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Complaints & Reviews


I flew with your airline in 24 March 2020 at 19h25 from Lanseria to Capetown, my flight was booked for 13h10, flight JE709 - booking ref: ZA08049197.
At checkin time I was horrified to be informed by Mango crew that my flight has been cancelled and moved to 19h25. I was advised though to book my luggage in so long for the flight down to Cape Town on JE719 for 19h25.
Upon arrival at Cape Town airport I found my hard shell suitcase (Tougher & Greener 100% pet- Travelite) was broken in two places, with 11cm and 20cm cuts respectively. This type of suitcases is very well known among travelers as extremely durable and hardy. These suitcases must have undergone extreme abuse to have created these enormous cuts.

The damage to the suitcase is irreparable and I urgently need to replace this suitcase.
Please advise how and when I am going to be refunded for my uge loss.
MA vd Berg [protected])


Refund and cancellation — Refund not given even after explaining Covid 19 and lock down

I purchased x4 tickets for x4 Male adults to Cape Town to go and watch the Super Rugby at Newlands on the 9th March 2020.

Later the month Super Rugby cancelled the rugby due to corona Virus. Since then 15 March I have been trying to get hold of Mango to get the flights canceled and refunded as teh rugby is cancelled.

Finally I got hold of Kwane on the 25 March @ 09:25, after explaining everything she only gave me vouchers that is valid for 6 months. I tried to explain Im not sure if the rugby will be on in 6 months times . Her responds was I can use the vouchers for other flights??? I dont want to fly anywhere and spend extra money?

I feel this is extremely unfair and now I am R10000 short and not refunded due to the virus and Mango is smiling having the money?????

Stolen phone

traveled with u guys on the 26th of February. I looked in my bag the next day for my 2 cell phones it was gone only my charges was in my bag.. Has i thought I left it behind in cape Town only managed to get my best friend to go and look nothing there.. So I phoned in today to they someone to look at the camera the guy says this happens all the time...even when there look at the camera they staff steals where the camera can't see. And they have changed companies to take over the department.. This is nonsense has my stuff should be safe has I travel with your airline.. I will not be leaving this alone has I think someone to investigate this.. Not tell me I have 24hours and I will be taking this up with the media if nothing is done.. Cell [protected] kind regards k Moodley

Stolen phone

  • Zachary2001 Mar 06, 2020

    Take it to the media, that usually forces them to take action.

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Abandoning 2 assist passengers

My elderly parents aged 89 and 84 were abandoned on Monday evening flight from CT to OR Thambo and left on the plane at OR Thambo airport after requesting wheel chair assistance from the crew. They had a connecting flight to Europe and it was only the arrival of the crew for the next flight that triggered some action. When they finally arrived at their international check-in it was closed. After a lot of tears and drama and due to the fact they only had hand luggage they were allowed on.

Quite frankly this is unacceptable. To-date no response from Mango!!!

Delayed flight

Hi my name is Mr Williams and my family and I were scheduled to fly on flight Je 288 departing at 20:30 from king Shaka and to arrive in jhb. The flight was then delayed to 21:30, and then to 22:05. It has now been delayed to 00:20 and knowone from management had the decency to come and inform any of the customers that the flight has been delayed and rather made announcements that the flight will be boarding soon which was at 21:35 even though there was not even a plane at the gate where the plane was to be boarding. I am disgusted at the level of professionalism that the airline displayed and am sad to say that this will be the last time I or any member of my family flies with the airline. The staff at kingshaka airport also have shown no sympathy for the customer's. There are elderly, sick and pregnant customers waiting to get home to Johannesburg. My wife being one of the pregnant clients 😡 Not once has the shift manager approached us to apologize for the inconvenience or offered any compensation for the blatant stupidity and lack of professionalism displayed by the airline and it's staff.


Good day

Kindly note this email is to indicate the pathetic service, we customers receive from Mango.

On numerous attempts, I have experienced circumstances where flights were delayed due to lack of time management. Previous flights were delayed that causes a big delay on the entire flight schedule. I would think by now Mango would have an action plan in place, however regardless of this I still continue to be a loyal and frequent customer to Mango until this morning.

I purchased my ticket online and for the 1st time used the standard bank master pass payment option. I have used this used this method of payment on other account on numerous attempts and as had no issues. I've seen that mango recently added this option and decided to make use of it, little did I know that the payment needs authorisation.

The payment went through, deducted from my account and I received a receipt from master pass as well. However no confirmation was sent from Mango
I called Mango this morning and had to hold on, I attempted to call again and again had to hold for the correct department. No one new what was happening.

I got put through to the refund department where I explained my story and with a attitude the consultant, please send proof of payment to certain email address.
He did not ask for any of my details to check on the status of my account and bluntly with and ignorant, attitude said I cant do anything without proof of payment.
I called my bank as the transaction was not appearing on my bank statement but has been deducted, only then did I get clarity that I have been deducted but Mango has not authorised payment.
Apparently on their side the payment has been approved. With this information I contacted mango, of course all of their consultant are clueless, I called in a few times until a consultant finally advised that this has happened and that he will then put me through to the department that will authorised payment.

