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Marlborofire safe cigarettes

Since about a month ago, I noticed my Marlboro Lights tasting really bad, and hurting my lungs . I started noticing that I cough alot more while smoking, and afterwards. I then noticed that my cigarettes keep going out on me in two different spots on the cigarette as i'm smoking it. Then my wife told me that Marlboro has started a new line of cigarettes that are fire safe. I don't know what you all are putting in the cigarettes at Marlboro to do this, but it seems like more of a poison than the cigarettes themselves! If this persists. I will stop smoking Marlboro cigarettes, or any Phillip Morris product for that matter, and move on to another brand, because these new fire safe cigarettes are just too harsh, and almost make me feel sick everytime I smoke one. Not to mention that you can't even smoke them, cause they go out on you!


  • Ma
    Mariska V Nov 24, 2012

    I agree fully, I smoke Blue Ice and there is nothing worse then taking a deep satisfying drag of your smoke and it died and taste like you have indeed pulled your tong through a ashtray. This wont make me stop smoking.. If this is what the government is also aiming at. i will simply also move to something Else, this was the best and most satisfying till now, now it is a pure irritation, even the taste changed, try something Else, surely you can see this is not the way forward. You know word of mouth is not a very polite advert if it is negative!

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  • As
    Ashley Feb 25, 2010

    Ok... I smoke marlboro menthol lights and I have tried other brands... I have always loved marlboro but recently with the fire safe cigarettes I have considered switching to anything but marlboro. I have been burned numerous times due to the embers that come off the cigarettes. My skin, car, clothes and furniture have been burned due to these cigarettes. The fire safe cigarettes are extremely dangerous and nearly caused me to get into a car accident because an ember came off of the cigarette and burned my chest. I think that they should be taken off the market immediately!

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  • Li
    Living in Savannah Ga. Feb 23, 2010

    I agree with all the folks above.. The Malboro Reds taste like crap with this new FSC paper. Not only that, but this new paper causes the ember to fall off! The are more inclined to start a fire than the old ones. While driving, you have to keep lighting it, you cant flip the ember off and it had burnt a couple of holes in my car seats. They are more of a hazzard.
    Is there any email address where we can send these complaints?

    Living in Savannah

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  • De
    Denny lee Feb 20, 2010

    I read where someone wrote, was this part of the patriot act;Get real. This all started in the flippin year 2000 ( pre-GWB, DUH!) So get your political agenda BS out of here...this hits us all repubs, Conservs, libs, dems what have ya...This started with a case in ( 2000) New york, where a child was burned. No wonder we can never get a thing done is because we pull bullchit crap out of our butts ( no pun intended) and do not know the flippin facts...crap! What makes me so darn mad ( well other than my non-fsc cigs ran out yesterday ) is that marlboro sends coupons all the time but, they never told us, their consumers, that the cigs will be changing...what the heck is that all about? I called them to complain about the FSC cigs a few months ago when our state ( alabama) changed to this crap and I got such BS from Marlboro, they said their is no glue to hold these strips...excuses me, then how do they get the strips to stick to the other paper...flippin magic. The fool also told me that the media has forwarned us about FSC cigs, well I am a avid news watcher and I read one from Sean Hannity on his site ( I am not a huge fan but, his site was the only news station that popped up about FSC cigs) I have never heard one story about this and I had no idea about FSC cigs until last year I went to Utah to take care of my dying mama and I started out with 2 cartons of Alabama ( Pre-FSC) cigs and no problems, then I had to buy Utah cigs after 3 weeks and I thought I was so stressed I forgot to smoke or that maybe it was the altitude that made it flare up or keep going out. A month later at my Mama's wake we were out smoking a cig and I said to my neice " I swear it must be the altitude because I am not able to smoke a cig and she just laughed and said "They're FSC!" and I responded "HUH!", she then explained it too me.
    This was the first time I have ever heard of this mess. And yes I get all the same symptoms as most...sore throat, headaches, hacking cough and my chest hurts.
    Mind you, things I never experienced pre-FSC cigs. I bought the last of the 3 cartons of basic cigs that were non-FSC, the marlboro had already switched, so I thought, I would rather have basics than that crappy marlboro FSC crap. You have lost a customer and the states will also lose revenue from the outrageous taxes they sucked out of us.
    I have no idea whom I'm more upset with, our idiot representatives or this company that I have been loyal to for over 20 years keeping their pie holes shut and not telling us, we will be slowly poisoned by them. Denny Lee, P.C. Alabama

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  • Mr
    MrTopDog™ Feb 05, 2010

    There will be a class action lawsuit on this matter.
    When you relight it, the paper flames up and falls off in your lap or god knows where...maybe in the seat of your car...These FSC's are more dangerous that the regular ones!!!

