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worked for awhile and then I ran into their lousy customer service

Whew!!! What a ride to nowhere this thing is! I got the Magicjack and used it for about a week and started running into problems. It stopped booting up. So I went to their useless customer service chatline. I spent hours with their chat people trying to get this thing working and whenever they hit a snag they hangup on you. Then you are left with a lousy piece of junk and no phone number to call for reall support like a real company has. This is a total ripoff. If anyone wants to start a class action suit I will be a plaintiff.

tom allen
Ocean Springs, MS

  • Su
    susherrie Jan 15, 2009

    I will join you on this class suit where do we go to file it?

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charges on my bank account

I ordered the magicjack from tv and recieved it in the mail. They had already taken out the amount of money they said they were going to take. Today, they took $133.00 plus change out of my bank account!!! No one ever said anything about a charge like this. How can I get my money back and send this back to them? How can I stop them from getting any more money? Nevermind, I am contacting the Attorney General of the state I live in!

  • 2o
    2oldn2ys Dec 16, 2008

    I have found with many problems like yours, to contact the Better Business Bureau in your state. Each time I have tried on my own and gotten nowhere, they alwasy seem to be able to take care of it for me. Try them, you may get satisfaction faster with them.
    Good luck.

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Every time I dial a number the call gets disconnected and I've tried everything the companies website suggests I do but still I have the same problem. Their website claims I can speak with someone live over the net, BOLOGNA, all I keep getting is a catch 21. No one to complain too but a regularly asked questions page. So here I sit a DISABLE person without a phone. I suggest you do your homework before you invest your hard earned money on this product.
P.S. I have been forced to buy a pay as you go cell phone. I could have used the money they conveniently removed from my pocket to pay for a real phone!!!

  • Ms
    ms advice Feb 11, 2009

    You would be better off getting a cellphone through unicel (now verizone wireless) or At&t wireless called the lifeline program, ask about it. It is available to low-income or people who receive gov't assistance: foodstamps, medicaid. etc. Just ask about the Lifeline Program and phone. Sometimes they have free phones. Just pay activation fee, and the first month bill and every month your bill will typically be in the $20 - $30 range.


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cannot contact company

Product has never functioned properly. Cannot contact company. They say my password is incorrect. I ask for confirmation via e-mail. They send password. I attempt to enter my account, but password doesn't work. I upgraded my computer, and now they say magicjack won't work on my edition of Windows. I have XP, but they say I have NT. What is going on???

  • Zo
    Zodiac Jan 26, 2009

    Same there, MagicJack is a MagicScam. There is noway to contact them! Their LiveChat just link you to their faq page again and again, no way to have any live person to explain your problem.

    When I try to start my device (untill now I can't register), I receive an error message telling me that my version of windows doesn't support MagicCrap (I run Windows XP Pro), telling me that WinNT 5.1 was detected. Very frustrating. Be aware of this fake company.

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  • Dh
    dhovis1967 Jul 06, 2009

    Magicjack sucks, my stopped connecting after first year and will not reconnect. No one there can help me get it working.

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  • Dh
    dhovis1967 Jul 06, 2009

    Magicjack sucks after first year, it will not connect for use. No one in technical support will help and they will not refund my money I paid for my year of service either. They need to make it work before advertising how good the service is, I will only use my packet 8 digital phone service. It works great, if a problem they will fix it from the office or i will have to just reset it then works great.

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lies and abuse

I purchased this product after seeing the informercial on TV in October, of cause they make great claim...

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not reliable

Magicjack is not reliable and the company does not stand behind their product. I have spent over a dozen hours on chats trying to keep it working. After a host of changes to my settings that their agents walk me through I could get the unit working, but usually it would quit after a few days. After 2 months of trying to make it reliable I asked for a refund and was denied, now I am waiting for a replacement but have seen a number of complaints posted because they charge you for the replacement, then deny that they received the returned unit and will not give you your refund. I am now wondering if I will cancel the replacement and just chalk this up to my stupidity and their lack of integrity.

