Maytagwashing machine maytag. model #mvwc565fw

A Oct 26, 2019 Review updated:

We received the washer and dryer on the 28th of September. We start using them two weeks ago. It seems we have a problem with the washer:
very noisy and does not fill water properly, or almost no water.
We contacted ( Brault & Martineau ) the store that we made our purchase from, and the customer service asked us to contact you. Our contract # [protected].
We are not satisfied with this item, and would like a refund. There is another model of Maytag maybe higher end that we would like to purchase.
The address of our store were we purchased:
Brault Martineau
16.975 route transcanadienne
Kirkland, Quebec
Canada. H9H 5J1
Our address:
[protected], [protected]
Cell# [protected] or [protected]


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      Oct 27, 2019

    Appreciate your concerns and I think we can be of a considerable amount of help.

    ALL washers currently being designed MUST fit into a category of H.E. (High Efficient) design. Simply stated, this mean that the washer is capable of washer with a considerable less amount of water. How does it do this? Easy. It uses the smaller amount of water within the tub and "pumps" it up and over the laundry again and again to create more of a "showering" action as opposed to the old fashioned "bathing" that was done by the washers of yesteryear.

    The model you have, however, is a special model which allows some cycles to be run with more amounts of water, thus still using the center agitator to help cleaning. The owners manual will address which cycles can utilize this feature. In using it, adjust the far right knob to the "deep water wash" setting.

    Hopefully this resolves any and all concerns with this model.

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