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Complaints & Reviews

unethical behavior and support

I booked the multi city flight option for below destination
24th May 2019
Melbourne to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur connecting flight

29th June 2019
Phuket to Kuala Lumpur

3rd July 2019
Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne

I could not catch the flight due to my wife illness on 24th May and I was in assumption that I can reschedule the flight until 29th June 2019. When I checked the flight status on 5th
June 2019, it was showing as cancelled. I called the customer service multiple times to check I have missed the 1st Leg of the journey but my 2nd Leg of the Journey should be still valid until the ticket validity but I was advised that system has cancelled the rest flights automatically which should not happen. I should still be allowed to catch my 29th June and 3rd July flight and if these are cancelled in system then these tickets should be reinstated.
I have paid around $2400 for my booking and was advised to pay $390 per person as no show fees to reschedule it.

Why shall I pay any extra penny to pay to catch the same flight for which I have already paid. If system has cancelled the flight then it should not be the responsibility of customer and cost from customer pocket to reinstate the flight.

Below is the T&C stated on your website and clearly shows if the seats are available then you can reinstate the seats. Still there are more than 20 days to catch the flight so how can i miss it.

"If you fail to reconfirm but let us know that you still want
to travel and there is space on the flight, we may
reinstate your reservations and carry you. If there is
no space on the flight, we will use reasonable efforts
to carry you to your next or final destination on a later
flight as set out in the fare rules and conditions
applicable to your ticket."

I am liable to pay no show penalty only if I reschedule the 1st Leg of the journey but this is not the case. I have requested only to reinstate my booking for the second leg which your system has goofed up and I have already paid. I have discussed it with the travel agent site Webjet for it and they also confirmed that they have reinstated the flight from their end but Malaysian airlines has not accepted it yet.

If I will have to pay the penalty of $390 per person for the 1st leg plus the difference of fare for next flight then I will choose to leave it as it is and will book the flight from other airlines where I can get the flight in lesser amount.

  • Complainant20091 Jul 20, 2019

    Such types of complaints can not be resolved without the evidences - a valid copy of the tickets, extracts for the transactions. Place of such type of disputes related to vilation of a the personal right is a court only.
    If the passenger has a lack of knowledge regarding the procedure, he/she can hire a professional for the charge.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    [e-mail < aryan (at) > ]

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terlepas kapal disebabkan pintu bertukar tanpa pengumuman suara

28/5/19, MH2634 KUL ke Labuan
Saya terbang dengan keluarga untuk bercuti . Kami pergi ke Pintu 4,
Kami tidak menyedari pintu telah ditukar ke Pintu 2. Tiada pengumuman dibuat.
Kami masih berada didalam pintu 4. dan akhir nya saya sedar ini dah terlalu lewat dan keluar tengok skrin kalau ada sebarang pertukaran tetapi saya tiada nampak pertukaran pintu.
Saya telah bertanya kakitangan airport kapal dah berlepas . Mengikut pegawai memberitahu, sekarang sudah tiada pengumuman cuma kena tengok skrin dan SMS . Ingat bukan semua penumpang punyai HP, bateri kaput dll, juga mampu tengok skrin selalu. Pengumuman suara paling berkesan. Kalau memang nak kaut keuntungan dan tidak mengendahkan penumpang tak payah umumkan semua seperti kounter akan tutup dll? Dengan itu banyak denda dapat dikutip seterusnya MAS dapat untung lebih lebih lagi waktu perayaan. Ini akan menjadikan MAS penerbangaan kebanggan Malaysia.
Saya sekeluarga dikehendaki bayar denda dan tukar tiket tanpa ada pengurangan harga dari MAS sedangkan pertukaran pintu dilakukan oleh pihak MAS. Perkara ini. amat mengeciwekan sepanjang saya menaiki penerbangan MAS yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku.

the plane took off earlier than the departure time

Dear MAS,
Please find attached a copy of my boarding pass, ex KLIA to Hanoi on a business class.