  • Ha
    Hammer cuayu Dec 18, 2008

    I have tried the magicjack for 2 months now, and I cannot get a clear reception, it has heavy echo, I have try to fix using their recommendation on-line but still not working, I don, t know how to get help.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Mar 23, 2009

    I thought Magic Jack is Magic and so I bought 5 UNITS to give out to friend and use as extra phone lines at work. The turn out is terrible. When ever it works, I get a call. If it is lazy, I don't get a call. Hope Magic jack do something about this. The idea is wonderful but I need MJ that work. If you are thinking of buying one, you need to think again.
    Fresno, CA

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  • Re
    Renat Apr 09, 2009

    Magicjack sucks monkey's balls! I have been having it second year and lately it has been giving dropped calls and gaps in conversations as if a very bad cell phone reception. Some numbers I dial it won't even connect to. It takes forever for the software to load after PC reboot and it seems that they simply don't care about improving its firware. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE service. The company is very snobbish when it comes to customer service, in fact their customer service is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR FOLKS!!! I hope this company vanishes as quickly as it appeared, definitely a get rich quick scheme here, I wouldn't say that if not for all the unreliable dropped calls and horrible service, not only in my experience but with many others. Take that Dan Borislow - the "inventor"...

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fraudulent charges

I have had problems with this company 2/08 it was hard working with them; they said just try our phone service; we will not charge you. I mailed them their jack back and got a tracking number from the US mail service; to prove it. But they did! After the phones didn't work, I ask them to stop the free try; it didn't work for me in my state using the chat. Later they begin to random amounts of money off my credit card, I had to fill a complaint with my credit card company they would not give me back my money.

Now, today 10/31/08 they have don the same in again; using my credit card, I didn't know they keep credit card numbers; how can they do this? Look at the numbers of months it has been. I am disable; now I have no money to pay my rent and lights, this how I found out I had no money to pay my rent when I got my SSI money I went to go pay my rent and no money. What do I do now? It was months last time to get my money back; its cold here in my state I do not have any more money until next month. I MAY NOT HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE; no money for rent. Its the free try, that got me!

Other web business, should speak up; its companies like this that will make it bad for you as well.

  • Bh
    bhornbuckle75 Aug 30, 2009

    I never had to give them my credit card...I just bought the darn thing and plugged it in and it worked...It comes with free service for a whole year...You dont need to put in a credit card or nothing. If ya dont like giving them a credit card then just by a new one every year...they are only 30 bucks...WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD FOR THE FREE TRY?!?!?!? I DIDNT!!! This "scam" sounds like a scam if you ask me!!!

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no longer works and they can't fix it

The magic jack never worked as suggested just by plugging into my computer. I had to start the program. After several months of use it no longer worked at all. I spent nearly 10 hours of time with there four different on site live agents ... the last one named Crissa and they could never get it to work . They finally agreed to send me a new magic jack but the frustration with their technical help was beyond belief. I have tried to contact Don Borislow the inventor at Ymax but they have no email contact on their web site just a mail address in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have recorded two of the six on line chats in my email that show the run around you get from people who don't know how to fix the technical issues with their product. I

  • Sh
    Sheryl Howe Nov 18, 2008

    I have had magic jack for well over 6 months. I can only have a 34 second conversation before being disconnected.
    I cannot reach a live operator. I do not recommend Anyone purchasing this product. We had our house phone disconnected after one month because it was working so well . My parents decided to purchase it also, and they too are have the same problems.

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  • La
    Larry D.Warren Nov 19, 2008

    Magic Jack hasn't worked right from the begining. It Isn't as easy as they said to get it working and it doesn't work right when you make a phone call. Trusted people told me I sound a million miles away and most of the time all I heard was their voices echoing in my phone & I did there fix & it didn't fix the problems. I couldn't have a good conversation with any one. to me it 's a rip off and I havent found any way to talk with a magic jack representitive I want them to take backand not bill me.I am still trying to find away to get them to cancell my order.In mybook they are scamming every one.