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  • Be
    Berella Jan 25, 2010

    I have noticed a bad smell to them and taste. I have also been getting dizzy and cant smoke a whole one it makes my chest hurt and its hard to breath after one. 1 pack lasted me over a week. I thought it was a bad habit but I miss my cigs. I also am going to change my brand now been looking and testing already. I am not going to pay for my brand of 20 yrs and roll them to get rid of the paper. Bye Bye Hello another brand or roll my own...I couldnt wait to have a good job so I could buy this brand and look at what you have done. Your going to loose a lot. I know of 12 friends that have quit or changed already.

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  • Kw
    kwoot1 Jan 18, 2010

    I have only smoked Reds all my life and now cannot stand them. They taste bad, burn my throat, and give me headaches. How could Phillip Morris cave in to the libs in Washington. The carpet glue they use to make the new wrapps is going to cause lawsuits soon and i will be first in line. They have lost a customer and every time i show the FSC label to friends they get mad and switch, too.

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  • Kg
    KG22 Jan 15, 2010

    I was thinking this was in my mind until somebody told me last night because I had been smoking Camel Wides until my friend gave me some Marlboro coupons and I started back smoking them. I've smoked Marlboro Reds for 20 years...I got to looking at my camel wides pack and at the bottom where the tax stamps are on the pack I just noticed they printed FSC on the cellophane. That really upsets me that I just spent $9.00 on 2 packs and they are also FSC. I also am having throat problems and I think that these new cigarettes make me want to smoke more. I used to could smoke a cigarette and be done with it and yesterday I smoked one and then wanted to smoke another one right away. This was a Marlboro red. I think whatever they are putting in the paper is making the cigarette more addictive too.

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  • De
    death2lois Jan 14, 2010

    Check out online some of the side effects of the E.V.A. chemical that has been added for fire safety. Many people have been hospitalized from it. I guess they think is must be safe to inhale since they make gel cap coatings out of it. Though you don't burn and inhale a gel cap. They can also make footwear out of it since it forms into such a light weight plastic. Many sneaker companies have switched to it for running shoes. I'm sure most people are familiar with it in the form of Crocs shoes.

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  • Mo
    momoff4 Jan 12, 2010

    The flavor is different and they are putting chemicals in that they use in carpets to make them firesafe. It is going to kill us or make us very sick and shouldn't be in them. They are terrible. And to all those that have a comment about it that is to be a smart ###. Think of this is it any concern of yours what smokers do? NO! Let's start making changes to alcohol. See how many people complain. That crap ruins more lives than a smoker any day. The complaint is this. It should have been voted on, cause if some dumb person is fool enough to get stoned off their but or drunk enough that they burn themselves up then they needed too. Stop messing with people's stuff just because of a minority of people can't control themselves.

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  • Ab
    ABH3210 Jan 09, 2010

    I agree I have smoked Marlboro Lights for 12 yrs. they make me sick as a dog now that they made them FSC. I found one brand of cigs at a smoker depot that aren't but the guy who works there told me all cigs were going to change soon. King Mountian brand aren't FSC as of now but they will be. They taste just like Marlboro Lights.

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  • Jo
    john warren Jan 08, 2010

    thanks to who ever came up with fsc cigarettes is resposable for my lighter blowing up in my face because i have to keep relighting cigarettes because the burn out .they stink burn out taste different .how would yall like it if i changed your coffee and put chemicals in it and not tell you about it .it is not a fire safety it is a fire hazzardand more danger to your health for double telling how many other people it has happend to .

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  • Al
    alagirlsmoke41 Dec 30, 2009

    Fire Safe Cigarettes suck! They wont stay lit, and when they do burn, they burn all crazy! I'm worried about what they put in them to make them "fire safe" too. Guess they figure we smoke, so who gives a sh*t if they put one more chemical in them. At least give us a quality product since the price has gotten sky high!

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  • Ru
    rubyrue42 Dec 29, 2009

    How can these things be called "fire safe" ??? I have to puff extra hard to keep it lit...then it creates a lava hot ring of burning paper. This is nuts!! Heaven forbid I try to enjoy a smoke in the car! Many more people are going to die from car crashes trying not to burn themselves with flying embers, than the idiots who can't seem to stay awake (sober) with a cigarette in their mouth. Thank you Marlboro for all the new burn holes in my clothes and truck seats!

