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J Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I dont think I have ever wrote a compliant about a business let alone a fast food restaurant but this is around the 4-5 time I have had some sort of an issue at this particular McDonalds, I sometimes work late so its convenient to stop on way home, but employees are very rude here which I try to understand dealing with people all day/night but now it seems almost every other time I stop there there is an issue . Tonight waiting at the drive thru when a lady walks up in front of my vehicle and stops at the drive thru window and starts shooting the breeze with an employee for approx 12 minutes!!, I'm patient but after I figured they weren't talking about an order and lady was laughing and I asked twice before can I pull up and get my food, tried to be nice until there was cars behind me beeping so I told the lady she needed to move so I could get my food, I finally got my food with no apology from employee and food was cold .


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    should of pulled up to the window and blasted horn till the lady left

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