MAPCO Express / Mapcomart.com24 hr location closed late night

G Aug 05, 2018

The Mapco location at 3271 East Shelby Drive Memphis Tennessee 38118 has been closed every time I have gone there after hours. I'd say roughly between 1 and 4 a.m. I have been at this location 4 to 5 X and the doors are always locked and no one is in sight one time me and another customer for able to be on the door until the black woman came from the back opened up and let us in I'd say she was in her thirties but the other times I haven't been able to get anyone to the door. Tonight at 310 I showed up beating on the door no one came then I called and someone answered the phone and said this location was closed until 4 a.m. I asked if this was an every-night thing and they said yes. I don't consider a store closed for at least an hour or could have been more not a 24-hour store. From what I've seen the employees are in the back sleeping and shutting your store down. Like I said once in about a month out of about five trips have I been served at this location. I suggest you pull your sales records and see what time your sales stop

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