Once put through consultant advised me that the payment will be refunded and I will have to make a new booking
A booking that could have been lost mind you.

I am disgusted with this service. I had to call in about 6 to 8 time only for them to tell me to make a new booking and plus on top of that I was told I will only be refunded in 7- 9 working days.

This is deeply disturbing for a reputable airline such as mango. I am displeased with the service, attitude and lack of knowledge in regards to the consultants at Mango airline and I will make this public as I am sure I'm not the only dissatisfied customer

Please sort out your staff and promote customer service as you will lose customers.

Please look at data base I fly frequently with mango and on many occasion I have been dissatisfied but this push me to the limit. Naidoo L [protected], 30/11/1990

The arrogance of the consultant (man) . all call are recorded, so please pull data for the 05/02/2020 around 11:58

on the 14 of feb a team leader named andile advised she will give feedback, its now the 2nd of march still no feedback?

they really dont care about the customer

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoground staff service in george

I hereby want to bring under your attention the despicable service we received from your ground staff at George yesterday afternoon.

We were to go back to JHB and the flight was scheduled for 16h30. We went to the airport almost 3 hours prior as we wanted to book the seats which had a little more leg space. We waited at the counter as the notification advised opening time is 14h30. The service consultant came in about 14h20 and sat at her station waiting for 14h30 and then called us, we were obviously right in front.

From the very beginning she was so unaproachable and rude. We asked her if we could book one of the seats as we were ready and equiped to assist in any emergency situation should we end up at the emergency seat instead of row 32 where there is more leg space. My partner is very tall which makes the normal seats uncomfortable.

Very arrogantly and without even attempting to assist she advised us that the seats were already allocated and there is no available space in the requested rows. All passangers aparently have been placed in their seats already. Does that not happen when you check in or is George different from all other airlines and branches? We asked an explanation as to why as we were told by OR Tambo that we can book a seat when checking in, and we were first, and rudely again she said the flight is overbooked and she cannot assist. We advised her that we always do it this way and they were always able to assist. JHB did not even blink an eye and were happy to help. She just ignored us, dumped our tickets on the counter, WITH THE SEATS SHE PICKED FOR US, sat back in her chair and either did not have the knowledge or the manners to even try and explain what she meant by the flight was overbooked and what that had to do with us requesting the seats.

We then went to the ticket service office and engaged with Cornelius who allocated seats in row 15 for us. He asked us if we would be able to lift up a 25kg door should the airplane experience problems. I informed him that we are fit to assist other passangers in need and yes we will be able to open the door. We have sat there many times before. We left happy and felt a bit better that we indeed mattered to Mango staff.

Then just before we boarded the plain the second nightmare happened. One lady went around and signed everyone's tickets including ours and she left, she was fine with our tickets. A while after another lady came straight to us out of many people asking us the age of my mother. We said she is 77. She advised out of the blue that the age to sit at the emergency door is 74 and she is not able to accommodate us. She already had other printed tickets for us in row 11. If my mother was 70 she would have most probably said the accepted age is 67. She stuttered and could not make proper eye contact which indicated that she was lying. Once again no integrity from the staff at George. We explained that we are fit and our mother as well. She is more fit and stronger than some younger people. And we were two besides her. She just said that JHB did not follow process and we should not have sat at the space coming to George in the first place. That is the rules and you cant be older than 74. Really….. why does your guidelines on Internet not even mention that? It only indicates you have to be older than 16. How many people would you need to open an emergency door. My mother would have definitely be able to guide the other passangers where to go while we then lift up the 25kg door which I cannot think is a manual excericse or so difficult if it is then.

When we approached the counter to exit the door to the aircraft we saw who orchistrated this. The same woman who was at the check in point who allocated the initial seats to us before were standing at the counter. I approached her and asked her if this was her doing and her arrogance again had no limits. She said I can ask the manager that is the rules. So did JHB and Cornelius and all other people at all the other Mango flights we used before not follow the rules? She was targeting us and made a point that she has the power to do what she wanted and she dragged her 2 collegues in with her. I asked the other girl what this one's name is as I knew she would not tell me the truth. This one hessitated a while. Looked down and said Jessica. I thought that this is not true, although she seemed like the most honest one and I don't think she was willingly part of this. I called in this morning and confirmed that it was Jessica. With her on duty was Gcini and Yasmyn. I am not sure who was the one coming to us informing us if you are 3 years older than the said age you cannot assist other passengers. Really… And guess what… when we checked who sat in row 15… a very old guy and a small lady. I would eat my shoes if they were able to then assist during an emergency better than we would have. And yes things happen… but do you really have so little faith in your aircrafts to make such a huge thing of this…

We had a wonderful time in Knysna and the trip from JHB to George was awesome. These woman in George however made sure that our last memory of our holiday was a horrible one. Especially the one dubbed Jessica.