I checked in an hour and half prior to departure and by mistake, I went into G8 instead of G10. As you are aware G8 and G10 shares the same screening gate.

By 9.30am which was 10 minutes prior to departure, I went to G8 counter and was informed I should be at G10.

It took me less than a minute to run from G8 to G10. However before I even reached G10, I was told by one of the officers that G10's plane had already departed and we could see the plan was already making its way to the runway.

Dear MAS,
I travel with you by default. I do not have a choice because I am Malaysian. Can you guys do something which your citizens can be proud of? Come on, since when MAS is punctual? Never mind the pain of delays, missing and broken luggages. I have never made a complaint.

Despite whatever excuses your ground staff are telling me, where's the courtesy of at least waiting until 9.40am (which is the departure time) before you decide to shut the plane's door? Or at least make an announcement on your last missing passenger?

Even if your departure record stated artificially that it departed at 9.40am (which in this case I'm very sure it was earlier) knowingly you have a business class passenger seated at 1A hasn't arrived, wouldn't your "responsible" response/action is to make an announcement or at least wait for 5 mins?

I understand this could have been avoided if I have made my correct way to G10 but in the course of explanation to you, you could understand where my frustrations are.

You just can't be bothered about your missing passenger!

You choose to be early or late to depart at your convenience!

Thanks MAS!

the plane took off earlier than the departure time

  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 May 10, 2019

    This is why you're supposed to pay attention to what you're doing and not stupidly go to the wrong gate and then not even bother to check if you're in the right place until it's too late.

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  • Ch
    Chan Wei Ming May 10, 2019

    @TellMeAboutIt82 That’s my point, 10 mins prior to departure isn’t too late for business. If you have travelled enough, you should know in this instance the gate crew didn’t check the full passenger list. The plane doesn’t depart early unless 100% of passengers had already been in the plane.

    Thanks for your comment though but would appreciate something constructive instead of displaying your shallow mind.

    -2 Votes
  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 May 13, 2019

    I have traveled plenty, enough to know when they close the planes for boarding, and when I should be at the gate. Also, my mind is not at all shallow, do not make remarks about me without knowing me. Resorting to insulting people just shows that you have no valid point to make.

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check in at mumbai international airport t2 terminal

Date: 28th April 2019
Flight Number: MH141

Issue :
1. Laptop bag and Check-In luggage is more than allowed limit
2. Officers need more training on validating visa at the counter

My husband and myself have experienced very unprofessional behavior while checking in at Mumbai International Airport T2. The officer on duty was wearing Air India Badge.Mr. Mehul had no manners, rude, attitude and his way of speaking to us was unacceptable. We were returning from India to Sydney in the same airlines which allowed us to carry 7 kgs in check- in luggage and 5 kgs in the laptop bag. We have been traveling through Malaysian airlines for more than 3 years now and this is the first time we have experienced such behavior.
On request to speak to Mr's Mehul's superior, Ms. Lavina first asked us if we can speak the local Language of Mumbai (Marathi), we found this very racist. Secondly, she mentioned to us the rule changed 3 months ago, but we had traveled from Sydney on 28th March and had faced no issue. The cunning officer also said we need to pay 20, 000 INR for extraa luggage. There was no justification given to us upon asking and the way we were treated was utter [censored]. Lastly we had to throw extra luggage as we no choice. We never had such experience even at the domestic airport in India.

Second instance is while validating our tickets with the PR Visa, the officer was asking us Return ticket, upon answering that PR does not require any return ticket, the officer was so confused and went to his other colleague on next counter and after few minutes came back and said its ok. This is a sheer lack of knowledge.

This unpleasant experience at the counter has not only impacted our journey but landed up in our decision to not travel with Malaysian airlines in future. We will also recommend our near ones to not to travel trough Malaysian Airlines.