    Mike- Mississippi

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  • Cy
    cya921 Dec 29, 2009

    Flavor of cigarette not the same. Ash dropping more frequently. Having to re light the cigarette in less than a minute of cigarette not be actively smoked. Headaches, tickling in the throat after smoke resulting in coughing.

    Whomever came up with this idea must have been helping the smokers already on the fence to go for their goal of giving up the habit. I know that I plan to. I smoked for the flavor that I enjoyed which is no longer there. So this serves to propel me to quit5

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  • Jo
    John Doe Libertarian Dec 27, 2009

    I must say, cigarettes do not cause fires, careless people do. A better Idea would have been to create a Coalition for Fire Safe People. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. Where is the Coalition for fire safe space heaters? They also cause alot of deaths, due to careless PEOPLE.

    I'm not sure if the goal was to get smokers to quit, but I hope millions do, just as I am. Then we someone decides to TAX MILK to restore the lost tax revenue, I wont drink it either.

    Sincerely altering the contents of tobacco products without labelling the packaging is a crime in itself. While the tobacco regulations required the package to alter what the term "lights" actually means, this was a lazy and poorly executed plan.

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  • To
    Tony B Dec 17, 2009

    Nothing safe about them. Terrible product. Society has been conditioned to view smokers as a nuisance to the the health of those fortunate enough to have avoided or beat addiction. Smokers have no voice to be heard. What a horrible thing to pull on a mass addicted population. If there is a depopulation illuminate agenda, what a great place to start. Smokers don't care about their health anyway, right? When they all drop dead within a few years of each other, the people that lobbied to push these bills for FSC compliance and everyone else involved will say: We thought we were saving people from starting forest fires and burning up in their beds. Nobody will be held accountable. Effective January 1, 2010, states will be fining anyone selling non-compliant cigarettes. Welcome to the United Socialist States Of America, sheeple.

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  • So
    southernqueen_04 Dec 13, 2009

    i agree!! the new FSC marlboros sucks bad!! i smoke the lights and have for many years and since this new fire safe ### i have been having alot of chest pains and coughing alot.. i think for sure they are trying to kill us smokers. instead of smoke free america they just gonna kill off the smokers. these people need to make the marlboros the way they were. for all we know they aer putting a chemical in thoses papers that some folks use to take the rust off of bumpers. give us our regular old marlboros back please!!!

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  • Ph
    PhilipWayne Jolley Dec 08, 2009

    Been smoking reds for 25 yrs, if you wanted us to quit buying them, why didnt you just stop selling them?I dont care about the firesafe, but the taste is awful, my chest hurts, and my throat is raw thats enough to make me switch!

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  • Mr
    M Rockwell Dec 08, 2009

    Thank U for helping me quit.FSC, s just plain suck.were in the army now somebody burns their house down we all get punished.Free country my ###

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  • Am
    Amber Fair Dec 06, 2009

    These new fire safe cigarrettes suck!

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  • Co
    confused lady Nov 28, 2009

    i went from lights to mediums in the last 3 weeks because i can get mediums for like 9.00 cheaper a carton, but for the last 2 weeks the store closest to me was always out of hard pack so i been getting the soft pack cartons that was until 2 days ago i managed to get hard pack medium carton and now reading all this bogus stuff i can relate OMG i just want to light a cigarette and have it last and not burn out i work from home i do a lot of typing so i dont have time to kep relighting a damn cigarette, at first i thought it was just me but this is just absurd if you ask me.this FSC is crap

    now i know the fsc is imprinted on the packs above the barcode so why is it i dont see it on the softpacks just curious is all, i guess i will have to switch up to generics for a while hope that something changes or maybe the softpack is not fsc but 2 weeks ago i did not have this problem

    signed the stubborn and confused one lol

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  • Sn
    Snowy Nov 02, 2009

    Readers Winstons here in North Carolina have gone FSC. I thought it was my imagination that they tasted crazy and would not stay lit but I found out about FSC. So Winstons too are FSC keep looking for brands without it. For one thing it sure made me not smoke as much I get tired of relighting it

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  • Bt
    BT MARLBORO MAN Oct 29, 2009


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  • Ch
    chickadee4274 Oct 27, 2009

    These new cigs are disgusting!!! I get a headache every time I smoke one!!! BLEK!!! Bring back the originals!!!