She is incompetent to work with clients. Her entire engagement and approach is unpleasant and she definately thinks that she is doing your customers a favor. Completely forgetting who is paying her salary. I will think twice keeping her there as she is your company's window and believe you me that is an extreme awfull view!!! She also has no integrity and no respect whatsoever. We feel vitimized and disgusted!!!

The flight was also delayed with almost an hour and she just said it's delayed so you will have to wait..

Never will we ever fly Mango again!!! She spoiled our entire mood by making our last moments as unpleasant as possible and I could see she enjoyed every moment of it. If that is your quality of staff and service these days I wish you luck to remain relevant and in business!!

Mango Airlines / FlyMangobag penalty

We booked a international flight to America and they allow 2 suitcases. You gave me a penalty of R800. I am a loyal customer. Since June 2019 I booked 14 plane tickets with you, and I need to book 3 more. But I will first need a refund. The penalty was even more than my plane ticket. My ID [protected] Adelle Swanepoel. Flight number was TCZWNR

Please phone me on [protected]

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoonline bookings

I have tried doing an online booking on 4 different occasions with Mango and their system seems to be having technical difficulties however no difficult when it comes to taking the money out of your account and not producing you with the confirmation statement. On another occasion after I made the booking confirmed payment the system says flight is fully booked and sold out yet this was not the case. So, I tried again to book and the same issue arises. The lady's in the refund department are rude and arrogant. Staff members of mango helped desk and customer care are incompetent to deal with situations.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangopoor service

Good day

This is unacceptable to be delayed for more than a hour due to crew not being on time.

Flight JE701 (Mango Jhb - Cape Town) was informed about delay and said departure time is 7:20 it is 7:20 and still waiting.
Why is there time frames if customers need to wait for crew members. Why are we paying for a service and not receiving it in a timely manner!!!

Not a happy customer!!!

Mango Airlines / FlyMangodamaged luggage

Dear Sir/Madam
Ref: Damaged Luggage
Flight: JE162 1st of January 2020 time 17:50 from Cape Town to OR Tambo Airport Johannesburg (which was a delayed flight and only left at 7.30pm
I flew with your airline on 1st of January 2020 between Cape Town and O R Tambo Johannesburg
My checked in luggage was damaged on arrival at OR Thambo and taped with a security sticker on it when arrived.
Under the Montreal Convention I would like to claim compensation for my damaged luggage. This is going now for nearly a month with no reply or any communication from mango.

I've been in contact via your customer care email with no response from your side for the past 4weeks.

Obviously the way you handled my baggage is exactly how you handle your customer service, and its pathetic.

I would like to be reimbursed for damage baggage as this is unacceptable.

I would not recommend your airline to anyone and nor will make use of it in future.

Thanks UJ Boshoff

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight je253 - 12 jan 2020 - appalled!!!

Good morning
I trust you are well.

I would firstly like to commend Mango Airlines, as they are always professional, mostly on time and your staff are pleasant, therefore you will soon understand my absolute shock and horror when my parents mentioned to my sister and I how horrific the above flight was!!!
1. Flight was scheduled for 13.15 - this was delayed by aprox. 1 hour
a. Reason - staff was looking for a bag that was not supposed to be on the flight.
b. After the bag was found - there was a " Technical Error" with the AC
2. Flight left OR Tambo approx. 14.11pm on the 12th Jan 2020
3. Take off was shaky
4. Once the plane was airborne the turbulence was unbelievable
5. The skies was clear - therefore weather was NOT the cause!!
6. The pilot was flying the plane so fast - that plane was shaking tremendously
a. So much so that people on the flight was screaming and shouting "Don't Crash"
7. My parents and I'm sure other passengers were crying and terrified that they were going to lose their lives!!!
8. Your flight staff could not even offer the passengers FREE beverages to help them calm down as a courtesy!

PLEASE go and check the black box if you think any of the above is a false accusation.
Can you imagine how we must feel that we cannot be with our parents when they felt this way all because Mango's Pilot on the above flight flew that aircraft in such an unruly manner. WHY???? Just to make up time for your precious schedule????
I would rather the flights be delayed than to risk the lives of innocent people.
I would like this matter be investigated as a matter of Urgency as this is totally unacceptable behavior, and we expect full feedback on the investigation and the consequences thereof to the pilot.
In the interim, please know that my sister, our entire family and extended family and I will no longer be using Mango Airlines. I will also be taking this to social media where plenty of our friends and family know that this is the type of airline that operates in our skies.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangodouble payment

I am complaining about your bag service department. There was a lady by the name of Noluthando who intentionally made our flight leave us. We came in time, family of 4.
We has 5 bags. When we got there, she told us about 20 kg per person rule for a laggage that we had to comply with. We paid R605 for excess of 4 bags.
First she said she wants to see the kids, i do not know for what.
Second she was waiting at last door to tell us to pay for the other bag. She had a swipping machine with her. When we wanted to pay she refused. And also when we insisted that we will carry plastics seperately from the bag. She refused. They did not even inform us about the bus taking off to the flight, while at the door.
The flight left us while we were at the last door.

