrible service. I had one tech come in, and he dialed something on his hand held device, and worked just like the commercials says, 6 months later, medicom restarted something on their network and turned it back off, back to cutting in and out.

    They deny the tech even worked for their company.
    After a long chat with the last customer service, yes i had some tasteful words at this point, they said I could never call support again, or they will turn off the account.

    Mediacom is the only cable provider in this area, so that was a direct threat, NO TV/NO INTERNET.

    reason why i am here is to see why it cut out this time... i googled medicom and this was top topic.

    as i wrote this the internet turned off again. 6th time in 5 hours

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  • An
    an eye for an eye Feb 15, 2010

    For years I have a very close relationship with mediacom...all very bad! Thankfully I have made changes in my career path and no longer use thier service either. I want to share something very disturbing about this company and how they operate! They have a supervisor who is in charge of hiring contractor that come into your home and install mediacom services. Now, this guy was arrested and spent time in jail for firing a round in his home at his x wife. So you would think mediacom would certainly make this guy go away but that did NOT happen! In fact, Ryan S. still works there because the charges didn't hold because she had a restraining order and shouldn't have been there. To make this even more disturbing Ryan says to one of the contractors in the days following and I quote "you would do the same in my situation". UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Following the shooting, he was kicked out of his trailer park. Im not the one to judge but who gets kicked out of trailer park and who shoots at thier wife(x or not). The more serious question is who employes this guy and to top it off he is actually in charge of something!! SCARY!!!

    The only relief we have as consumers is: if they continue the path they are following they simply wont exist.
    p.s. mediacoms digital and high def is no where near the quality of a sat pic! ask mediacom about compressed analogue signal and selling it as "digital" vs. sats all true "digital channel". The answer will be funny!

    2 Votes
  • Pe
    Peggy Heysse Jan 06, 2010

    I live on a cul de sac with 21 homes, part of a neighborhood association. Nine of us are currently Mediacom customers, and another three are former customers who left Mediacom in frustration. The nine household left have experienced many outages over the past few weeks, but we are told that unless EACH customer calls each time there is an outage, however brief, our neighborhood will not get the needed repair because it's only declared an outage when multiple people complain about each outage. The problem is, these people are weary of complaining! They're tired of dialing that number, listening for the prompts, and being told the same LIE in the recording, that there is an outage in our area and that it's being worked on. Really? If it's being worked on, wouldn't it be fixed after 6 weeks? Most people have given up. But I haven't given up, so I call, register my complaint, get an appointment time for 3 days later, wait during the 3 hour window they said they'd be here, and they either a) don't show; b) show up and reset the modem, which only fixes things temporarily; c) say it's an outside problem and they'll send a crew to work on that; d) don't show up for the outside fix; e) show up for the outside fix but say they can't pinpoint the problem because it happens at night when there's no crew available; f) say they can't fix it because our neighborhood has to be declared an outage and not enough people have called. I have never, in my entire 60 years of life, encountered such utter incompetence.

    1 Votes
  • Us
    uscallcenters Sep 12, 2009

    I am the person you called today for help with your service.
    You yelled at me for half an hour and I allowed you to. You said, “don’t take it personal, and I’m not mad at you - per say - but” than go on to belittle and berate the company I work for. I must tell you that I take it very personally because as you ranted and raved for more than fifteen minutes, you are eating up the eight minute per call allotment laid down for me to spend on each call. I can get fired or written up, not because I was not able to help you, but because you just went over my eight minute per call restriction, or maybe you called and it carried over into the time that I was scheduled to take one, of my two daily breaks (which can change on a moments notice in our scheduling program and which must be followed to the second, and I mean second or it goes against our grade) - so I say to you don’t take it personally if I try to cut you off while you rant and rave to try to get to the heart of your problem (keep to the problem and leave emotions out). My company is grading me on every movement I make over my ten hour day – from how much time I take to speak with you, to how many seconds I put you on hold to check on your issue (if an issue that only a high level group has access to). This grade is what can get me fired or give me a good enough grade that my work day week might be scheduled to be between 7am – 4pm (very few exists) with the weekends or a (as in one) weekend day off. Yes, I to have a family that I am trying to support and also spend time with.
    This is what you, the public, my customer, need to understand about the US call centers. In a day I am given so much time to relieve myself, although if I use that time it goes against my grade. Like other workers in the work place, we acquire sick days but if we don’t give a twenty-four hour notice that we are going to be sick that also goes against my grade. You were surprised and astonished that you were hung up on by the last two representatives you spoke with, you probably reached that magical eight minute mark that someone in the/a corporate office decided would allow the workers to move on to another customers problem, in an effort to try to address that number one customer complaint - the hold times are to long. So it’s a lose - lose situation, for you the customer that I really need more than eight minutes to solve your problem, and for me, if I take the time I need to get your issue resolved. We are told it should all even out – that the customer (your Grandmother who might have just had a stroke and now has a hard time relaying information – understandably) I spend a hour with, will even out with the caller I spent four minutes with, but realistically speaking there can only be one number one, the representative who makes the grade that then allows that representative to chose their weekly schedule, the one that might allow them time with their family, and maybe the representative you are speaking with does not want to take the chance of spending more than eight minutes with you, (maybe they have young children at home and would like to be home with them while they are awake).
    We – in the United States call centers are competing with other countries, and in order to compete with their sweat shop call centers, the company you are doing business with is turning your support representatives work place into a sweet shop, because – well – they can always move our jobs to India or the Philippines. (Speaking personally I would rather speak with someone in the United States about my issue if the company is located in the United States.) I would like to help you and I know just what I need to do to help you, but forgive me (don’t take it personally) If I like the last three representatives you spoke with hang up on you after eight minutes.
    I am also a consumer and even though I work for a company that has no regards for my most basic of human requirements (penalizing its workers for using the bathroom or being unexpectedly sick). I have got to think of those who come after me and what kind of work environment we are allowing these companies to create for the future generations. You and I are not taken on a personal basis, so as much as I would like to solve you’re problem on a person basis, that is not how the company you just called will be productive and/or make money. We as call center representatives perform company imposed triage and must move on to shorten call times, it has nothing to do with help and support we do our best, and I for one would really like to help you. In closing I can’t help but wonder if that scary word UNION would help us both. We certainly need a champion because its only going to get worse!!
    I sign anonymous, because my employer would like to keep the public in the dark about the policies I must follow to keep my job, and that’s PERSONAL.