[Resolved] flight on board services mainly regarding the food

Names- Bijay Kumar Gurung and Khem Kumari Gurung My wife and I have booked tickets from kathmandu to sydney...

Malaysia Airlines

improving customer service

I visited the First Class Golden Lounge on 1/04/19 before getting on board MH088 to Tokyo. It gave the...

flights not taken

I was unable to take Flight MH0067 ICN-KUL on Sunday 21 April 2019* As a result Malaysia Airpline...

baggage handling

My luggage was lost while transferring in KL yesterday morning. One bag was recovered and sent to Langkawi. Until today the second bag with the tag MH810406, a black suitacase, has not been retrieved and the lost luggage handling at KL airport seems to be a complete mess. I request immediate attention. I am sitting without any luggage in Langkawi and my holiday at the beach has turned into a complete nightmare. I regret that i chose Malaysian Airlines

baggage handling
baggage handling
baggage handling

  • Complainant20091 May 04, 2019

    to the author

    Nobody has a duty and nobody is able to check the anonymous or an identified complaint, without the evidences.

    If you seek the way for the compensation, it is a duty to provide the evidences for a legal professional by the passenger. Such evidence is the submission of the complaint within 21 days following the last flight.

    The air carrier can satisfy the claim or to refuse of the satisfaction within 10 or 21 days.
    The next step for the compensation is via the court only.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulatory matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    email for the request along with documents :

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[Resolved] broken baggage

Dear team,
I've recently travelled via Malaysian airlines (Bookin ref Q8G49Z, Ticket no 232 [protected], dated 22nd Feb).

It is with great regret I am writing this. My baggage has been damaged and even though I was promised quick and prompt action, there have been no reformative steps taken. I've sent the receipt of the bill as requested and there has been no acknowledgement. I've tried calling multiple times to no avail. I request you to take necessary action and solve the issue as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards,

broken baggage

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

own belonging missing inside my luggage

On 28th April 2019 I took MAS Airline flight (MH1040) from JB (departure at 13:00) to KLIA arrival at 14:00...

pic on transfer desk malaysia

Booking code = BHZ3SK

My flight from sub to kul (MH0870, 22 april 2019) got delayed from 10.00 to 12.00, and i couldn't get catch my next connecting flight from KUL to KNO (MH0864) that was scheduled at 14.55.
I already make sure with the staff at surabaya airport and through surabaya call center (rinda) that i must go back to medan on 22 april 2019, and they ensure me that and they will send the message to Kuala Lumpur since i need to board.
When i arrived Kuala Lumpur and get out from plane, there is a man who gave me ticket to flight back kuala namu tommorow morning (23 april 2019) and voucher (accomodation n transport), and i told him that i need to go back by today. Therefore, he told me to go to desk counter to reschedule
While in the desk counter, i told them the problem, but she told me that they can't change anything and if i want to change the schedule, i must told the man who gave me the ticket. How can i, as the customer, know your system/SOP, but still she act so arrogant and ask me why i receive the ticket if the schedule is not match. I feel blamed and like a stupid person.
I understand that it might be some operation problem that cause delay, but i'm so frustrated with your service and how you treat your customer that got delayed and the time has been wasted. Hopefully you could improve your service and I hope my experience is the last, and i dont want others to feel it.


pic on transfer desk malaysia

  • Complainant20091 Apr 24, 2019

    Thre is no sign of the passenger : no e-ticket and no PNR in full are visible
    It is unclear
    - what was a wrong doing act, expet the dalay of 2 hours, by the Malaysia Airlines.
    - what the author wants.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulation matters
    Aryan engineers ltd.

