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Mattress Firm review: Mattress sagging and previous warranty denial. Case [protected]

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I had previously made a warranty request for a Mattress I purchased in 2017, at your store located in 4609 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, Ky 40207.

As indicated in the claim form, I submitted pictures of the damage, a description of the damaged mattress as well as all the invoice data, including the customer number, invoice number and all of the mattress labels and data. ( All of which I have the originals)

On 12/27/2023 I received an email from Kristine M., from Customer Care, indicating that my claim was dismissed because I had not purchased the mattress from your company. I sent back a response indicating that I had had indeed purchased the mattress from one of your stores and that I had gone to the MattressFirm store located in Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY and they had found all the purchase information confirming my purchase. (Copy of which I have on hand) I have all the supporting data available.

I can't understand why your people in the store got the data but your Customer Service Rep can't find the same information. It makes me wonder if it is just an excuse for not honoring a warranty.

Please answer by email ASAP because I need to replace my mattress.

Alberto Reyes-Franceschi, Customer No. C006982779

Claimed loss: Useless Mattress under current conditions.

Desired outcome: Fulfillment of appropriate warranty.

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