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South Africa

Hi, ordered items beginning of march. Received sms stating that order will be delivered by dsv within 1-3 days on 7 march. After no delivery I followed up with dsv who said they've received the order but not the shipment. Followed up again with makro. Was then told that items were sent for delivery to time freight. After non-delivery followed up couple of times and were told that goods were shipped. Eventually followed up with time freight at the end of march who then told me that the truck was robbed on 13 march and they've notified makro on 14 march. Last comms they had with makro was 15 march. From then till now i've followed up at least twice a week without any success... Standard answer is that this will now receive priority, it has been escalated, etc. Unfortunately no delivery ever happens. Can you please urgently attend to this?

Apr 15, 2019

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