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  • Ha
    Harry057 Jul 18, 2019

    @Complainant20091 Are you really good in reading? if not read again

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unethical behavior by ground staff and not letting me on board the aircraft having a valid boarding pass

Hello, My Name is Rukshan Payagala and holder of Sri Lankan Passport no. N2521548
I made an online booking through Jet Airways for my travel journey to Hong Kong from Colombo with my wife and father on 12th April 2019 and return back on 22nd April 2019. However since Jet Airways flights was cancelled I was redirected to Malaysian Airlines. Thereafter on 12th we went to Hong Kong Via Kuala Lumpur on flight MH0178 and MH0072. Since my return flight back to Colombo was due on 22nd April 2019 I made an online check in on 20th April 2019 and received our boarding passes through email.
My flight was scheduled to depart from Hong Kong at 14.35 hours and I went to the air port at 12.35 hours. When I went to the counter I was told although I have my printed boarding pass with me they cannot let me board the plane. The reason mentioned was since I have made the original booking through Jet Airways, and since Jet Airways is on bankruptcy, Malaysian Air Lines will not be able to get their payments.
The person claimed as the Manager for ground handling for Malaysian Airways in Hong Kong Airport took my printed boarding passes and refused to give it back to me when I requested for same. He harassed me any my family mentioning if he return the boarding passes we will board the plane.
I made my on line check in approximately 36 hours before my departure time and Malaysian airlines failed to inform me about any issue of this sort of until I went to drop my luggage at the airport 2 hours before the departure.
As result of this un professional act by the Malaysian Airlines ground staff at Hong Kong Airport I had to turn back to my hotel again and make an booking for another flight to Colombo on 23rd April 2019. I had to incur an loss of HK $ 11, 979.00 for the new flight through Singapore Airlines and further hotel booking for an additional day.
I demand Malaysian Airlines for a full compensation for the total value of HK $ 11, 979.00 for my new flight to Colombo on Singapore Airlines. Further I demand for a written apology from Malaysian Airlines for the harassment and inconvenience me and my family had to go through for the acts of the ground handling staff and failure to inform me any issue related to my return flight back to Colombo.

Please refer below for the details of the tickets and Boarding passes.

1) Rukshan Payagala - eTicket No. [protected]
Boarding pass Booking Ref. VRC8NC and flight No. MH0073
and MH0179
Sri Lankan Passport No. N2521548

2) Vishva Karunaratne - eTicket No. [protected]
Boarding pass Booking Ref. VRC8NC and flight No. MH0073
and MH0179
Sri Lankan Passport No. N5625059

3) Thejasri Fernando - eTicket No. [protected]
Boarding pass Booking Ref. KRHG6G and flight No. MH0073
and MH0179
Sri Lankan Passport No. N3176089

I have sent an email with this regard to the General email of Malaysian Airlines and and have not got any response from same. I'm awaiting for a response from Malaysian Airlines.

Rukshan Payagala
Chartered Architect AIA(SL) M.Arch (UK)

unethical behavior by ground staff and not letting me on board the aircraft having a valid boarding pass

  • Complainant20091 Apr 24, 2019

    To the author Mr. Rukshan Payagala

    In general, the public complaint looks inconsidtent and unclear.

    The PNRs VRC8NC and KRHG6G do not have records related to the given passengers in the Malaysia Airlines carrier.

    1. Are you able to pay Government fee for filimg the suit case and for services of the legal professional in order to bring the case to the court in Sri Lanka, in Malaysia or elswhere?
    If the answer "NO", the rest is useles.

    2. The passnger can not do such act by himself "I was redirected to Malaysian Airlines."
    - can you show the reservation for the Malaysian Airlines flight?
    - can you present the boarding pass for the Malaysian Airlines flight, where you faced with refusal to serve you?

    3. Such statemet is unclear completely:
    I made my on line check in approximately 36 hours before my departure time and Malaysian airlines failed to inform me about any issue of this sort of until I went to drop my luggage at the airport 2 hours before the departure.
    You can not check in at the passed flight.
    What was the connection btewen 36 hours and given two PNRs?

    4. Do you have the Singapore airline or other receipts of HK $ 11, 979.00 ?

    If you want to make the claim, we can assist you professionally for the charge aiming to get the compensation in full.
    Our charges start from EUR150 before the authority, payable online against invoice.

