Mcdonalds Lilydale Victoriausing disability car parks as waiting bays.

T Aug 05, 2018

I attended McDonalds Lilydale this morning at approximately 9.30am, when I got to the collection window I was told to go and park in a disabled car park. I asked "you want me to park in a disabled carpark?" and was told yes. I parked beside the two disability car spaces as I know that parking in one of these designated areas is illegal and just plain wrong. I work in disability and I know how important it is for these car spaces to be left available at all times for those who need them. When our order was finally bought out to us I asked the duty manager (did not get his name), why were we told to park in the disability carpark and his reply was " we have a big enough carpark for them people!" To say I saw red is an understatement and unfortunately I retorted in a very rude and harsh manner, to which I am embarrassed about.
This type of attitude towards people with a disabilities and their right to access the community in the same manner as this leaves me deeply upset. This issue needs to be rectified, the disabled car spaces need to be kept free for those only who need them.

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