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I'm going crazy if someone doesn't contact me regarding this serious matter.
McDonald's someone need to follow up with me because this is really upsetting and affect me emotionally regarding my son first birthday party at 6875 sand lake rd

It all started, on 10/15/17 i drove to reserved a party on 6875 sandlake rd for today 11/25/17 at 5:30pm. When i get there the cashier told me that the party manager which is cozy or cody wasnt there to reserved my party. She gave me the mcdonal party call line to call or i had the option to go to the website to reserved. I went online to reserved; but the website was down continuously. I was trying for a week calling the party hot line and left voice mail, but nobody ever answer or return my call. Finally, I was able to reserved and paid online and i called the party manager at the location to confirm with him my reservation since the website was acting up. I told him i was going to have 30 children and change the time of the party from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. He told me i was going to have a party host, food, games, music, cake, goodie bags, ice cream, decorations, and character appearance. I ask him if there anything i needed to do. He answer no that he have everything under set up and im set. 11/25/16, i showed up at 5:15pm for my son party. Britney; now the party manager told me that she Is now going home and no employee is available there to help me with my party.

Britney, told me that the previous party manager quit and she had no notice of anything and that I was going to have to handle my son party by myself. They was no decoration, nothing set up. NOTHING. I was humiliated and I’m emotionally affected by the way Britney the party manager handle my son party. I end up paid over 525 dollars for a party that was not turn the way planned. Everything I paid for was not delivered and I need my money back. I had over 30 children and over 25 adult and I was embarrassed most importantly it was my son first birthday and I trusted McDonald to deliver what I reserved and paid for. This really affect me mentally and I need someone to contact me as soon as possible. This is very disappointed. This shoul not have turn out like that.

Myself and my family members offered to help me do anything to make the party successful since all my guest was already there, but she was not being coorporated with us. All I want was for my son to have a party host that will host and have the party going and fun and that was imposible. The time that Britney took to argue and fussing she could've done the party.


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      Nov 28, 2017

    Good luck. McDonald's is now too big to care about customer service. If you can't reach them by phone and don't get your money back quickly, contact an attorney for assistance, or consider suing them in small claims court.

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