Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centersrefusal to repair terrible installation of new roof

A Aug 16, 2018

We contracted with Lowe's Home Improvement to replace a roof on my deceased mother-in-law's house in Binghamton. We paid Lowe's for the work. They installed the wrong color shingles on the house. The work was terrible with numerous problems. We have tried since April 2018 to have Lowe's correct the problems. The store salesman in Binghamton came to the site and in my wife's presence said the work was terrible. Since then he has refused to return phone calls. We contacted the store manager and he referred us to the Lowe's corporate person who was responsible. After agreeing to make repairs using a new contractor, she asked the one who did the bad installation to make repairs. Since that conversation she has refused to return phone calls or emails. The old contractor supposedly made repairs, but pictures that we obtained today indicate that the same problems exist. We have been in contact with a Lowe's corporate representative. He has promised action in phone calls over the past three weeks, but nothing has been done. We need help to get Lowe's to fulfill the terms of the contract.
We have sent pictures to Lowe's consumer care at corporate headquarters and they have done nothing but talk. They refuse to answer our questions and our phone conversations cover the same complaint every time without any concrete progress.
Subsequently, we have had a home inspector look at the roof and he found numerous problems and shoddy workmanship on the roof on the backside of the house which is difficult to see from the ground.

refusal to repair terrible installation of new roof
refusal to repair terrible installation of new roof
refusal to repair terrible installation of new roof

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