    If you want to use such assistance kindly send the request which shows:-
    - your full name, address, country, e-mail, phone number (for SMS only)
    - each e-ticket
    - each boarding pass, if any
    - the above copy of your public omplaint
    with the formal request to email
    < aryan @ > // delete spaces


    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulatory matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan engineers Ltd.,
    United Kingdom
    email: aryan(at)

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  • Ha
    Harry057 Jul 18, 2019

    copy and paste for you to read again:-

    The person claimed as the Manager for ground handling for Malaysian Airways in Hong Kong Airport took my printed boarding passes and refused to give it back to me when I requested for same. He harassed me any my family mentioning if he return the boarding passes we will board the plane.

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luggage mishandled and poor customer service

Dear team,
I've recently travelled via Malaysian airlines (Tkt num 232-[protected], date 31 march)and the experience is the worst.

It is with great regret I am writing this. My baggage has been damaged and even though I was promised quick and prompt action, there have been no reformative steps taken. I've sent the receipt of the bill as requested and there has been no acknowledgement. I've tried calling multiple times to no avail. I request you to take necessary action and solve the issue as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards,

luggage mishandled and poor customer service

  • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019

    To the author Ms Kireetila Piratla, India

    The desribed situation is common in the civil aviation.
    Based on your text and the attached document, you seek the compenatiuon for the damage.

    As a cvil aviation professional, I advise you to hire the legal professional in Andra Pradesh (India), whom you need to pay and, who is able to bring the case to the district court.
    You need to put your own normal efforts also.

    Such assitance can cost you from Rs 8000, but you can reasobaly expect much higher compensation,
    if that professional knows the ICAO rules.

    I can assist you also for fee, if you are unable to find one in AP, India.

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    address for request along with documents:
    // substitute (at) = @ in the address field

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several changes to our booking

Booking Reference: UPXDN9 - Susan and Michael Trevor James. We booked Malaysia Airlines from Brisbane to London for 29 July 2019, returning 30 August particularly because of its short layover times at Kuala Lumpur. However, you have changed our outward flight once and return journey TWICE. We now have to fly out on 30 July and return on 31 August, arriving a day later at both destinations. We also have a much longer layover time in KL. I have also had to change my meetings in the UK because of the change of the arrival date. My husband is 77 years old, gets very tired when flying and hates long layover times which is the reason we chose your airline, because you offered the shortest flight duration. Now you have completely changed our booking. Our agent rang you to complain but the only real choice you gave was to cancel. No good at all, as a refund would take 6-8 weeks and we would
have to start the search/booking process all over again. The inconvenience is immense and, having booked in good faith, we feel Malaysia Airlines have acted very unprofessionally, without any regard for its customers. As a minimum, I would request either an upgrade which would make the longer journey a little more comfortable, a hotel room at KL airport so we could rest for the very long layover or other form of restitution. I considered making a complaint to the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) but have decided to await your response first. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019

    To the anonymous author of Australia

    1.Passenger is a person who has the ticket or air carrier PNR (booking) for the exact air carrier flight.
    The author does not show neither the ticket or PNR related to him or to the family member.

    2. Flight is a service of the air carrier which has the particulars:
    - air carrier ICAO / IATA abbreviation
    - date, time
    - airport of the departure
    - airport of the destination
    - number .

    3. The regulations of some countries, including Malasya, do not forsee the compensation due to the "change of chaedule" by air carrier.
    The Europen and the UK, for example, regulations forsee the compensation and additinal service due to the delay / cancellatiuon in certain cases.

    As you have not provided the primary eticket, each additional notice, which you had receved from unidentified travel agent / air carrier, it is impossible to conclude anything.

    If you seek the compensation, you can hire a legal professional or a lawyer,
    who is able to apply on your behalf to the court, and whom you must pay the reminiration.

