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on wensday the 15 2018 at about 9 pm me and my man went to mcdonalds in granville ny to ge coffee when we pulled up to the first drive thru window and gave the employee the money she then handed the change to my man and said heres ur change sexy sex cents is what she said then i posted on facebook about it and a few of the employees started making comments so i messaged one of the and got everything straightened out well today saturday 18 at about 10 after four when i was in line to pay for my coffee my man told me that frank told him that sue said that i cant go thru the drive thru anymore after i drop my man off at work and that i have to leave to property after i do but as of now i havent been served any paper saying that i cant be on the property


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    9wood Aug 18, 2018

    may vary by state but in general it goes likes this
    to serve you with a no trespass order or no contact order ( doubt applys here) they would need a court order
    which if done means if you or the people stated on the order violate it than arrest is generally made
    ( summarizing here)
    they can have the police do a no trespass with no court order tho
    but that would require the manager ( and or owner) to make that request

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