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+27 218 154 100 (Reception CPT International)
+27 861 010 002 (Guest Care)
+27 861 010 210 (Corporate Help Desk)
+27 861 010 003 (Group Bookings)
+27 861 010 212 (Travel Agent Help Desk)
+27 861 010 214 (Medicals)
+27 861 010 216 (Flight Schedule Changes)
+27 861 010 211 (Refunds)
+27 861 010 217 (Reception South Africa)
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Mango AirlinesRefund for Mango double deduction

Yesterday (28/12/2020) around 3pm, I tried booking a flight, whilst processing the payment on the site, it kicked me out and displayed a system error message; "an error occurred please try again". When I tried again, I was able to make the booking and the booking was successfully done. However, Mango deducted double - both flights (including the flight before displaying system error).

I went to the Mango guest service at the CPT Int. Airport, the consultant cancelled the first booking and asked that I call your refunds department today(29/12/2020). Now, I have been trying to get hold of the refunds department since 9am this morning to no avail. All I have been getting is; "Thank you for your patience - your call will be attended to shortly" - SINCE 9am and now it's after 11am...

The Tickets' reference are as follows:
1. TQQGHL (Which the consultant at the CPT Int. Airport Cancelled)

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    Mango AirlinesFlights

    I had booked flights in April this year with Mango airlines and due to lockdown rules, I was not able to fly. I received vouchers from them, however I have lost my job and am unable to feed my children right now. I have called and emailed numerous times and it has been a mission getting through to them. I have finally spoke to a very brash lady at refunds who said there's nothing she can do but I can speak to customer care to see if they can help me. She did not let me finish my sentences, and blindly transferred me while I was still speaking to her. I cannot believe that I was pleading with her for help and was not even a little rude, yet she responded like she did. Customer care is saying that only refunds can help. It's Christmas next week and I can't even afford to feed my family. Please help. This is a situation beyond my control (and I understand Mango's too.

    My booking reference numbers are: THFVRC and THFSWX.

    Sections 17 and 47 of the CPA regulates on voluntary cancellations by a consumer as well as cancellations arising out of the inability of a supplier to provide a service, either due to their own fault or circumstances that are outside of their control. The declaration of a State of national disaster forced both consumers and suppliers, to cancel advance bookings and reservations due to the travel bans and restrictions on gatherings. It is therefore common cause that, in most cases, none of the parties are at fault where a cancellation must be processed.

    As per Section 17 of the CPA suppliers can charge a reservation deposit and a reasonable cancellation fee should a consumer cancel prematurely. However section 17(5) provides that "17 (5) A supplier may not impose any cancellation fee in respect of a booking, reservation or order if the consumer is unable to honour the booking, reservation or order because of the death or hospitalisation of the person for whom, or for whose benefit the booking, reservation or order was made". It is therefore clear in the above section "that consumers are not to be penalised for a cancellation that is due to illness or death". It is the interpretation of the CGSO, based on the intention behind section 17(5) of the CPA, that consumers are entitled to full refunds when they cancel due to the travel bans and restrictions on gatherings.

    Please help me. I just want a refund.

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      Mango AirlinesStolen cologne

      I Sagren Pillay travelled from King Shaka International to O R Tambo on flight JE252 departed at 1.20pm. My cologne of INVICTUS which cost over a R1000 was stolen from my luggage and I was left with an empty box. This is totally unacceptable behavior from the staff who we intrust with our bags. Please let me know how this cologne will be replaced as I will be like to use Mango airline to travel again. Please can someone contact me [protected].

      Sagren PIllay

      Stolen cologne
      Stolen cologne

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        Mango AirlinesRefund refused

        I booked 5 flights to PE in september for a 90th birthday suprise celebration on the 16th October. On the 11 October Mango canceled all the flights - they dont fly those days anymore. I called and they finaly answered confirmed that they will refund - cash - not voucher - I asked. Unfortunately I was not in the finacial possition to buy 5 new tickets so i resheduled the children to fly in on the friday evening ( this was now on the day of the birthday and they missed the lunch suprise) they only had the choice of flying back home on the sunday at lunch time so spent R6000 on just 48hours. I however with my younger son agreed to the cash refund and rebooked a flight with a different airline paying R4000 for 2 tickets. Then the fight began. for 1 month nobody bothered to reply to the refund request until i took to facebook. Then I finaly got a answer refusing a refund and only offering a voucher - non negotiable even though thier own Terms and Conditions satate a refund if they cancel. So backed into a spot and wanting to use the voucher towards the christmas vist to PE i accepted. now another month later and I am still waiting for the voucher. I email daily and no reply. The flights are now full and I no longer are able to travel due to the covid hot spot. So mango you have ruined not only a sweet hard working old mans 90th birthday but the opertunity to see him for what may be the last christmas. I wait in anticipation for a reply ...Have now taken to posting in every spot i can hoping for a contact

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          Dec 02, 2020

          Mango Airlines — Refund required

          In February I booked flights for myself and Mrs Lorinda King to travel JNB to Durban 19th march returning...