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  • Ph
    Philip Roberts Jan 21, 2009

    Hi all!

    I have had reasonably good communications, using magic-jack. I used it in The U.S., prior to
    relocating to The Philippines; &, I've continued to enjoy fairly good communications with it,
    here, as well. Perfect, unbroken communications? At times; but, usually, at some point in
    time, communication breaks up during conversations (just as it does, during cell-phone
    communications). Over the holidays, I experienced problems with dropping calls; &, not
    being able to reconnect right away. One thing to bear in mind, it (is) neccessary to click
    to get upgrades, (all the time); it does tend to clear up problems.

    That being said, my complaint is the communications box that pops up when you click
    on Live Person. While I can move my pointer around, inside that box, no matter what
    I try, I have never been successful (while in The Philippines) at getting the cursor to
    appear, when I click to begin keying in the communication; so, I am unable to communicate
    with a Live Person, Period!

    Also, I was hoping to obtain a listing for international rates; &, can't find any, within
    the provisions of their site. Well, in order to get any info about it, you have to fill in
    their form, with your e-mail & password. Problem is that my e-mail address has
    changed since I ordered Magic Jack; &, while they have a supposed provision to
    correct this, under forgot e-mail/password, it is the (same exact) thing! Same
    screen, same form! So, you figure; okay, I'll submit it, under my current e-mail
    address, according to their claim that they will e-mail me information; &, when
    I check my e-mail: Nothing!!! So, my frusteration is that I can not, in any way,
    shape or form, communicate with (anyone) from magic jack support, in order
    to get my questions answered!
    Thanks for your time, Philip Roberts

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  • Ro
    roypaul Feb 20, 2009

    I used the magic jack failry well for one month. But now when i clik on the icon ared warning says to plug it in the usb. Tried in diffrerent computers and got the same result. unable to start it. Now it is seen in my computer as an ordinary drive. When trying to format ithe drive it says there is no media in it and cannot format. No help is available from them. Actually it is purchased for five years and only used for one month.

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  • Mi
    mikenatIBM Apr 22, 2009

    having been in tech support and IT for years i found it extremely frustrating working with their so-called support. they read from prompts, have little or no pc knowledge and if you use chat, well they don't read half what you say. i had to repeat certain things so many times i finally just copied a response and kept pasting it since they kept asking the same inane questions over and over. i even attempted to help guide them to where the problem might lie and was totally ignored. why? because all their responses to answers are pre-documented in their dbase so there is only the illusion of actual human interaction. literally ten hours of chat in 2 days time, they don't listen, can't think on their own and in the end blame the problem on your isp. i've learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. yes the product worked well for two months but considering i paid for two years i'd have done better with an overpriced cell plan.

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  • Ir
    ironhead73 Jun 20, 2009

    this is my 2nd year with M.j. and I really dont use the thing everyday but for the most part it doe's seem to work for me, but again I really look at it as somewhat of a toy, we dont have a house phone everyone here use's their cell's but yes it can save on cell phone minutes (alot more then 20 dollars a yr worth) if you wanted it to...really dont think I would trust it as a everyday house phone and I dont like the idea you would have to keep your pc on 24/7...but if you look on ebay under M.J. people are selling thin clients that are pre configured so you would just have to plug in and keep it separate from your pc, ( save's on elec & ware on pc)...
    But bottom line yeah sometimes it echo's /sounds tinny/and still dont have my local area code in fl. but for 20 bucks a yr im ok with it and will renew next yr if they are still around...