Then we had to pay for another flight, something of almost same price. The very same bag that she was complaining about. We entered with it without any queries in the next flight.
I suspect this is a team working to manipulate people. I also want to find if there were people on our seats?
I am writing this so we can have a refund on this.
Flight JE151...

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflymango airline price fixing and bad service

I have been with mango consultants for over 2 hours this yesterday morning 6 Jan 20 and nobody has been able to resolve my issue.
I was trying to book flights for 2 adults, leaving Durban on 8 Jan 10:20 flight R1379 and returning 12 Jan 10:40 gomango low fare R599 bringing the total to R3956, but when I make payment it says flight sold out.
When I called again the same morning, 1st consultant says flight is available and I should use another laptop, of which I did and as soon as I make payment with credit card, it says flight sold out, when I use a second laptop and mobile, the low flight is still available and seems as if mango doesn't want to allow me to pay for this low priced flight. On a 3rd mobile, the return flight showed available but at a higher price.
Called again and second consultant says flight not available, 3rd Consultant, Sello says flight is available and put us through to guest services after waiting half an hour for service on my cell. Was then told that Sello will call back, but no call yet, its been almost 24 hours.

Bad service and pricing fixing is not on as mango needs to honor the flights advertised and explain what's the glitch that flights show not available on certain devices and available on others and for the low mango price and high prices for same flights on different devices.
Called Kevin at 15:26 and he says flights sold out and did not have any customer etiquette. I asked to speak to a manager and he put me through to customer services, to a Nondi. She confirmed flight may be available but couldn't confirm booking as their systems were problematic and keeps logging them out. So after a half hour she managed to book the flights, but I had to pay an extra R600 service fee for the booking, which was pathetic, since their system was not allowing me to book the cheaper flight on my device at home. They should have at least given me that concession since I brought up a valid issue and even emailed their Enquiries with pictures and confirmed the issues with their consultants. Still no reply from enquires email as well.
This is certainly not my first experience with this and would not recommend this airline.

Vishal Jaynarayan

flymango airline price fixing and bad service
flymango airline price fixing and bad service
flymango airline price fixing and bad service

Mango Airlines / FlyMangopoor service

My flight number from Durban to Johannesburg was JE284. Due to take off at 19:15 on 3 January 2020. We only took off at 21:30. Arrived in OR Tambo waiting for a shuttle to take us to the airport for 30 minutes inside an aircraft with no air-con or ventilation. arrived at the airport to find no trolleys. Waited over an hour for our luggage to arrive. eventually we walked out the airport at 00:30. we were over 4 hours delayed.
shocking poor service from Mango.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoshocking service

We flew on Mango Flight no JE147 on the 14th December 2019. This was the worst experience of flying domestic that we had:
1. we arrived at check in at 1pm to be told our flight was slightly delayed and we will be boarding at 15:10 instead of 14:25, which we acknowledged and went through the gates
2. On going to board at 15:10 we were told there is no plane yet and we will only leave at 16:35
3. Once again we went to start boarding at 4pm and we were told there is still no plane and we will only be leaving at 20:40, when we asked what the problem was, we were told that the plane is grounded in Durban, we saw a Mango plane being parked earlier so we asked if that plane could be used, and we were told there is no crew and a plane has now left to fetch the crew in Durban
4. The plane arrived at 9pm and we boarded at 9:15pm only to sit on the plane until 11pm, as there was now extra baggage which was not accounted for. We eventually left OR Tambo at 11:05 pm and landed in Cape Town international at 1am
I am absolutely shocked and disgusted at the service we received during the 8 hours we were stranded. No one ever came to talk to us and explain what was going on, everytime we spoke to someone it was a different story and some of the staff was downright rude. We asked if we could get a refund and book another flight with a different company, we were told " thats not our policy, just sit and wait a plane will come available and you will get to Cape Town" when asked when the answer was simply "whenever"
No one came to offer us assistance or give us a food voucher or ask if we had accommodation or transport when we landed as it would now be Sunday morning.
For me it was extremely difficult as i am diabetic and i have an auto immune disease. I need insulin injections 4 times a day and the insulin needed to stay cold, i had to throw out 2 full ones as they were warm. I also need to take medication between 6 and 7pm and my meds were in my suitcase which was somewhere else in the airport also waiting to board a plane, i had no idea we would be stuck at the airport that long.
I am absolutely angry and shocked and annoyed at the lack of compassion of the staff at the airport, absolutely no feelings for us and what we were going through, there were little children and elderly people on the plane.
This day will forever be ingrained in my mind and i will do my utmost to never fly with Mango again. Your staff was so incompetent its scary.
My husband also called your customer care centre and they werent any help either.
Terrible and shocking service.

