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Good day ALCON,

Will be filing a complaint with Office of consumer protection.

I bought a Maytag MVC565FWI / YMEDC555DW1 washer and dryer duo in November 2018. I had some holes in my sons clothing, but thought maybe they were due to him being a boy of 17 year old in college, sitting all day...
Also my dryer was barely drying.
Called and had a 1st technician for the dryer issue.
He said no wrong code and to try and clean the evacuation vent. As I am a renter, I contacted my owner to do so and he did. But I did not get to try the machine unfortunately since 5 days after the technicians visit, I was deploying to Africa. I am military and was deployed for 8 months. Upon me return, dryer still barely dries and HOLES in every load of laundry that I do. My son's and also my own clothing. This time, there is no mistaking articles that I put in came out with huge circular holes.
A second visit with a technician is arranged, last Tuesday October 8th 2019.
Still no 'codes' are found. And technician suggest's cleaning the conduct better.
Again my owner does so.
Again, up to 4 cycles of 60 min on High heat to dry articles. No economy on energy on these models!
I have called Maytag today since no one has contacted me in a week for my recked clothing.
To my request of having my appliances either replace or refunded, they say no. Policy is to send a technician.
After 2 visits of technical support, Maytag is sending me for a 3rd time a technician (at my cost if nothing is found again) to 'test' the appliances. Since the technicians can not find a 'code' on his machine, Maytag is telling me they will do nothing.

I have a washer dryer that wrecks my clothing and does not dry them. (Also I feel like my clothing are never fresh scenting, I wonder how efficient they are with even the basic cleaning part..) I will have to put them in the garbage, because how can I sell them?!

Talking to Maytag, is being treated like an infant that does not understand THEM, when in reality, they do not back their products at all. I feel left alone with brand new machines that have been used around 30 times in under 1 year, that I will have to through away in the dump and never ever buy from this company again.



Oct 15, 2019
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      Oct 15, 2019

    Mine did the same and the whole electric panel blew out after having it only 1.5 years!!! RIP OFF

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