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  • Fr
    from Tampa Fl Sep 14, 2009

    for what I've paid for this service, it is well worth it, got rid of cable related phone co---magic jack is only house phone we use, (have Cell), the first year was up and the little square that is on computer screen said my service had expired--knew this was incorrect, so last week called, (today is 09-14-09), had chat with operator who didn't help much, and was disconnected. Tonight tried again, and chatted with lady named Jewel who was very knowledgeable and walked me thru the renew procress ( I had originally bought the 2nd year) as to where to put the claim code so my service would be connected again--she was very patient, and now my service is reconnected. So yes I'am happy with magic jack and will continue with them next year----(now I know how to do that) from Tampa Fl

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  • Ci
    Cindy, Jacksonville, Fl Aug 18, 2010

    Please be wary when buying MagicJack!! I have hated it right from the start. The connection is bad half the time, and the other half of the time I hear my echo. But... I figured I could put up with these minor inconveniences because of the money it was saving. Well, about a week and a half ago it started dropping calls. I contacted "support" and they told me to do some things and then assured me that my problem was fixed. Not so much!! I continued to drop calls, so I contacted "support" again and was on the computer with them for 6 hours!!! I chatted with 6 different people, and they all assured me that problem was fixed. Finally, at the end of my very frusterating conversation with the last "supervisor" I was told to move my phone away from the speaker, and if that didn't work than it must be my ISP provider! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, save yourself the headache! It does save you alot of money but what save in phone bills is more than made up for in what you will spend in asprin!

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  • Vb
    vb76 Dec 15, 2012

    So all it read above is prob primarily with tech support. Don, requesting you to please improvise team and not compromise on quality. The other ends are not simply buyers but honestly are m.j interested people who bought your product looking for a savings to their hard earned money.

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worst company ever

There is a 3-5 second delay with MJ phone calls. I have tried two different types of phones, MJ rep told me to install the upgrade, change USB ports, edit my computer registry. No change. Then she told me to go to which showed my upload time was half of my download time. MJ rep told me it was my DSL contact my ISP. My ISP says I have the latest firmware and DSL router that there is nothing wrong with my DSL. I will take MJ gadget to work to try a T1 with a different ISP. I'll update you if this makes a difference. Luckily, I have not completely canceled my landline number. I have also read that the 911 feature doesn't really work like they say it should... and it would be horrible to find that out during a real emergency. MJ *** in my opinion... don't waste your money.


Back in June 2008, I ordered 2 MagicJack services from who guarantee a 30 day examination period, however, they fail to provide any return shipping address with any of their correstpondence and, disable any buttons on their website to enable a return "within 30 days",
Before I ordered, I was told on live chat, the 30 day period starts upon activation. Thats a $20 activation fee and $20 per year plus shipping.
Magic Jack refused to supply me a return address and when I threatened a credit card charge back, I was told "good luck" and they disconnected the live chat.
Royal Bank investigated, confirmed that it was impossible to "return" and by some miricale obtained an address and phone number, told me to return "the item" that is a one time, disposable USB stick that has no value and is not reusuable. that's Royal's cop out to say "you did not return the item", obviously, one is not going to spend $20 to return a $20 item.

Its Royal Bank's cowardly way of failing to act ethically.

After numerous phone calls, I'm guessing 4 hours in total, Royal back 4 months later tell me to call Visa International.

Not much hope there either.
Both Royal Bank Visa and Visa international did not appear concerned by a threat of negative feedback.

Royal and VISA have a product guarantee but, read the fine print, its next to useless.

I'm looking for another credit card company who will provide recourse against FRAUD.

If you are thinking of doing business with, DONT use your VISA CARD. MagicJack is using a "visa card game" to avoid refunds within its 30 day period.

I'm beginning to develop a real hatred towards Dan of MagicJack, this company is fraudulent in the extreme.
Just check the incredible number of complaints to the Florida Better Business Bureau.

There are Many many other legitimate companies that provide a better service than magic jack at far less cost and most importantly, good companies providing excellent value without operating a FRAUD or providing false and misleading information.
One company does deserve a plug, they put MagicJack to shame and thats I'd give them top marks.

Again, Royal Visa fails to charge back on behalf of customers who suffer fraudulent sales. They have the power to do charge backs, but for some reason, certain companies, very carefully arrange their affairs to avoid 99.999% of charge backs. MagicJack is one company that has managed to do that and is to be avoided at all costs.