Carol von Falkenhausen

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoa call for respectful behaviour towards your customers

Flight to Cape Town was wonderful. I decided to change my opinion of Mango's until then ineffectual work ethic. My return flight was a nightmare as i was accused of holding dangerous materials - non-toxic craft glue which I had asked about and had given away. The Supervisor, Oyama did not check her facts during the 85min delay and demanded that my colleague and I unpack our hand luggage in front of everyone, treating us like criminals. Our checked in luggage was also removed from the flight, causing us to lose our place and to return the next day after paying more, finding accomodation, not getting a seat on the next flight and delays until midnight. There was no apology either when the Supervisor realised she was mistaken. The Airline behaves like gangsters, which is a pity as some of the young staff were proffessional.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delays

Good day I booked a flight on mango je 268 initally scheduled for departure dbn king shaka to jhb or tambo 17th dec at 15h45 delayed three times already now departing at 19h15 what the hell is going on this is [censored]ing ridiculous never will I fly with your flippin use airline again I would rather pay moreand fly with safair you ppl are utterly useless. I probably wont get a response but to [censored]ing hell with u. Regards [protected]

Mango Airlines / FlyMangobookings complaint.

I booked my ticked at front desk and was told to stand at desk 76.
After about 20 minutes desk 77 asked me to come to her "next booking". I said nothing and just handed my ticket to the lady. After 15 minutes of unable to find my flight, the lady suddenly looks up and Said, you not going to cape town, I Said, no one was talking about cape town, and told her the paper I have clearly indicates Durban flight. She got upset and said she called me for caoe town flight. I repeated, the paper flight info never changed, she then proceeded to say, "if I don't accept I am wrong and she is right, I will be kicked out of the line and miss my flight"

WOW... WOW... as a paying customer and you get your money from our Bookings, how on earth did I find myself in this situation on a Tuesday morning.

Your airline should be closing it's doors next.

Mark McCutcheon

bookings complaint.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight je638

We were scheduled for departure from King Shaka International Airport on the 5th December 2019 to Lanseria. Due to a starter blowing up we have been delayed till 20:10. My father in law just came out of surgery and I was goimg to see him... Now we can't. Please advise how we can at least compensate for the inconvenience caused. Peter Carstens [protected]

Mango Airlines / FlyMangobaggage damage

Today I flew on the mango j152 flight seat no 18f from Cape town to or tambo. My suitcase was fine when I boarded but when it came throughthe carousal the breaks were broken and I could not stand my bag upright. I now have to purchase a new bag, something that I was not planning on.I am very disappointed and angry withe way baggage was handled .So how will I be compensated?

baggage damage
baggage damage

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delays and lack of communication

I have made a booking for 4 people for the 5 October from OR Tambo to Durban - reference number - STKNSR, upon arrival for the flight, it was delayed by an hour - we needed to be in Durban for a wedding at 3pm which we were late for. On the 6th of October our return flight to OR Tambo reference number - STKMPM, our arrival time was meant to be 9:35 pm- the flight was delayed by 2 hours we only arrived at OR Tambo as 12:15. I had my kids travelling with me who needed to go to school the next day could not and my husband who was travelling to Namibia the next morning tired . I called on the 6th once I received the SMS stating the flight was delayed requesting to be put on another flight, however the agent was able to assist. I am extremely unhappy with the service I have received from Mango as I had spent over R6000 for my flights.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delay. rude flight attendants. pathetic services.

Good Day. To whom this may concern.

I trust this message finds you well. I flew mango airlines from Lanseria to Durban on Sunday (27/10/2019) evening. My flight had been delayed for almost 2 hours. It was an auspicious day and I didn't make it in time to get home to my family. I'm a regular flyer and I've decided to use Mango airlines this time around and I was really disappointed. Despite my flight being delayed, Your airline has the most arrogant flight attendants and those working at the airport weren't of any help, sending us to different gates, flight numbers not shown on the list at the airport, boarding gates changed at the last minute. It was pathetic, I will not fly Mango airlines, and I'm definitely going to use my media platform to make other aware of your poor services. I hope your organization prides itself in what it does and not just push people around because you guys have a big company.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangomango technical problems

To whom this may concern

There is a huge problem that Mango airlines continually seem to have. I have used Mango airlines often now and there is always delays on urls flights. I flew last Friday the 18/10/19 and we where delayed for 3hours, i am flying again now, Friday the 25/10/19 and the flight is delayed again due to a technical problem, we dont have a time of departure as yet.
Both flights wer from JHB to Durban.

My company as been informed not to use Mango airlines as their service provider going forward.

M Ganess

mango technical problems

Mango Airlines / FlyMangomango flight je548 pe to jhb delayed for hours

Mango was a nightmare. There was no prior notification of the delay. Nothing was mentioned about the delay when I checked in my bags. The consultant issued my boarding pass and even though the flight time was amended on the boarding, she failed to mention it.
Only when I verified my details, I noticed the time was different. When I informed her that the time on the boarding pass is incorrect, she said "times have changed" with no further explanation.
I understand that sometimes circumstances cause delays but Mango did not care about their passengers at all. We waited for hours with no explanation and no apology.
That is an airline me and my family will certainly never use again.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight je168

13 October booked flight from CPT to JNB departing 19:00.
Arrive at 17:30 with ample time for boarding and settling in. Only to be told on arrival the flight had changed to 21:00. Whilst gathering information the flight subsequently changed again to 23:00.
Now being 5 and a half hours early at a tiny airport we were given a R120 consellation prize of a food voucher. Nothing in South Africa costs R120 anymore. And R120 is inadequate for the inconvenience.
At 22:00 the flight was rescheduled to 23:30 and again at 22:30 to 00:34.
We finally left at 00:45.
Resulting in my arrival at home at 4am on a Monday morning, the time I wake for work.
Being told, oh, did you not get a message... no Mango, NO ONE got a message.