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          Mango AirlinesSupport criminal behavior and spread the coronavirus!

          I was on flight JE 817 on 19/11/20. Shocking to see that the cabin crew did nothing to ensure the wearing of masks. Many passengers removed their masks after take-off and only after a request by me that the 2 passengers seated in front of me must wear masks, did the one lady request the gentlemen to wear their masks. This was never followed up and they subsequently removed it again. I requested to be moved to the back where there were unoccupied seats. My requests were initially declined on the basis of "those seats are for passengers who have covid". I expressed my horror that we were on a flight where there were known COVID infected passengers! Obviously rubbish! I challenged this idea but no explanation was given. I was told that I could move.
          To not wear masks in a public space is a criminal offense and Mango is oblivious to this or support criminal behavior!

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            Mango AirlinesUnable to contact

            I have been trying for more than two weeks to contact mango medical to arrange wheelchairs for my wife and myself.
            Hours have been soent hanging on and no contact has been possible.
            Contact was made on the 11/11/2020 requesting the forms but to date no reply.
            This is the last time I will ever fly mango and I will make sure that my freinds and family do not go through the same hoops.
            H b record

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              Mango AirlinesRefund for cancelled covid-19 flights

              Booked tickets with mango for sep 2020 that were cancelled due to covid_19. Could not use the voucher as the price for the same flight in december has trebbled, making voucher worthless being over 65, I am entitled to a refund but to date they have refused to pay me & I have been shunted around between travelstart & mango for months. Now my emails are just ignored!! Very bad service!! :- (

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                • Ei
                  Eileen Goosen Nov 20, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Mango, this is daylight robbery. Yesterday I checked the flights for 3 April 2021 to 10 April 2021 to Zanzibar and almost all seats were available. Today when I wanted to book our seats, all flights were sold out from March to November next year and you can only select the Mango Plus option on all of them which is R5000 extra on all flights from March to November 2021. When I want to book on the Mango Plus option, it shows all seats are available on the plain for the dates we want to go. So please tell me, is this your way to steal everyone's money? People's flights on Thursday's and Sunday's have been cancelled without them knowing it for e.g. my sister, only to find out today after they confirmed with Mango on Wednesday if everything is still fine for flights on Thursdays and Sundays. Now they also need to pay an extra R5000 because of the Mango Plus option and they didn't receive correspondence about their flights cancelled. You don't want to refund people but you choose to steal from everyone with this new technique. We are going to report you to the consumer's Act. This is unacceptable and your call center is pathetic to tell people that all flights have been sold out for next year. I have even checked all domestic flights for next year and everything is sold out from March until 2022 and only Mango Plus option is available. Please everyone, go check your flights and if you want to book a flight for next year, be aware that Mango is scamming everyone with their most expensive option for flights. We are going to report Mango to Carte Blanche and on the radio stations because they cannot so this.

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                Oct 29, 2020

                Mango Airlines — Cancelled flights and no refund

                On 11 sept 2020 I booked 2 passengers onto flight je826 from george to or tambo departing george at 16h30 on...

                Mango AirlinesRefund for cancelled flight

                Good day

                On 12 September 2020 I booked a Mango flight (JE817) for travelling on 13 October 2020 from OR Tambo airport to George (GRJ) at a cost of R790.37. E-ticket and confirmation were received. Upon arrival at OR Tambo on 13 October I was informed that the flight had been cancelled and that the next available flight was only on 15 October 2020. As I had to get to George on 13 October I had to book with another airline at a cost of R1 922. I was told by staff at the Mango counter that I could claim a refund. However, none of the calls I have made to their "Refund" number have so far been answered. I have phoned numerous times, holding on for more than 30 minutes every time I called. Several emails to the company have also gone unanswered. I am at wit's end and don't know what to do further to claim a refund.
                Can you please assist?


                Deon Minnie

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                  Oct 08, 2020

                  Mango Airlines — No feedback from mango airlines customer service.

                  To whom this may concern: I want to file a complaint concerning Mango Customer Service. In the past few...

                  Mango AirlinesNo communication

                  I've been calling the Call Centre, the Guest Care, Mango Refunds for 2 days. I've spend 2 hours on the phone, but all I hear is that All Our Agents are currently busy.

                  I need to know very urgently if the followng flights continue: Booking Reference: TLTNBL & TLTMZS as I cannot find any information on flight status on the website: error... only flights display is from 1 December.

                  I have received NO communication that any flights have been cancelled on this route.

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                    • Mi
                      Mikesm2 Oct 09, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Typical poor service of Mango
                      I have similar problem can't get any response

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                    Mango AirlinesFraud and corruption

                    My mother was scammed by the checked in counter person while embarking on a flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. he insisted she pay R600 cash only to him for luggage which was included in her ticket.