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    email address for request along with documents: aryan{at}

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refusing amendment in spelling of name of passenger mh-191 new delhi kul passenger arjun shrivastava

I have booked tickets for my whole family through made a mistake while typing my son's name and I omitted one alphabet. Within ten minutes I informed the travel agency and have been contacting airlines for the past ten days but the issue is not resolved.
Malaysian airlines on their webpage itself permit name correction after paying certain fees but in my case, they are adamant that I have to come through travel agency'.I have tried my best through a travel agency but they maintain that Malaysian airlines have declined.
It is so frustrating that an airline can be so bookish without reasons
It's their responsibility to ensure that a bonafide passenger travels with the correct identity
In my case, I have forwarded my son's passport copy also but the Airlines is not cooperating

[Resolved] check in

As a Business Class passenger I had to wait for approximately 45 minutes to Check-in. The actual Check-in probably took 5 minutes unfortunately it was the waiting which was tiresome.
My husband & I arrived at the Check-in area as it was opening, & we were the 5th in line. Firstly we had to endure a long wait when staff were setting up, & then at least 5 staff were attending/listening to one gentlemen - & this was even before they got to their checkout stations. What frustrated me more so, is that a lady walked up to the Business Check-in as she was apparently sent there by the service desk. She & her partner were then checked in, whilst those of us who had been queuing were still waiting.
It's when I queried this & others in the queue were told she was sent over by the service desk.
My issue was that your Team Members didn't follow process which lead to unnecessary waiting times - or if you have a policy of allowing queue jumpers, please let me know as next time I will refrain from travelling with your airline. I also pay extra to fly business class & I felt this aspect of my fare was certainly not worth it as I certainly was not provided express service - in fact the Economy lines were being processed considerably faster.

  • Resolution Statement


bkk-kul-dps flight no show wrongly charge

We booked a flight from bkk-KUL-DPS with 3 passengers, me, my husband and my 5 year old daughter.

We checked in online but we're late for baggage check-in on 11 April KUL-DPS 9pm flight. Your ground staff said we could board the plane but without the checked in luggage because we arrived less than 1 hour before departure time. We politely asked for advice on other options for us, a female ground staff only said we need to change to next flight on the next morning. We decided that 2 passengers, my husband and daughter, can proceed with the flight and I will buy another earliest flight on my own so that I can bring the luggage. Your staff, male staff (the lady left) issued 2 boarding passes and let my husband and daughter board the flight and not giving any communication to any of us on what is the consequence of not boarding the flight.

When my husband boarded the plane, the staff came to ask him 3 times if "your wife" is not boarding this flight. So obviously no communication from check in ground staff to the gate staff.

I flew after on another airline, paid the new ticket because we know that it is our fault to miss check in time so we did not complain anything. Now we are having a good time in Bali and seeing the online check in open for return flight, I tried to check in and the system denied my check in so I called your call center.

I called the call center at 2am 14 April DPS time because I will need to fly back on 15 April 16.25 hrs and do not want to have any issue boarding the flight back. Your staff politely explained to me that the system showed "no show" status that I did not board the flight so I need to pay a fee in order to fly back. And when I asked how much, your staff said will need to get back the next day because there is no standard quotation for this fee. Isn't that weird? I explained my whole story and he seems to be understanding but of course call center is not the channel to complain. Your only complaint channel is email, surprisingly.

This is seriously wrong and disappointing for an airline claiming to be a full service because

1. there was no communication from ground staff on this. At least they should give me advice that there will be issue for my flight back. If I did not find out about this first, I will surely have big problem at airport on the way back from DPS and the last thing I want to happen is for us family to have to fly back separately.

2. How can the ground staff record this as no show. I came for the flight and was denied to check in. And my decision to get another ticket was done in front of the staff. I know it is not their duty to "care" but being "service minded" they should give information.

3. A passenger not boarding the flight and the airline supposed to be fully aware of the situation if the staff care to provide the right information. Because the ground check in staff did not care, no communication was made to gate staff and the flight delayed departure on that day because they were looking for me and wondering why I did not board the plane.