    2 Votes
  • Mi
    MissBoji Dec 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @uscallcenters WWWWAAAAHHHHH! So we should have to put up with inferior service so YOU can have a better day???? Really?????? You sit there and [censor] because we yell at you. Suck it up, buttercup, thats the price you pay for working in customer service. We have families that we are supporting also and we still have to pay for something that doesn't work 75% of the time. When I sit on hold for 45 minutes while a customer service agent is trying to find a supervisor and there isn't one, theres something seriously wrong with this company. I have never dealt with a company who has so little concern for their customers!!! I am currently looking for an alternative supplier for cable and internet and when I do, you can bet MediaCom isn't going to like having the TRUTH told about them!!!

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  • Lb
    L Barber Sep 09, 2009

    I was promised a promotional price good for a two year period of time. At the end of one year my promo price disappeared and there was a substantial increase in my bill. When I called Mediacom they issued a ticket number and said they would listen to the original phone call, they record all calls. When they didn't get back to me, I called them again. Well to my surprise, they can't bring up a call from a year ago, or so they say. I think they realized that one of their sales representatives, who by the way are paid on commission, lied in order to make the sale and earn a nice commission. Buyer beware, if you deal with Mediacom, you may want to do some recording of your own, to protect your own interest. I will be looking for a new cable/tv/phone service provider. I will not do business with a company who does not stand by what their paid employees are offering to obtain customers. To make it all even worse, their television reception has been horrible on the major network channels for the last couple of months.

    0 Votes
  • Po
    policygirl Sep 08, 2009

    Worst customer service guy I've EVER spoken to. Just a routine thing and you can tell there isn't anyone monitoring the phone line at that company..More like Customer Abuse than customer service. I will never forget this. Wait, maybe I will since this company is going to fail with people like this answering the phone. What was that company called ? Thrilled to cancel my services and go to ANYONE else. Netflix, here I come..

    2 Votes
  • Cu
    customservices Aug 25, 2009

    MediaCom is the worst cable provider on the face book of the planet!
    Horrable customer service. Over priced, phone and internet is always down or works poorly.
    Springfield, Missouri has more satellite subscribers then MediaCom cable!

    My issues:
    1. Getting a cable tech out may take up to 3 weeks! On average it takes one week.
    Waited around for half a day and tech never showed. Called MediaCom and found out
    majority of tech call with a unknown/private number instead of MediaCom.
    Have no idea. If you don't answer your phone Mediacom will cancel your
    appointment without visiting your home. unbeleiveable but true...

    2. Internet speeds like dial-up!
    Try watching a Youtube video and it buffers and re-buffers to the point you can't watch the video.
    When you call in to let them know you are having problems you always get a recording that their is a service outage in your area! I callled them on this after months went by for the same issue... Asked them for an ETA when the problem would be fixed and MediaCom rep stated that their was a fiber optic cut and MediaCom has no idea when the service/issue will be resolved. When you spend almost an hour on the phone and request a credit MediaCom gives you a $3.00 credit for one day!

    3. Over priced billing! Everyone is put on a promotion. In a year or so MediaCom JACKS UP PRICE...
    You keep paying and paying until you reolize your bill has doubled. When you call in you get a song and dance ruteen about how good of a deal you are getting! I told rep that the service was not worth what I was paying. Told rep about the slow internet and rep argued with me that it was my fault for not calling them sooner and saked if I wanted to cancel my service. Requested to speak to a supervisor. Told sup how the internet never worked right from day one.