Then being hurded like cattle on the plane to suit the weight restrictions now imposed as many guests did not make the flight, so pre booking and seat selection a mere joke.

And the Caltain having the audacity to reprimand clients on the plane for their disdane and discomfort.

Absolutely shocking. I will post on every platform I can find. I work in tourism, with one of the top travel and tourism entities in Southern Africa for 30 years.

You have no common decency, and no regard for any of your passengers livelihood nor the people coming to collect.

Just plain shocking!

Mango Airlines / FlyMangorefund not granted

On 10th September 2019, I booked a return ticket, booking reference SSKKWJ (Durban to Capetown). I was due to travel on the 11th October, but unfortunately lost my gran two days before. Obviously I was distraught and cancelling a trip to was the last thing on my mind, I didn't go. Phoned Mango customer service today (14/10/2019) and was told the money is nonrefundable!
What kind of business is this, Mango is stealing from their own customers and allowed to do so!!!? Not even a cancellation fee...THE ENTIRE TOTAL OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY!!!
This is so disappointing and unethical!!

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight je826 on 29th september booking reference rvbbvh

In January 2019 I booked 2 flights with your airline from George to Johannesburg departing on 29th September at 14:20 hours, arriving in Johannesburg at 16:00 hours. This gave us plenty of time to catch our flight from Johannesburg to Melbourne, Australia via Perth booked that evening with SAA at 21:15 hours
In August I paid for excess baggage of 25kg Voucher 0034260704W and my itinerary was reissued, the flight time had changed to 16:30 hours and I was not sure if this was an error or the flight departure had changed.

On arrival in George on the 3rd September, my party went to the Mango Airlines Customer Service Desk to check on this flight, we were informed that it had in fact been rescheduled to 16:30 hours arriving in Johannesburg at 18:10 hours which still allowed enough time to make our connecting flight to Australia.

However when we arrived at George airport on 29th September we discovered our flight was delayed till 18:00 hours, making us concerned we would miss our flight to Australia.

On 29th September we discovered that flight JE826 was delayed till 18:00 hours due to we assumed the bad weather that day. Upon check in we made the ground staff aware that we had a connecting flight from Johannesburg to Australia at 21:15 hours that evening and we and my other 3 travelling companions were assured that we would be there in time to catch that flight.
This unfortunately was not the case, and the flight was closed when we finally collected our bags.

SAA customer service was closed and my friend and I were told by Airport Security that Mango would be able to rebook our flights with SAA, which is where we found our other 3 travelling companions, who had been discussing for a while the fact that we had missed our connecting flight due to the delay in your Airlines arrival time.

The 3 people they had spoken to Chantal, Venceia and Steven had all tried to assist, but could not do much. They had apparently asked to see the Team Leader, one of whom had refused to come out of the office and had in fact admonished the staff members who asked for their assistance on our behalf. Their names were Numhle and Boitumelo I believe
I spoke to either Chantal or Venceia and was informed that Mango Airlines had no liability to help us as per the conditions of our tickets.
One of the Team Leaders did agree however to pay for 1 nights accommodation for the 5 of us and arranged it for us.
We found Cynthia very helpful in taking us to the area where all the hotel shuttle buses arrived and departed from to take us to The Aviator Hotel, and thank her for taking the time to help us.

We returned the next morning and advised SAA the customer service staff member that we had missed our flight the previous day and the reason was due to our flight with Mango Airlines being delayed, only leaving at 18:30 hours.
I asked what they could do to get us to Australia, we were not advised to discuss the matter further with Mango Airlines.
After about 30 minutes we were told that a flight back to Australia would cost AUS $1779.36 per person, and it appeared we had no choice other than to pay the amount asked if we wanted to get home that day.

I did go to Mango Airline Customer Service Desk to get written proof of the said delay from George to Johannesburg for my Travel Insurance Company.
This letter is signed by Patricia Kgabi (Team Leader) and also has Bianca van Zyl (Airport Manager) name on it.

As I have since found out that you are a partner airline of SAA and your team leaders on duty that evening should have been able to rebook our flights back to Australia, I expect at the very least an apology for Mango Airlines poor service.
My travel insurance company wants to know what you intend to do about this incident, and if you plan to offer me a refund or not.

I need this information in writing as to whether you are willing or not to offer a refund.
After a fabulous holiday in South Africa, the experience of dealing with Mango Airlines had been extremely disappointing, with the provision of one night's accommodation & Cynthia being the only positives in the whole debacle.

