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T Jun 15, 2019 Review updated:

I went onto the website and I can no longer see my points I have, which is over 15, 000. Also I do not see a place to enter my pack codes. What is happening? I am trying to build up my points for something good. Where are my points? I have spent alot of time entering pack codes, watching videos and doung whatever else it takes to build up my points. This is ridiculous. You dont even send me coupons no more and tje ones you do for mobile coupons do not work, so this is useless. Im going to find some other kind of cheaper cigarettes if i cannot get coupons no more or be able to enter my point and get rewards. I havnt gotten any coupons from you people in months. I go on the website now and enter all kinds of pack codes, so you figure i buy marlboro cigarettes anyway, so you dont send the coupons no more? Is this how its gonna work? I'll find someone else that will send me coupons and someone who appreciates my buisness.

marlboro rewards
marlboro rewards


  • Su
    Susan4969 Jun 19, 2019

    I just went in and have around 12000 points. Was going to enter more codes and same thing. Cant find the page!

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  • Ja
    Jason Rainey Jul 03, 2019

    Me too I have 21, 800 points. Gone...

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  • Lu
    Luvbug11011226 Aug 30, 2019

    I have not been able to long on to my mobile app for about a week but can log into my app on my lap top wtf is going on I need my coupons and use my mobile coupons

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  • Je
    Jesslm Dec 15, 2019

    @Luvbug11011226 I’ve had the same problem, I don’t use the app though- save the page to the bookmark on your phone.
    Sometimes I still have problems with getting in and have to do the password/ username BS, it’s usually when my phone does an “update”...

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  • Fd
    FDewayne Nov 19, 2019

    I've been a member of the rewards program for several years. All of a sudden when I try to log in I am you treated like I am unknown to you, and you want all types of personal information that I originally gave you when I joined. Then after I put all the info in, the page hangs up and nothing happens. What the hell is going on?

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