  • Ri
    Rickie Nov 10, 2008

    Next use American Express.

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  • Ri
    Rickie Nov 10, 2008

    PS I use it and it's great. Once ur computer is clean of bugs, porn and junk it should work much better.

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  • Ro
    RON Nov 22, 2008


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  • Mr
    mrkan Jul 28, 2009


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fraud and scam

Magic jack is a scam i would not recommend this product i would not put anyone through this *** *** junk and...

unauthorized charges in large amounts

The phone service is horrible, the 'free 30 day trial' is charged to your account the minute you make the order, and then you wake up less than a month later having already spent $60 on the thing when your account is charged $93.80 out of the blue. I am in process of filing a dispute but don't hold out much hope. This is a disgraceful scam and after all these complaints, why is their ad still running? Are fraudulent companies allowed to advertise on TV? Where is the FCC?

  • Ji
    jimhupe Aug 23, 2011

    I too had exactly $93.80 charges on BOTH my debit card and credit card and when I tried to challenge them, they cut off my service, I also have an unexplained charge of $69.95. I have 45 pages on Microsoft Word of chats with these people and most of them promise to have this solved in 24 hours, this started in July 2011 and is still not resolved. AND in the meantime (because my account is under review) I can't use my MagicJack.

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We ordered this eager to try it and found our phone company had placed a block against Magic Jack and other...

stolen money from my bank account

unauthorized order of MagicJack. I was told the order was cancelled, then I received the product. I refused it and put it in a mailbox. They took $133.75 from my checking account.

I have been trying to speak with someone, but have not been successful. The company has a "chat" window and they are no help at all. If you try to get information, they will not give it or disconnect the chat.

This has been going on for 22 days I want this issue resolved.

  • Ma
    Mars Nov 20, 2008

    Regarding this Magic Jack nonsense...I got scammed just like the rest of you...product doesn't work, and having trouble trying to contact them. So what can I do next please help?

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  • Co
    Compainant Mar 31, 2011

    I got ripped off as well. Talked to the agents, they just disconnet. Anyone know of a way to reach someone in that unethical company called magicjack?

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theft and fraud

One of the biggest scams/ripoffs I have encountered. They have my item that I returned, was told a refund had been issued, BUT WAS NOT!!! Now, their website is NON functional as far as contacting customer Service.

  • Cl
    C.L.Matthews Sep 28, 2008

    Fraud- Rip-Off--Scam--don't waste your time or money. If the device was any good they would give a 90 day money back deal.

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  • Mo
    mothergoose Dec 11, 2008

    After three horrid days of phone rage and Internet quagmire I finally decided to report these yahoos.
    I called the BBB and found out the company has an F rating and well over 800 other complaint that are not resolved.
    I called the Attorney General and was told to try this web site.
    This is a federal website that traces Internet crimes and fraud.

    Company address is -
    Magic Jack
    5700 Georgie Ave
    West Palm Beach, Fl. 33405

    877-901-5225 # France
    561-594-2140 #bank
    281-404-1551 #billing
    Dan Borislow owner

    If enough customers that have been victimized report to the proper authorities these bungee bunnies will finally meet the cement.

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  • Mo
    mothergoose Dec 11, 2008

    My advice...given after learning the hard to go to the BBB firs. If you have been scammed go to;
    this is the federal Internet fraud and crime division

    Co address
    Magic Jack
    5700 Georgie Ave
    West Palm Beach
    Fl. 33405

    877-901-5225 France
    561-594-2140 Bank
    281-404-1551 Billing
    Dan Borislow Owner

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  • Dg
    dghjdfhgjgfh Jun 01, 2009

    I just ordered one of these and the add said, no charge til the 31st day after you receive it.
    Then bang ... $46.90 shows on my statement within 4 hours.
    First thing tomorrow I'm going to warm up a few ears.

