Mavis Discount Tiretires and service

R Sep 30, 2019

I find it necessary to make you aware of deceptive sales practices by your store located in brookhaven, ga. I have attached a copy of the invoice for your file. The particulars are as follows"
I made an appointment on line for installation of four continental tires on 09/28/2019. When I got to the store, I decided to change to the khumbu solus tire that was also showing on line. The representative said it would not be a problem to switch to the khumbu tire.
As I waited for the install, I received a phone call from the store. They indicated that my front struts were bad and needed replacement. I asked why, and was told they are leaking. When I asked to see the struts, there were no leaks anywhere. I told them no and then watched the same suspension man look at another car in for flat repair;"got another one boss"he yelled across the shop to the manager indicating that they should try to upsell this customer as well.
Having no faith in this shop, I go outside and see that they have not installed the khumbo tires but have installed the much cheaper made in china"affinity"affinity brand tires. I asked the shop manager what was up…oh well the khumbu tires were out of stock and would need to be ordered. I then stated"who told you to install the affinity tire brand"….. I was not told, not given a choice to what was available, nor consulted. This is a simple bait and switch and is against the law. Furthermore, when I asked the shop manager for information on the affinity brand, I was told that it was made by firestone for budget markets….. Again another blatent lie.
I was angry and the gentlemen agreed to reduce the price per tire to $82. Said it was below cost. Again another blatant lie as the affinity brand tires are advertised elsewhere in the $60 per tire range including walmart.
With no recourse, I paid the bill and left. When I returned home, I received an email copy of my purchase (attached for your review). The invoice states that I received a solarus brand tire…again another not true statement.

In closing, you need to look into these practices. My entie purchase should be completely refunded based on the inappropriate, un-professional, and ridiculous scam artists working in your store in brookhaven, ga on peachtree road.

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