I await your timely response. My email address is [protected]


Lynne McClean

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delay

On September 29th 2019 JE826 George to Johannesburg scheduled for 4.30pm was delayed to 6.00pm but did not leave till 6.30pm. The very helpful gentleman at checkin realised Mango had neglected it's duty of care by not responding to my husband's request for a wheelchair sent 5th September. He assured we would make our connecting South African Flight to Perth scheduled for 9.45pm and issued us with boaring passes all the way. Upon landing there was no wheelchair for my husband. So we walked a distance before hailing a wheelchair, collected our luggage marked priority and went straight to South African counter only to be denied boarding because we were too late to check in our luggage. What responsibility do you take for us missing our connecting flight and lack of duty of care to your customer given we were assured we would not miss our flight a nd a wheelchair would meet upon landing but DID NOT?

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    On September 29th 2019 JE826 George to Johannesburg scheduled for 4.30pm was delayed to 6.00pm but did not leave till 6.30pm. The very helpful gentleman at checkin realised Mango had neglected it's duty of care by not responding to my husband's request for a wheelchair sent 5th September. He assured we would make our connecting South African Flight to Perth scheduled for 9.45pm and issued us with boaring passes all the way. Upon landing there was no wheelchair for my husband. So we walked a distance before hailing a wheelchair, collected our luggage marked priority and went straight to South African counter only to be denied boarding because we were too late to check in our luggage. What responsibility do you take for us missing our connecting flight and lack of duty of care to your customer given we were assured we would not miss our flight a nd a wheelchair would meet upon landing but DID NOT?

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight schedule

Good day,
I am so very disappointed in FlyMango. I booked flight JE134 from Cape town international airport to OR Tambo on 20 October 2019 (the early morning flight). The reason why I chose the flight was because I had to be back in Johannesburg at 09:00.
Now all of a sudden my flight has been changed - without my consent - to the 8:45 flight!!! This means that I'm going to be late for the appointment.
This is not the first time that I had extremely poor service from the mango airlines.

I now want to know what you can do to help me to be on time for my 09:00 appointment? Especially since mango just decided on my behalf that they are going to change my flight details.

This is really unacceptable.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangostolen goods

I flew down from Johannesburg to Durban on the 3rd of October for the 8pm flight which that was delayed by like 20-30 minutes, however that is not my issue and I understand that these sometimes happen. However on my return flight from Durban to Johannesburg at 6:10am yesterday, I had goods stolen from me, in the form of my original ray-band glasses. I had checked in 3 bags, of which 1 did not have a locker. When I got home to take my stuff out, it was not there. This is so disappointing. I am appealing to the person receiving this complaint to check weather it occured at Durban or Johannesburg...Check the cameras. This is a disgrace from Mango and it just goes to show the type of people it employs. This is my first line of complaint. I will post on social media should this not be dealt with. Embarrassing

Mango Airlines / FlyMangodelayed flights

To whom this may concern,

Firstly, I am extremely disappointed in Mango airline service.

My husband had a 20:05 flight on Friday 27.09 only to find out when he reached the airport that the flight was delayed to 21:30 (he missed the entire function that he had planned to attend due to this 1 and a half hour delay)!

What is the point of booking flights with your airline if you can not keep to the scheduled time. The reason that people book flights at certain times is because they need to be somewhere at a specific time!!!

On Sunday 29.09, my husband had a flight scheduled to leave at 19:00. Later that morning received a message of a delay to 20:30. Upon reaching the airport another delay to 22:25, and then yet another delay to 22:48???!!!

This is the first time that we have heard of such an extreme delay in a flight ( we travel very often) but a 4hour delay, please can this be explained???

To compensate for the delay on 27.09 and 29.09 - I would like a full refund on these flights.

See attached flight details 

My contact details 


Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delay and failure of mango airlines to apologize and respond to calls

Flight JE262 on 29 Sept from DBN to JHB was delayed from 12h10 to 17h10. There was no communication from Mango with regard to this delay nor could we get through to the call center. When I called ACSA DBN I was told Mango agents were told to ignore any calls due to the many delays being experienced. Still cannot contact anyone from Mango.

I send an email asking for a voucher to compensate for the delay, and guest what, no response to date.

Booking reference number SQDBTJ.

hair oil

To whom it may concern,
I've been travelling with Mango numerous times.

I am very disappointed at our boarding welcome, and its only in Cape town.

This morning we were the only ones which was treated like "you not needed to board . Rev.and Mrs Samuels.

The young lady needs to go and learn how to deal with people in respectful manner.
We had come with the same baggage on our return to Durban had to remove my wife's hair oil which was sealed with a spray nozzle and concealed in a packet.

It was counter number 98, I then was told to remove my toiletries and she took out my spray consultanting with number 99.

To me rather tell us not to bring any toiletries, in this regard may I say that I need feedback with this matter which I do not take very lightly.

I hereby will not use Mango in future on my return and also other National flights.
As a minister travel often.
My wife is very annoyed and she never wants to board on Mango.

I would like to know if it was destroyed as we were told because she confiscated it.
This is a shame.

Flight was J334 DURBAN.


