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Big O Tires Complaints & Reviews

Big O Tires / mounting a tire

Andre Mcbride on Jan 7, 2019

I got to Big Of tires at approximately 4:30pm. All I needed was a tire mounted that I purchased from Big O. The tire cost was $83.00 dollars with a total of $125.00. charging more then half the amount for the tire just to mount a tire that I bought from Big O tires. It takes no longer then...

Big O Tires / employee about a wheel alignment

Ms. Tracy on Oct 13, 2018

On October 13, 2018 at big O tires on Power Road and Germann Road in Gilbert Arizona. We walked into get a wheel alignment on my 2014 Audi A4. My husband, Joe, told the hispanic man at the counter we bought the tires from another big O tires on Warner and Lindsay. We went to this one...

Big O Tires / nitrogen top off

Cb23shibby on Oct 8, 2018

Went to the Big O on North Powers in CO Springs. Their guage was not working and he let out 15lbs. Then he tells me his nitrogen pump is broken. So he fills it with half oxygen and I head to the Austin Bluffs location because their manager told me to come over and have it fixed. I had to...

Big O Tires / loose part on my left rear tire

Kristin Black on Sep 24, 2018

Good Morning, I wanted to file a complaint about an incident that occurred on 9/13/2018, because of 1 of your mechanic, forgetting to screw on a part properly I had to get my car towed back into your facility. Thank GOD me nor my child was not injured. I had brought my car in for a left...

Big O Tires / employee

AmandaRam3018 on Sep 16, 2018

You have an employee in your new Albany Indiana area that brings vechicles that doesn't belong to him and gets parts for them. Also he does sell prescription pills to a Megan Doty on property. His name is Bumpy Nevins. He takes parts off property for these cars he is working on. Megan Doty...

Big O Tires / 2005 honda civic and 2007 honda civic

daniel anders on Sep 11, 2018

1 week ago my mom and I drove her car to big o and they said 78.00 to put altinator belt on, as usual within an hour they called and said 680.00 for other things. We are used to this with big o tires. Ita only taken 11 years to figure this out, but now her car doesnt run after 15 miles and...

Big O Tires / tire/alignment install

Andrew Wojo on Aug 23, 2018

I went to your store 8/18/18 (796 S Abilene st 80012) and purchased $729 in tires and alignment. I was told it would be 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the installation and alignment. After 2 hours I was called to the counter to pay. I asked to see the numbers on the alignment, I was then...

Big O Tires / doing work not authorized to do and giving me a big repair bill

Ernie Sanchez on Jul 30, 2018

On July 5th of this year I ran up on a curb and I messed up my tire and also my front end on the driver side I drove my car into big all the following day since it was closed and I'd always gotten good service there when I bought tires and did rotation and stuff like that I took it in...

Big O Tires / service

Anna321 on Jul 26, 2018

Rancho store in las vegas. There are 2 tire guys working just standing around and the mechanic is doing tired instead of doing a wheel alignment on my car. And he says he gets off at 5:00 and he is still here. Totally unfair to me the customer and this poor mechanic who is sweating cause...

Big O Tires / quality of work

DeLynn Hale on Jul 25, 2018

(1) In March of 2014 we took our 1972 Chevy truck (only a Sunday driver, less than 5000 miles since repair) to Big O in Springdale AR for replacement of the Upper A Frame bushings. Ever since that time we had noticed a banging noise and could not ever figure out what it was. This last week...

Big O Tires / oil leak check

Ivan Trejo on Jul 15, 2018

I took my car to Big O tires in blaine off university tuesday morning 7/10/18. and had then check for a oil leak. They explained they would degress the engine and than add dye to the oil. After they did there service i got my car back moments after pulling out their parking lot my car...

Big O Tires / oil change

Dennis Waggoner on Jul 14, 2018

On one of the Last two oil changes Big O Tires in Seymour Indiana forgot to put the skid plate back on my Civic. They also torqued the drain plug so tight I could not remove it to change my oil myself Called them they offered to change my oil with my oil and filter I bought for no labor...

Big O Tires / alignment

Yasser Abdrabou on Jul 9, 2018

The guy in the front desk is very wired and rude I give them the car for Alignment at 1:00pm and they told me will be ready by 4:00 PM I wait till 6:00 PM and no body move it from the parking. And they said you bring it tomorrow. I spent $30 using uber and waiting time and all what he said...

Big O Tires / south rainbow branch sold me a discontinued tire last week

Adrian Youngblood on Jun 15, 2018

Last week - week of 6/8/15 Big o tires south rainbow branch took nearly 3-hours to not repair my big o-purchased nitto crosstek tire that had 35, 000 miles on it and then sold me a discontinued nitto crosstek mode tire. This week, I found the original sales manager from south rainbow who i...

Big O Tires / big o tire protection plan is a scam

barash on Jun 9, 2018

First of all if you are a women you are at a disadvantage with this company. 28 months 25, 000 miles ago, we purchased from big o a michellin 55, 000 mile tire with an optional $30 tire protection package ("tpp"). My wife brought in the tire with a nail in side wall requiring a...

Big O Tires / tires purchased

Steph mp on Apr 5, 2018

I was living in Elko nevada last year, I purchased a set of 4 tires from the elko store.. I moved to Idaho in January and had to purchase some snow Idaho.. I went to put the original tires I bought in Elko on and one tire is a different size and different name brand.. close in...

Big O Tires / service

lakota wamsley on Mar 26, 2018

Walked into the Lebanon Indiana store asked for an inspection of my wife's jeep after she had complaints of it making sounds. Her dad and I had previously worked on repairing such noise after having it looked at by big o tires. Didn't fix the problem so we decided that we didn't have the...

Big O Tires / coolant flush, tire rotation, tire patch

Daniel Mincke on Jan 13, 2018

On November 11th 2017, I scheduled my 2004 Chevy Suburban, via the NTB website, for services (coolant flush, tire rotation, and tire patch) scheduled for 12:30 pm on November 12th, the following day, at what was called NTB Robert Street West St. Paul but is now Big O Tires, I dropped my...

Big O Tires / broken headlamp assembly

Carl Fauth on Sep 19, 2017

I bought some tires from Big O over a year ago, Big O was fantastic at the north Glenstone location in Springfield MO. So when I needed a quick state inspection, I figured I would give them another shot. I took my 2007 Mazda CX-7 to Big O on Republic Road in Springfield MO for a state...

Big O Tires / flat tire less than one hour later and leaking oil

marshall395 on Sep 7, 2017

On September 6, I went to Big-O on 6510 Indiana St in Arvada, CO 80007. To patch a flat, I was told I needed new tires and a power steering flush. When I returned, I was then told I need a power steering pump and a new oil pan/gasket. I had replaced. within 1 hour of receiving and only...