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  • Pi
    pissed97 Oct 14, 2009

    Peter Russo
    CFO at YMax Corp

    West Palm Beach, Florida Area
    Current CFO at YMax Corp
    Education Pace University - Lubin School of Business
    Connections 0 connections
    Public Profile ID: 904-410-7070

    As of 10-14-2009 this info is accurate.. I myself called Peter Russo's number and it states his name.. he is the CFO for this company
    Ymax Communications Corp
    5700Georgia Ave
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405

    Phone: (561) 722-0433

    Area Code + Exchange 561-722 Information
    Exchange: 561-722-0433
    City: west palm beach
    State: Florida
    County: palm beach
    ZIP Code: 33470, 33411, 33410, 33403, 33415, 33430, 33436, 33445, 33454, 33458, 33460, 33461, 33462, 33467, 33406
    Local Date/Time: October 14, 2009 04:48:21 PM COT
    Phone Carrier: nextel communications, inc.

    his is the owners of the building that ymax works out of.. fell free to send them hate mail
    Daniel M Borislow
    1045 S Ocean Blvd

    Palm Beach, FL 33480-4932

    Age: 45-49
    Household: Michele L Borislow

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  • Gl
    Glenn Dwayne Powell Nov 29, 2011

    i also had magic jack on my creit card twice around the same time of the year i got my money back from my bank but now worried for the future how getting my information
    Dwayne Powell
    Toronto Ontario

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  • Al
    Altha Francois May 03, 2012

    Good evening, I'm Altha Francois, my number is (561) 216 1387, my service has been expired since 4/22/2012, I paid on 4/24/2012 and you never renew my subcription. My order number is: TS18786813. I don't know what to do. Since this date I couldn't do any call. Please see how you can help me in this matter!

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majicjack doesn't work with a mac

Straight out lie. Majicjack doesn't work with a mac as claim.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Stela'

Stela: Hello, how may I help you?

jay: can I upgrade my device to be compatible with a mac?

jay: My device only works with windows. The telephone pad doesn't show up when I connect it to a mac

Stela: Yes but the MAC's upgrade link is not yet available as of this moment since our engineers are working for the enhancement on that upgrade. Please rest assured that MAC's upgrade link will be availabe as soon as possible,

Stela: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

jay: Then why make a claim that it's compatible when it's not? why does Kari Hernandez, your P.R. person make claims on every website and say that it works. You guys are deceiving people and stealing money

Stela: Only compatible with Intel-based Macs with OS Versions:

Stela: 10.4.10 (must have Kernel 8.10.3 or higher)

Stela: 10.4.11 and higher

Stela: 11.0 and higher

jay: I bought the device thinking that It was ok to purchase a mac. Now I just wastes 1200 dollars.

jay: I have all those. My mac is brand new

jay: Java is standard and installed

Stela: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Elle'

jay: You guys spend all this money on marketing and forget to actually make a good product

Elle: Hello.

jay: is there any software upgrade availble to work with a mac pc?

jay: or software that I can dowload to my hardware?

Elle: MagicJack is not best to use with Mac, there are some features that you cannot apply with this OS.

jay: thanks, can I get a refund then

jay: Kari Hernandez stated that it would work on a few websites in January 2008. Your website says it works. I bought mine in April.

jay: She is your pr marketing person

Elle: MagicJack will work with Mac but it will not work all the time and besides there are some features that you cannot apply with this OS.

Elle: You cannot return the product and have a refund since you are not under the trial period.

jay: MajicJack doesn't work 100% with a mac. You guys are decieving people. It's a straight out lie. I will report your company as fraud to your state attoney's office then. Good luck dealing with that

Elle: I respect your decision.

jay: ok. I will add you guys here.

  • Bi
    billie selman Sep 29, 2008

    a week ago i ordered a magicjack with 3 day delivery. gave them my visa card. where is the product.? also i have a
    mac as well. there was no way to inquire ahead.if it was compatible. i want this cancelled out and my visa credited, they seem to be dishonest. i might try again if they will make them selves availble thrugh the several custmary ways one reaches a mnfg co live

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  • Gi
    Gil Tabin Feb 16, 2009

    the audio sound terrible

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  • Ma
    Maria RamosPerales Nov 02, 2019

    Me estuve comunicando con ustedes 10/24/2019 porque hize un pago de un ano para el service del numero: 941-249-3741. Lo cual no he podido usar para hacer llamada solamente recibo desde 10/24/2019. Necesito por favor que se comuniquen conmigo al 407-844-0809 en espanol. Agradesco su pronta comunicacion .

