McDonald'sfood order (majorca - palma de mallorca airport)

G Aug 06, 2018

Client number 31 Caja 28
Date 31st July 2018 TIme: 11.23
The McDonalds outlet in central part of airport (not in departures)
Payment 21, 60 euros
IF- A-[protected]
Whilst traveling home, we ordered a meal (including 2 breakfast muffin meals at 3, 60 euros, a medium burger meal at 7, 20 euros, a fish fillet meal) at the computer. However, the queues were so long (maybe 40 minutes waiting probably more)- just after we had paid for the order at the till, we were told we couldnt have it because the breakfast orders had stopped. The server offered us a measly 99p burger instead and 8 chicken nuggets (nothing with them) instead which we think cost less than the 3, 60 euro muffin meal. We couldnt complain though because the queues were so bad and other clients were really concerned about missing their flights . So we accepted the change of order even though we had overpaid. Our son's order a burger without any added bits (mayo, gherkins etc) was all wrong too so after a very long wait and after over paying-only 1 meal for the 4 people was correct. The server was also very slow; whilst waiting for another client's burger, she didnt serve others until another member of the public complained.
The whole event was avoidable though. If McDonalds had advertised that there was another McDonalds outlet in the departures area, on entry into the airport, we would have just seen the long queues and eaten there instead (which was basically empty when we walked past it!).
We would like to request either vouchers to use in the UK McDonalds or a refund.I enclose a photo of the bill. We could not have complained at the time because the servers were so busy and the queues so so long. We would not have been popular at all.


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