Mango Airlines / FlyMangomango flight policy

On the 2nd October 2019, they refused to allow boarding on flight that was leaving at 9:45 for jhb cause the gate was closed 45mins in advance! I was at the airport checking in luggage at 9:00am.
The service consultants did not make any efforts to assist.

I have sat in mango planes that was delayed for hours and waited for passengers that was delayed. Mango service is gone pathetic as it caters for people when it suits them. It seems like old people are taken advantage of as it seems that they don't have any rights to fight back.
It was made aware that our seat which was booked and paid in full was taken by reserve as the flight was full.
Traveling from Dbn to Jhb should not be such a hassle.

I would rate mango a pathetic airline that just wants to make money and not offer a proper service.

Very disgusted client

Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight delays

Why is it acceptable for Mango flights to ALWAYS seem to be delayed? I know this is a budget airline service but does that imply that Mango will comply with your booking and time schedules, not really! I would rather pay more a go with one of the many other options of airline than put up with this erratic service!

As an example, my flights from JHB to DBN were delayed on both Friday the 20th September and again today Thursday the 26th September. Todays flight was supposed to leave at 15.40, it is now scheduled for 18.45!


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    [email protected] Sep 29, 2019

    I definitely agree with you. The mere fact that we are not compensated whether a different airline, landing strip, stay at a local hotel or something of the sorts to say we are extremely sorry about a delay for 4+ delay with a toddler and a teenager.

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Mango Airlines / FlyMangoyou have thieves working in your baggage department

Your employ the highest skilled thieves who have no shame in breaking locks, cutting. 200 bags in 20 minutes. WOW that is a record for Mango
cable ties, stealing travelers personal belongings.
We are disgusted with mango airlines. It is your responsibility to make sure travelers
arrive at their destination with their LUGGAGE just as they were given at the check in
counter. If you outsource thieves then I will definitely never use your airline in the future.
After traveling on a Mango flight on HOLIDAY we have to get to our destination and start shopping for items because they were stolen. And wash every remaining item because of filthy marks.

Get your act together

You as a company DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangobookings

Good day

Ref Number :SMRSMH

I am one of your passengers who is very disappointed by the service I received. I and My Mom were scheduled to take of on the 14:45 flight from King Shaka to Cape Town.

There was a reported horrible truck accident that held still N2 north bound to the airport for more than 5 hours. I called ahead to report my delay. However I was there by 14:45. I went to the service desk and was told to pay R3 400 for the next flight.

I didn't have the money as I'm sending this complaint from Durban.
In the website it says if you call ahead with the valid reason and still arrive within reasonable time, you will be put on the next flight

Hope to hear from you soon.
Mr. S. Myeza

Mango Airlines / FlyMangomango appalling customer service made me lose my flight and my critical doctors appointments.

I'm an intern working in CT and I don't get to see my family in Jhb at all. This long weekend was my only time to see them and attend to all my critical issues.
On the 20th September at 13:00 I was on my way to Joburg from Cape Town. I changed my flight time the day before telephonically to the earlier time with no problems as I paid for a flexi ticket when booking for my flight. I got to the airport at 12 and went straight to the counter to check in. They got my details and told me that I owed them an outstanding amount of R1800 because I had changed my flight. Because of this they refused to let me on the flight even though I kept telling them about the call I made to them the day before and how the lady who helped me over the phone insisted that I had no extra amount to pay. They refused to help me and sent me to guest services which then made me miss my flight completely. I explained my situation to the staff at guest services and asked them to put me on the next available flight. They refused to give me another ticket until I paid the extra R1800. I refused to pay as I knew that I had no outstanding amounts. They then called the call centre I had phoned the previous day to listen to the recorded call. After waiting for about 45 minutes they proceeded to tell me that the call I had made the previous day didn't state that I had no extra amount to pay which was wrong. Knowing no one was willing to help me I decided to call the call centre myself. I spoke to a friendly lady and explained the entire situation to her and I gave her my number as she was going to go listen to the call I had made the previous day and phone me back. She called back after 25 minutes and told me I was on their website the day before to change my ticket to which I explained that I tried doing it on the internet but it was not user friendly therefore I abandoned this idea and proceeded to phone the call centre. She then understood that a mistake had been made on Mango side and proceeded to arrange me to board the next flight at 16:05. She then phoned me back 15 minutes later and told me I was on standby for the flight as it had been overbooked. She then told me to find Lunga at counter 91 as he would explain the next steps. I proceeded to counter 91 and found Lunga, a very rude and non-helpful person, not just to me but other passengers as well, and asked him for my ticket. He told me to wait and I stood there for 45 minutes before being attended to. I eventually got my ticket and was almost late to my flight.

Mango Airlines / FlyMangofraudulent booking

I attempted to make a flight booking (reference SPJVMB) on the 15 August 2019 using my Jet Account. I received a confirmation of booking but later received a declined email.
So I booked with another airline.
When I went to pay my Jet Account at the end of August I was informed that I was charged by mango and that the tickets were purchased on the 19 August 2019. I did not attempt to purchase tickets on the 19 August 2019 and I did not receive any booking confirmation at all for the 19 August 2019.
I would like for Mango to refund me.