I urge anyone in charge to please investigate this situation. I seriously think your check in staffs have issue on attitude. Rules are rules but service mind also needs to be there. This experience ruined our journey there by having to fly separately and I hope you can help resolve this before my flight back.

Janyaporn Srisantisook
14 April 2019

  • Complainant20091 Apr 24, 2019

    Mrs Janyaporn Srisantisook

    It is a private site for public complaints, not the Malasyan airline site.

    You complaint is not clear for yourself:--

    1. Where is an e-ticket for 11 April KUL-DPS?

    2. Where is boarding pass for 11 April KUL-DPS fliht?

    3. If you seek to get the compensation for the obvious fault of the staff, which served 11 April KUL-DPS Malasyan flight, if your words are true, you can do for charge only either in Thailand, in Malaysia or elsewhere.

    We can assist to provide the legal complaint before the authority in English for the samll charge, if you rquest so and issue the e-ticket and/or borading pass for 11 APR flight.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulation matters
    Aryan engineers ltd.
    email: aryan @
    // delete spaces in address field

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case#[protected] please refer to my emails to gccc

Extremely disappointed with the service by MAS, imposing charge without looking at the client's situation. I truly question the customer service and service mindset of MAS.
MAS should really emulate the service level of the other top notch airlines in providing the best customer experience. I'm paying the RM150 under protest.

  • Complainant20091 Apr 24, 2019

    Nobody has a duty to reply to
    - anonymous complain,
    - indeffinite complaint,
    - the complaint without the evidences.

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29/3/19 Flight MH130
6 Hours into a 10.5 Hour flight my Partner noticed there was no toilet tissue in the on board lavatory close to our seat. We checked other on board and none had any tissue. We asked cabin crew about this and they said they had run out of stock for economy class lavatories.

30/3/19 Flight MH786
Flight departed 50min late.

4/4/19 Flight MH791
Flight departed 45min late.

4/4/19 Flight MH131
Flight departed almost 3Hours late. I received notification of this via email and text message. It was obvious this delay would cause me to miss my connecting flight as connecting flight was a domestic flight and I would not have enough time to collect baggage, clear Passport Control ect... then change Terminals. With this in mind I went to Malaysia Airlines Desk in Kuala Lumpur and asked them to change my connecting flight. The refused as they said I would have plenty of time. I tried to explain the situation but it seemed I had interrupted her Facebook time which she was using her cell phone for and was not at all interested in being of assistence.
After boarding of Flight MH131 it became obvious that the Safety On Board Video that would usually play was not operating. Cabin crew were required to do the Safety Briefing Manually. It was very obvious the crew had no idea in how or what to do. The Safety Briefing was hurried through with some cabin crew putting life jackets on wrong and having to be shown by other Cabin Crew how to demonstrate properly. I have never seen such a display of absolute incompetence in my life... these are the so called "Trained Crew" who are suppose to assist "Paying Passengers" in the event of an emergency. It was clear they were under trained for such a situation or plane incompetent.
As predicted myself and partner arrived in Auckland International Airport with 40 minutes to collect baggage, clear Passport Control and make our way to Domestic Terminal and check into connecting flight. I new this would not be enough time as the lines were very long so I phoned Malaysia Airlines and explained my situation. The centre personal were of no help what do ever and told me to go to a Malaysia Airlines Desk in the airport.
Myself and Partner walked into the Auckland International Airport arrivals hall at 1840 5/4/19 the same time our connecting Domestic flight was boarding. We asked where we could find a Malaysia Airlines Desk and were told there was not one in Auckland Airport but there Check In counters would open at 1930 but these were not staffed by Malaysia Airlines Staff as an independent contractor is used.
I once again phoned Malaysia Airlines and explained the situation. I was on the phone to your Call Centre for 40 minutes before they were able to re book our connecting flights by which time it was to late to fly that day so I was told I would have to wait till the following day. Once again I was told to go to the Malaysia Airlines Desk and they would organize accommodation for my Partner and I. I tried explaining to your Call Centre that Malaysia Airlines only has check in counters at Auckland International Airport and they are staffed by Independent Contractors but once again they could not understand this. In the end I hung up and phoned a family member who works for a different Airline in New Zealand and through there connections managed to track down the One Malaysia Airlines Staff member you had in Auckland Airport at the time. It was 2045 5/5/19 that we walked out of Auckland International Airport and made our way to the accommodation Malaysia Airlines had provided.
So to summarize... 3 out of 4 flights I took with Malaysia Airlines departed late. The onboard experience was terrible, All Staff be it in your Call Centre of Desk at Kuala Lumpur were although polite of little of no help at all. I have never had such a bad traveling experience in my life. For an international carrier I think it is nothing sort of terrible. It was the first time I have ever used Malaysia Airlines and depending on the out come if this possibly the last.