    Best to stay clear from MediaCom... Someone needs to buy them out before they go broke!
    MediaCom is mainly in areas where their is no other choice for cable or high speed internet.
    Brighthouse and TimeWarner blow this company away. Even Comcast/AT&T, Cox and hobo cable providers are better than MediaCom. I plan to cancel my service and may even move back to the city. MediaCom Sucks!

    Dave @

    1 Votes
  • Kw
    kwikkill35 Aug 05, 2009

    I agree with most of what is said here. Mediacom is the worst company I have ever dealth with. Period. Not just for a cable/internet provider, for any company, ever! I tried their phone, absolute crap, had it 3 months and it rarely worked for more than a minute at a time. Have had their cable/internet in 3 places, had service interruptions on internet nonstop. They were just here today for about the 10th time in 2 years, and as usual, fixed NOTHING! Same problem. Their customer service sucks 99% of the time as well. Even if u managed to get a nice one, they can't communicate to one another at all, so what they tell u gets washed away. Lately, it's all been oriental people that u can't understand 3 words together. USELESS USELESS USELESS!

    3 Votes
  • Ws
    WSP Jul 27, 2009

    You customer service reps need to be ashamed of yourself. Paying customers are due working services. That is how it goes in the real world. You go to a store and buy a product, and it don't work, do you keep it or do you go get your money back? Most people take it back and get their money back. But according to mediacom and their reps you paid for it you keep it. Regardless if it works or not. People that are hard working don't like to take their hard working money and pay for services that don't work. And put money in the pockets of disrespectful service reps like the two that posted their comment on this site. If it was'nt for the customer who continue to put up with your lousy company and lousy service you yourself would not afford to feed your mouth. Most of the customers should do what I did! Boycott medicom and go back to regular TV and DvD and make them lose millions of dollars. Then they have to lay off all the customer service reps who think its funny to put customer on mute or call customers names and have little respect for paying question. Customers are giving you a pay check. No customers No jobs No paycheck. Medicom has on competetition, and when you don't have any one competing with you for prices Hey you can do what you want. That is there attitude and it a shame. Every one needs to come together and force them to have better services. I've been through it. The service being off for days, customer service reps act like they don't comprehend, changing prices every year, the list goes on. I got tierd and disc. my services. Get internet and you can watch some of the programs on the internet, its worth the abuse.

    1 Votes
  • Sc
    Scribbles Jae Jun 27, 2009

    You people are just like most of the callers. If you bothered to educate yourselves, you would find that 99% of the cable companies respect one another and do not move into an area that already has a provider b/c no company likes competition. So stop crying about "monopolies." I have worked for comcast, mediacom, and cox. Instead of whining about how mean everyone is to you, how about evaluating your own attitude when you call in and speak to a rep that is just trying to do their job just like everyone else and stop trying to pick fights & be uncooperative. You would be suprised at the extra effort most reps will put in if you are the only person that isn't screaming and threatening to sue (btw, you can't sue b/c you voluntarily pay for the service and if you REALLY had that lawyer, they would laugh at you.) Do some research b4 you run off at the mouth about knowing "someone in corporate. You sound like a [censored] and we put you on mute and laugh. Get real people, you aren't the only one in the world that's ever had an outage. I pay for the service and work there, and ### happens sometimes. It's life.

    1 Votes
  • Ca
    c_advocate May 12, 2009

    Unfortunately, the Mediacom employee who responded does seem to represent the overall opinion of many of the customer service rep's employed at their company. I should know, I used to be one. I left them because I had problems with what was, in my opinion, a complete lack of ethical business practices. I could go on and on about what I perceived as being wrong with the company, but I won't. I have many years of experience in customer service and sales for some very large companies, and I can tell you this, Mediacom really doesn't get it. The customer should come first. If somebody is not getting their service, due to no fault of that customer, they should be credited back. Since I've left working for them, I sleep much better at night knowing that I am not part of something that I felt was morally reprehensible. Of course, this is all just MY opinion, and should be treated as nothing more.

    3 Votes
  • Su
    suz01 Apr 27, 2009

    I agree, Mediam is terrible. And for the employee that works for Mediacom, you obviously don't have much customer service experience. I can honestly say after working for Time Warner and Comcast, that Medicom is terrible. I would have been fired if I treated customers the way Medicom treats their customers.
    Your attitude seems to be the reflection the company, "just be glad you have it". That's terrible.
    Yes and I agree, if small towns had more choices, Medicom would be out of business. And in time, I'm sure we will have more choices. I would amagine when this happens, Mediacom will try to keep their customers, and it will be too late.
    And they certaining will deserve it.

    2 Votes

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