Mavis Discount Tirestolen property

I left my car at the Mavis tire in Albany Ga. They stated that they didn't have one in stock but could have it the next morning. The manager stated they would lock my car up in the building. The next day I checked and they still had no tire for my car. The car was still parked where I left it and had not been secured overnight. The manager stated again that it would be in the next morning and that they would secure my car inside the building overnight. The third day around 11:30 am I received a call stating that my car had been burglarized. When I arrived I found the rear passenger window busted and it was still sitting in the same spot where I left it. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses valued at $150 and $20-$30 in change were missing.

The manager didn't want to have the car fixed and wanted me to drive it home that day. He finally agreed to have a window put back in. After almost two weeks I got my car back with a window that didn't match, scratches on the door where they crawled through and a messed up armrest where the rock they used hit it. I talked with the regional manager Ishmael who stated that he would be in Albany the next week to meet with me but this still hasn't happened and he will not contact me back.

I need My car fixed right.

Walt Ingram

Oct 04, 2019

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