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terrible company

I am an employee of lowes I have been with lowes since April 2008 I see customers get run over all day every day but I never thought I would get ran over myself. I put my sweat and blood into that place every day I work I've even hurt myself there so bad that I was out of work for months with no kind of pay what so ever no help from the company and no support I recently just got ran over last pay period and never got a check I mean its bad enough they pay me so low but when I asked for a cash paid out for my check my hr manager told me it was my fault and she couldn't do any thing to help me when I asked for information to who could help me she gave me a bogus number to call that had nothing to do with my check so now I'm faced with losing my apt and I have no food and really need to pay all my other bill because I'm what you call the working class man. The management in that store is so out of hand and clueless as to what the product they sell is used for. The case worker they have assigned me hasn't returned not one of my calls in months and the doctor that I got to about my injury just sends me in circles, I mean the most they have done for me is told me that "there is something wrong were going to send you to another doctor to find out what is wrong" who pays these guys I mean thats the biggest waist of money I've seen I could have told you that myself there is something wrong but all in all my customer service skills my work experience with the products and labor we offer are all going to waist at lowes in waikele so go to home depo maybe you'll find me there soon.

  • La
    lazyanon Oct 07, 2009

    I think you need to get a lawyer i did when i got hurt at UPS they ran me in circles and screwed me over when i broke my ankle and had to have surgery but i got my money. Good luck

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  • La
    lazyanon Oct 07, 2009

    I think you need a lawyer thats what i did when i got hurt at UPS they gave me the run around even the doctors did cause the company pays them to. So i got a lawyer they paid for my surgery and all my doctor bills and the lawyer set up my doctors to go to and asked me how i was treated by them and i even got some money out of it if you ever get hurt on the job to where you cant work get a lawyer immediately. Good Luck.

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noisy operation

I purchased and installed a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and light for my dining room recently and the noise level of this fan at all speeds is unacceptable. This fan is the brand that Lowes uses. I called Lowes and told them about the problem and the employee told me I could make a warranty claim if the unit was older than 90 days since purchase. I have found other complaints about this brand on this site so I am starting to think that this product is not very good quality.

  • Za
    ZachDaddy06 Sep 11, 2009

    I totally agree. I have had Hampton Bay (Home Depot's brand) as well and they are terrible. Luckily my kids got bunk beds so we had to take down the Hunter fan in their room and replaced the Harbor Breeze (which had replaced a Hampton Bay) in the other bedroom. Pay the extra 20%-30% for Hunter or step up to a Casablanca or other brand at a lighting store.

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closed account due to injury

I got a credit increase on my card about one month ago up from 400 to 800 dollars. I went thru the store after getting my increase but didn't find the item I was looking for. A few days later I fell and ripped my shoulder out which required surgery after several more days of drug induced sleeping I awoke to discover that Lowes had sent me a letter stating we have closed your account.

I have never had a late payment or problem what so ever with this company. Their reasons I was late on my payment of 20.00 I explained to the customer service person who didn't care why and only wanted to take my payment. She did state that since I was late that the Credit Card company had made the decision to close my account. So Lowes throws out a great customer becasue I got injured and didn't make my payment on time with my broke arm? NEVER USE LOWES BOYCOT THEM FOREVER

billing charge

Lowes credit services, "GE Money Bank" charges late fees on the day payment is due. They do not give a customer any time to just go into the store and pay of pay on that ver day the bill is due. I have been charged $30. and I am very angry. I spent over $3000 in the last 6 months in that store, and this is how they treat their customers.

no complaint/praise to employee

This is not a complaint... I just want you to know that Jim @ store 2265 was very accomodating to our need...

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rude employee

I was shopping in the garden ctr. Tonite when an employee there closed the gate at 8!05 and told me I would...

bait and switch

Bought a discount freezer along with a refrigerator and a dishwasher. the salesman stated that he had to...


I'm just so over Lowe's. My husband and I are building our own home. Which is 75% complete and...

bad service, awful contractors

My husband and I went to the local Lowes to see about ordering a new front door. The guy we talked to wa...

unauthorized charges

I was at the register to check out a small item. The charge came to $4.00 and I handed the check out young man a $20.00 (no doubt it was a $20 because it was all that I had with me) he gave me change for a $10.00. I informed him that I gave him a $20 dollar bill and he stated that "I don't think so!" He was rude to start with, as he was talking to an associate while doing a cash transition. The manager told me that he checked the till and it was only off $.39. I told him that what this means to me is that the till was $10.00 short before my transaction. While I was speaking with him he just decided to walk away from me while I was still speaking. This really infuriated me. I told him that I was still speaking to him and to please not to walk away while I was still talking. He stated that he was going to get my $6 dollars change and the receipt. I said fine, right after I am done talking to you. He became very, very rude! Not only did they short change me $10 dollars but I was very insulted by the treatment I received. There is no customer service there. I have spent a few thousand dollars in this store in the past two years and to be treated like this is not the way to keep customers. Besides the fact that they stole $10 dollars from me too!

very, very slow service

On 7-18-09 I bought a few clearance items at your store in southaven ms. . The cashier had to call someone to do an over ride it took them over 30 mins. To get someone to the regester. The cashier called at least five times to get someone to come to the garden center register, and when a manger finally came I told him about having to wait 30 mins. And got no response, is this your policy of dealing with your coustomers if so this is very unaccepabale. I have been a very loyal coustmer for years but I can take my busness back to home depot, I am remodeling my house and I buy alot of my supplies from your company.
I have always been pleased with the service I have recieved with your company until now. I also work with the public and I know it takes only one bad experience to loose a coustomer.