                    I was not able to assist her with check as I usually do because of COVID rules-

                    This is unacceptable and I do hold the Airline responsible for this corrupt behavior.

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                      Mango AirlinesChanging flights

                      Mango changed my flight from an early morning flight to mid day flight
                      I tried to get a refund from the airline as the change in flight time is not suitable.
                      I have scheduled meetings, rented a car & business obligations that cannot change
                      They refuse to give me a refund, only a voucher
                      It is unacceptable I cannot use the voucher for an earlier flight. I need a refund in order to book with another airline

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                        Mango AirlinesTurn around time to long

                        good day

                        I have been trying to get hold or Mango airline via email and phone and this is something basic, I just need to reset my username and password as i haven't been on the website for more than a year. I have tried phoning the whole day, different time slots and you just hold on the whole time for long periods of time. How am i suppose to get assistance if no one is even answering an email.

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                          Mango AirlinesNo refund/voucher received for a cancelled flight ref tjdfrm 09 april from or tambo to king shaka

                          Due to lockdown, my flight ref tjdfrm from or thambo to king shaka on 09/04/2020 was cancelled.
                          25/03/2020 email to mango to request voucher no responce.
                          [protected]/06/2020 emails sent no voucher received
                          08/06/2020 still no voucher received

                          Kindly assist please me with a refund. I don't need to fly anymore.

                          Thank you

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                            • An
                              Andrew Ehmke Sep 17, 2020
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Ok so I've been doing some research and according to the CPA, if a company cannot provide you with goods or services that you have paid for, due to a force majeur clause, then a refund needs to be provided in a mutually acceptable manner.

                              If you requested a monetary refund during lock down (i.e. before the announcement of the relaxation of domestic flight restrictions) then you should be able to get your money back. Link to an article below:


                              It is common knowledge that Mango, owned by SAA, are in financial turmoil. They are holding onto your money as long as possible in an attempt to ease their situation, but there is no guarantee that they will still be around when you eventually want to use your voucher (and even if they are, their prices have been increased to try and recover losses, so you will end up paying in the difference).

                              Keep fighting for your refunds.

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                            Mango AirlinesRefund overdue

                            Reference Number: SMRRBV

                            I was emailed on 26 March 2020 by Andile Dunga at Mango that my refund was done and processed and with the finance department for payment.
                            Today is 2 July 2020, almost 4 months later and still no refund.

                            I am wondering if I should mention that I have queried it with Chantel Mclean at the refunds department as well.

                            I really don't know what to do anymore.


                            Emma Froud
                            tel [protected]
                            cel [protected]

                            Refund overdue
                            Refund overdue
                            Refund overdue

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                              Apr 24, 2020

                              Mango Airlines — Refund denial - flight tddwrt (international passenger)

                              I live in the UK and flew to S. A and the flew mango from S. A to Zanzibar. When trying to return to S. A...

                              Mar 31, 2020

                              Mango Airlines — Damaged luggage - flight je 719 - 24 march 2030

                              I flew with your airline in 24 March 2020 at 19h25 from Lanseria to Capetown, my flight was booked for 13h10...

                              Mango AirlinesRefund not given even after explaining Covid 19 and lock down

                              I purchased x4 tickets for x4 Male adults to Cape Town to go and watch the Super Rugby at Newlands on the 9th March 2020.

                              Later the month Super Rugby cancelled the rugby due to corona Virus. Since then 15 March I have been trying to get hold of Mango to get the flights canceled and refunded as teh rugby is cancelled.

                              Finally I got hold of Kwane on the 25 March @ 09:25, after explaining everything she only gave me vouchers that is valid for 6 months. I tried to explain Im not sure if the rugby will be on in 6 months times . Her responds was I can use the vouchers for other flights??? I dont want to fly anywhere and spend extra money?

                              I feel this is extremely unfair and now I am R10000 short and not refunded due to the virus and Mango is smiling having the money?????

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                                • As
                                  Ashalen Apr 24, 2020
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  I've just had the same done to me, I live in the UK and flew to S.A and the flew mango from S.A to Zanzibar. When trying to return to S.A from Zanzibar (to catch my return flight from S.A to the UK) I was not allowed to fly back into S.A and saw assured by mango staff at the airport in Zanzibar that due to me residing in the UK i would be given a cash refund instead of vouchers (as vouchers would be useless to me). I contacted Mango for my refund and was just told that they are not willing to give me a refund only a voucher i can't use.

                                  I was not allow on the mango flight to S.A so i missed my flight back to the UK and had to book alternate flights to the UK so i am almost £1, 000 out of pocket! now i am being offered vouchers for Mango flights which is a local S.A airline, HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE!!?! I LIVE IN THE UK!!! I am being cheated by Mango out of £150 (R3, 500)!! Is there a Civil aviation authority in S.A I can raise this with as it is a lot of money that i am effectively being cheated out off?

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