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Lowe's  - Defects in "good earth" led lighting kit and problems resolving this

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Installed a Good Earth Lighting LED tape system as undercabinet lighting in my resort condominium rental unit. Directions stated that lighting should not be energized prior to completing the installation. They also stated that the LED tape should only be cut at the cut markings which are at 4"Center Lines. It also suggested that supplementary cable supports should be used as an additional step to assure the tape would not drop if adhesive failed. I am a licensed master electrician with 40 years experience so I know how to follow install instructions. I spent the better part of 3 days starting on 4/24/21. Since these were newly re-finished cabinets, I patiently laid on my back on countertops while I installed the LED tape, the driver, the recommended fittings and 2-screw cable clamps as auxiliary supports for the LED lighting tape. There were no screws impeding the LED lighting tape and the connections were made per the installation instructions. The lighting didn't come on when power up per the instructions. I tried all the troubleshooting instructions up to the point of removing items and replacing parts as I must leave ahead of my first rental guests arrive on Saturday, 4/30/21. I tried the website on line assist. It turns out to be a mindless, one size fits all software bot. After 30 minutes of dancing with the useless bot, I got a live person who referred me to"customer care phone number". I used the phone number today. After 10 minutes on hold, I talked to a nice young lady who said she understood that at bare minimum, I wanted a refund without ripping out the product in my limited remaining time. She referred me to a department manager who promptly told me that no refund could be made without the return of the defective materials. I questioned his sanity and hung up. At normal electrician wages, I have spent at least $800 worth of my time with this defective product and wrestling with software bots that were designed by a marketer, not a service or technical person. This is a forty dollar item that will cost me multiples of that just to remove this mess, fill the screw holes and restore the cabinet finish were the holes are filled. I have neither the time or the patience for this nonsense when I have to be packed and gone in two days. If I had the good sense to purchase this item from a reputable electrical wholesaler, I would have paid 20% more and it probably would have worked. They would have also recognized the magnitude of problems their defective product caused.

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