Lowe's Home Improvementstore order

T Aug 10, 2018

I am so very aggravated so annoyed and very upset. I came to your Lowe's Home Improvement store at 285 SW Ln, Cape Coral, FL 33914
I ordered storm shutter panels and headers I already pickup the storm shutter panels. I am still waiting for headers that I ordered June 10, 2018, this order was so to be delivered on July 9 I called Lowe's store in Cape Coral to see where my order was, when it would be delivered I was told it would be delivered on July 13 well it wasn't I call again then told it would be on July 16 it still wasn't delivered then told July 19, and 20th it still wasn't this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever dealt with. I am so tired of the run around. I have called toll free number and the store where I purchased this order. I was told that the vendor was ready to load it on the Lowe's truck but there was no room on the truck so they had to reset my delivery. I ended up going to Lowe's store on July 21, 2018 Saturday I talked to assistant manager Alexis who is worthless very annoying. I explained my whole situation to her she cuts me off and lies she tells me she is going to call the Vendor on that Monday July 23, 2018 and she would call me to let me know what the vendor told her well I called her because she never called the Vendor or me. I get a call back from Duncan from Lowes telling me he called the Vendor saying that my ordered would be delivered next week but he could not get an date on delivery guess what it is now August 3, 2018 no delivery. So I call again the toll free number I was told it would be delivered on Monday August 6th I told him how it is almost 2 months since I ordered the headers and I also mentioned that I want comp a gift card for all this aggravation I am so pissed off this is a joke I have never dealt with such idiotic nonsense. I do not like this run around aggravation I am so sorry I came to Lowe's and made this purchase. I do not like to be lied to. The assistant manager Alexis called me and told me she is sorry she was on vacation that is not true since I went in the store on July 21 and talked to her on the phone July 23. Now she tells me she is going to call the Vendor on Monday August 6th I told her I was told the delivery is suppose to come to Lowes on August 6th she said it shows. August 10 I finally got my order after two months of waiting for this. I want compensated for this aggravation, I was told I would receive a gift card and I have not received!!

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