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  • Bi
    bignasty Oct 25, 2009

    They need to change this quick, because my friends and I all smoke reds and have all switched brands. Why pay the absurd amount that cigarettes cost for a smoke that tastes like ###. Its bad enough they raised the prices, but now they are selling us a product that is horrible and has pissed everyone off that smokes marlboros.

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  • Gr
    GRIM SMOKES Oct 25, 2009

    I smoked mediums for 10 years. The moment I tasted the FSC I knew something was wrong. I felt ill, had a horrible headache. IT SUCKS WTF The amber's go everywhere I have been burned 100 times! WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO SMOKERS!!! So what if a few people fall asleep with smokes and burn themselves or the house down whos fault is that? Whats next firesafe matches????? GOVERNMENT PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR FREE COUNTRY, or is FSC part of the patriot act to counter act terrorism, just like when you moved the Sudafed behind the counter?

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  • Pa
    paaatriot101 Oct 05, 2009

    I too hated the new smokes, got sick, headache sore throat, got worse, FSC's were nasty, Now I have Just been diagnosed with cancer ... We are all being killed with the governments blessing.

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  • Ke
    Kelly120567 Sep 09, 2009

    Where do you think we can write to complain about the fire safe cigs? I went to my grocery store and bought out all of their non FSC Marlboro Mental Lights. After these are gone, I guess I'm going to quit because smoking the FSC makes me feel sick.

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  • Ha
    halonut1 Sep 02, 2009

    Firesafes suck!! I get a carton of NON-FSC Marlboros for about $25 from:

    They've never missed a delivery in over three years & the customer service is excellent!

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  • Da
    davetoy Aug 29, 2009

    Cant do it!! I've switched to Camels, if they all go fire safe guess il quit or start chewin..

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  • Fe
    Feedup2 Aug 27, 2009

    What kind of BS is this..The cigs taste like metal in your mouth now!!! They are trying to kill Smokers..Government taxes the crap out of smokers and now the cigs taste like total crap...America does not need a Mommy..Corporate Government America has screwed us up enough..It's time to stop this BS..What's next gonna put us in prison camps cause we smoke...

    Take the Fire Safe crap out of the cigs..It Sucks!!

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  • Jj
    jjnty Aug 13, 2009

    I smoke marlboro mediums.. and ever since this change.. not only does the cigarette go out if I set it down for just a second.. but also when you try to smoke it keep it lit.. the paper flames off and burns my hand or whatever it lands on... How the heck is the Fire Safe???

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  • St
    stlchic Aug 07, 2009

    u know i heard that this crap is already giving the lab rats cancer. i am a singer and ever since they came out with this fire safe paper i have had no voice. i am for sure going to switch, this is just absurd.

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  • Li
    lisakm1966 Jul 17, 2009

    I agree with everyone...these reds suck!!! Guess I will have to switch brands too.

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  • Cu
    CU7 Jun 26, 2009

    Seriously! Can't even have a conversation with somebody without the darn thing going out. You either have to smoke it faster or relight it! This sucks!

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  • Ou
    ourranch Jun 05, 2009

    Was wondering what the heck happened to my latest couple of packs of "reds" terrible and strange. Will also find another brand that isn't caught up in this rotten idea.

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  • Do
    Doc2222AGAIN May 15, 2009

    Fear not, in the past days, ive discovered a way to have a marlboro red, just like old days, simply remove the paper from the cig. place the tobacco and the filter in a cig roller. and re roll it with a better paper, i prefer zig-zag ultra thins. it makes for a marlboro red just like you use to remember. so far everyone ive told this little trick to has been so gratefull to have a good, tasty marlboro red. i hope this helps.

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  • Az
    AZ Puffer May 11, 2009

    Lost another customer here too, cant stand the new reds. Makes my chest hurt just thinking about them. Bought one carton and its gonna be my LAST till they switch back. I, m sure "Winston" will take my money. And stop sending the coupons... they dont even cover the TAX !!!

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  • Do
    doc2222 May 02, 2009

    same here, ive smoked marlb reds since i started smoking, i wouldent smoke anything else, until this fire safe paper nonsence, now that taste horrid and are no longer worth smoking, ive been forced to smoke another brand that has not instated these worthless papers. sorry marlboro, untill u go back to the good marlbs, you have lost another customer.

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