My booking reference number:

Malaysia Airlines has my email and can contact me on that should they like to attempt to resolve this issue or request more details.

  • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019

    To anonymous author,

    Nobody has a duty to trust and to respond to anonymous complaint, to an indeffinite complaint.
    to a complaint, which the addresee is not bount.

    The above text does not show,
    1) author s full name, address
    2) boarding pass eticket
    3) length and place (airport) of each delay
    4) what the passenger wants?

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulatory matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    address for request along with documents:
    // substitute (at) = @ in the address field

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Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked

To whom It May Concern,

Booking Reference No: U3NN22
Remarks on Property Irregularity Report: MH555391 (Pudong International Airport)
Baggage Tag number: MH555391
Colour, Type, Description: Black 29 inch Hush Puppies Suitcase

I travelled on flight MH608 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on transit before traveling to Shanghai on flight MH386 on 15 March 2019. The seat number is 37F. I was informed by the attendant at the luggage inquiry counter at Pudong International Airport that my luggage was delayed and it would arrive on the next flight at 8am and it would be delivered to my hotel in the late afternoon between 4-5pm.

I waited for the luggage at my hotel for the entire day as I was traveling with 2 young children and they needed warm clothing that was in the luggage as the weather was cold.

The luggage arrived at between 10-11pm that day instead of the promised 4-5pm. Upon receipt of the luggage, I noticed that the TSA lock was missing and the luggage was torn. There was an orange zip tie in place of my original lock. When I open the suitcase, it was in a mess, the zips were open and my items have been moved. Even the toiletries bag was unzipped and a red bag containing brand new winter clothing and accessories was missing.

I am very disappointed with the poor quality of service rendered for the delayed luggage. It had totally ruin my holiday. I had to endure the cold without my woollen clothing, socks and accessories during my trip. I have taken photos of the orange zip tie and my ransacked luggage. I will be happy to provide you with these evidence if required.

Kindly address this incident as it creates a very poor image and reputation for such a reputable airline.

Yours sincerely,
Jasmine Yeo
Email: [protected]
Contact no: +65 [protected]

Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked
Delayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked

  • Jo
    jonjonjon Mar 30, 2019

    Please also submit an Official Claim to your Travel Insurance Company.
    Also, please go and buy some warm clothing for your kids over there. Just spend some extra money.
    It will not spoil your holiday.

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  • Complainant20091 Apr 05, 2019

    Mrs. Jasmine Yeo

    The image represents the PIR of the China Estern air carrier, not of the Malaysia Airlines air carrier.
    It is significant mistake of the agent of the airport, which can affect your right.

    The only solution is to demand the compensation via the district court of your city.

    The case may be presented by yourself, if you know the procedure, or by the lawer.

    You are advised to keep:-
    - e-ticket
    - bag tag
    - Property Irregularity Report: MH555391

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulation matters
    Aryan engineers ltd.
    e--mail: < aryan(at) >

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