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faulty service

The MagicJack does not work as advertised. I have had the device for several weeks and spent numerous hour...

magicjack order

I impulsively ordered a magicjack after seeing it advertised online via cnet, pcmagazine and cbs news but...

no refunds, customer service, address, phone

The only way to contact MagicJack is through a live chat in their website. Then you get to speak to non-English speaking Indians, who put you on hold for 15 minutes at a time while they "Research your record" and give you the runaround. I've had it happen three times when trying to get a refund for the MagicJack I returned, and have been told each time that they would email me within 3 days telling me when I would get my return. It's been three months and it's never happened. They lie, lie, lie!! The quality of my USB was poor, with scratchy sound. I got a return authorization number and returned it within two weeks. the wait began. That was in May 2008. It's now August, and I have spent three hours on the phone getting the runaround, but no refund. So I turned them in to my state Attorney General's office.

  • Ca
    Cat Oct 28, 2008

    My MJ worked fine at home. I bought one so I could use long distance at work at my desk. It did not work on my Dell desk computer. I spent HOURS on "live chat" with people who either could not understand English or just blew me off, because they would reply with some off the wall instruction. Finally, one tech told me to change all my internet protocols. Well, that totally crashed the computer and destroyed my internet connection. Again, I tried to to get a tech to help. When I told them that my cojmputer was crashed with no internet, they kept telling me to use the "upgrade" link on their website. Again, I wrote, THE COMPUTER IS CRASHED WITH NO INTERNET! How can I upgrade. Now I have to have technicians from our central office to come out to repair my computer, and I'll probably get into trouble for having "unauthorized" equipment. This is TERRIBLE customer service. Vonage gives much better phone service, but their Live Chats are almost as bad (but not quite).

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false calling claims

i purchased the magic jack jack and was pleased until i realized a landline calling me in the same area code will be charged long distance unless they have the same prefix as me!! example 321-420 and 321-783 if the numbers after the area code don't match the person calling you pays long distance!! please there are different prefixes withing the same city from house to house. this is not stated in the FAQ. Magicjack states this regarding incoming calls "If your magicJack phone number is in the same area code as your friends and family they are not charged long distance to call your magicJack phone number. If they are in a different area code, they are subject to the rates their phone company would charge for calling the area code your magicJack is registered with."

I did a live chat with magicjack and their solution was "why don't you just call your mom and she will not be charged" are you kidding me, so now i am supposed to call all the people i know everyday to see if they want to speak with me. This is insane and total blatant misrepresentation by this company. I want to get this out and not sure how. This is a first step and they have that damn infomercial. incredible

  • Mj
    MJUser Aug 24, 2008

    MagicJack can't determain which call is local or long distance. Your local phone carrier determins it. The message in MagicJack website is misleading. But I learnt long ago before I use MagicJack that always check your local carrier before you call someone within the same area code. To make things worse, in some cases it is not charged as long distance, but reginal call, which is more expensive than long distance.

    Before I choose my MJ number, I checked with Verizon to make sure the number I choose is local for me. My MJ number is actually in a different area code from my home number, but VZ tells me it is local. And it is.

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  • Rc
    rcwiss Oct 18, 2010

    I have to agree. I found out as well that I couldn't get a prefix that was local for my customers to call me. Since my plan was to use this as a business phone you can imagine that it didn't work out for me. Hopefully I can get a refund and be on to something else. If not I guess I will return here and add some more information on my experience with them. Wish me luck and buyer beware with the rest of Magic Jack... I wonder how long it will be until I get a letter in the mail regarding a class action law suite related to this problem.

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