Mango Airlinesilltreating elderly passengers


I’m logging a formal complaint against Mango Airlines in regards to the manner in which my Mother-in-law was treated by your cabin crew on Flight JE223 this morning from JNB to DUR at 05:50am.
Booking Reference: JTZWDP
Passenger: Mrs. Neelavathi Moodley
I booked wheelchair assistance 3 weeks ago for my Mother-in-Law, as she is 63 years of age and has had a triple-heart by-pass operation in January 2010.
The staff on this flight (a black gentleman wearing a cream suit), insisted that on arrival at Durban International Airport, that she walk from the plane to get her baggage as there is apparently nothing wrong with her.
After pleading with him and showing him the visible operation scars on her chest, she was refused wheelchair assistance.
She had to ask one of the other cabin crew members to assist, as she began having heart perpetrations from the stress inflicted on her by your Mango Airline Staff on this flight: JE223.
Is this the type of service that the public receives from your Airline which we pay for????
I spoke to Brenda Mashua on [protected], who was very empathetic in dealing with our complaint and re-assured us that this matter will definitely be resolved to our satisfaction.
I urge you to question all the cabin crew on Flight JE223 dated 14th August 2011, as to their misconduct and their refusal to assist the elderly.
I demand an explanation as to why this was done, a simply apology is NOT going to be an adequate resolution to this problem.
Secondly, we have booked a flight from JNB to CPT on the 27th August 2011 – Booking Reference: JVXHNJ
Due to the horrible manner in which Mango Airlines treated my Mother-in-Law this morning on her flight: JE223, we want to cancel my booking flight JE703, we expect a full refund.
This was the first and LAST time that we will ever be using your Mango Airlines to fly anywhere.
We would rather pay more to fly with either or 1Time Airlines, as the staff & cabin crew of these airlines treat ALL passengers (the young & the elderly) with dignity & respect, which does NOT happen when flying with Mango Airlines.
We would like your manager/s to contact us urgently regarding the poor service received from your airline on the following contact numbers:
This complaint has been posted on, so that other passengers who use your airline will be made aware of how the elderly gets treated by Mango Airlines.
Brenda, please ensure that this matter is attended to urgently.

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