  • Mr
    Mrs.Jones2011 Jun 10, 2011

    This is not the cashiers or the managers fault, over a certain amount the cashier must get approval or a price change. In order to prevent us from marking things down to very low prices for friends, family etc. It is not only frustrating for the customer but us too. Do you think we want you huffing and puffing and staring us down like we can speed up what our managers are doing? I personally have been screamed at by customers over waiting on overrides and have to smile and thank them for being a pain in my backside for half an hour!

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lowes vaspar paint rebate

I purchased 6 gallons of Valspar Paint from Lowes on May and received two separate cash register receipt...

very poor attitude

I was shopping in Lowe's recently and had a question about the different credit cards they offer so I headed up to the service desk. First of all the cashier/salesperson(Marie) was on the phone(flirting) and ignored that i was there. She quickly hung up as she noticed me getting frustrated. She acted like she was on the phone with a customer but I clearly heard her flirting with whomever. She was very rude with me as im guessing i interrupted her conversation. She hurriedly explained the few diff. cards to me but seemed to not want to help me at all. She seemed as if she just didnt want to be there. Maybe she was just having a bad day but I'm a customer and she has a job to do serving me. I listened, took the pamplets and headed out the door. Since she was so rude and unprofessional with me I just decided to not ever get a credit card through Lowe's . Just thought some of you may wantto know NOT TO SHOP AT THE FOLEY LOWE'S!!! VERY BAD SERVICE AND RUDE EMPLOYEES. (NOT ALL BUT MOST)

  • Je
    JenniferBlizzard78 Feb 04, 2010

    The reason why they all have poor attuitides is because of how they are treated by Lowe's. Lowe's does NOT care about their employee's at all!!

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lazy workers

My fiance and I went to lowes in shelby nc on 3-22-09 looking for a small metal building. We found one we...

nightmare w floor install

Why not to select lowe’s for flooring install… … and why I hate lowe’s After...

injured and abused

I once worked at Lowes in the overnight receiving and I was always rushed through my normal work load which included over 200lb boxes and long shelves. I always did my work, I called out on several instances for illness. I called out for family emergency and two times for my car breaking down. The first time was my car had a flat and I walked 3 miles home and went to sleep. I called the next day and was told it wask okay but next time call. The next time my car broke down the clutch went I called early like 6:30, I didnt have to be in until 10:00. The manager wrote me up. Eventually I got injured mainly because the day manager for my department over ordered stock and I had no where to put it. I had to stock long wire shelves in an area that the overhead picker couldn't go all the way up do to the steel overhead beams. I would lift over 15 foot shelves by my self and one night my elbow made a funny noise. I told my ON manager my elbow was bothering me, but all he would tell me there was no light duty for my on overnite. At least 4 other employees on ON had lite duty prior to me in my 1 and a half years there, on the whole time I was there, and still to this day. But for me it was no go. I called out when ever the pain was greatest and would rest my arm since I couldnt get any help to my department. Also I would have to finish other departments one of which, the worker spent most of the time talking on his cell phone sitting at the desk in appliances instead of working. Any how I found out that I had been written up several times without even knowing it, but the Store Manager tried to fire me at first. The HR found out through some of the others that I got hurt at the job, and that the manager knew about it, he told her that I got hurt at my other job. She at least got me Worker s Comp, but then the nite mite tried to get me on days and I couldnt do this to children situation. When I was ready to go back in August, after I saw one of their docs. Who said nothing was wrong except Tendonitis, but the MRI Office said I had a tear big enough for possible stitching. Any how he first wrote a note for light duty, I told him that they would only day hours under LD. He then changed the note to regular work, but told me dont lift anything heavy. Anyhow I sent all my papers in to HR, was never called back, made several attempts to call SM and HR but was told they where either out to lunch or in a meeting. The one day when this was just starting I tried to call the Store manager but was told he was on lunch, this was for 3 hours. I could tell he was a Big eater but 3 hours come on time to diet. The funny sides to this story besides the OM having a Napoleon complex was that even though they offered me day hours to screw me out of pay under Work Comp, and claim I refused work under unemployment, was that I survived all the B.S.. The SM was moved to another store, which if he stayed there he would have had the place close. And the OM ended up going to days which he always wanted to do, but then got caught doing the nasty with the help and got demoted and moved to another location.

  • Bu
    bullocks08 Mar 19, 2010

    i just quit my job at lowes today. i have work at lowes for 5 years!!! they do not know how to treat their employees. the store manager only cares for his end of year bonuses and every year it got worst. thank god i got out of there. for who ever applies at lowes DON'T it is the worse company to work for

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hardwood floor material was bad

I have been in touch with Lowes people and they are going to do nothing about my problem. I have worked as a electrician for years and when it came to spending alot of time on my knees installinga hard wood floor. I thought that I would use Lowes. What a misstake. The Lowes store firstlost my paperwork, then three differant manager called and none of them had any knowedge of the other conversaton with me. They were to be in touch with me over two weeks ago.


I have 4 Harbor Breeze outdoor ceiling fans on my patio, they are 5 yrs old.
Me and my friend were in the hot tub the other night and we heard a loud noise, we looked around and saw one of the fans wabbleing,
then we saw one of the blades had broke off and flew across the patio and hit the side of the hot tub. Thank God it did not hit me or my friend but if it had happened just one minute sooner it could have injured me because I had been standing right where it hit.
I feel these fans are defective and need to be taken off the market.
I purchased them because they are for outdoor use and the blades are made of hard plastic or pvc so I thought they would be safe to use outdoors. As I was taking the fan down I noticed another blade that fan was almost broke off. I have checked all the other fans to find they all have broken blades that are ready to fall off. I am just thankful that nobody was injured. I am replacing all the fans and I will not purchase this brand again. I felt I needed to tell someone about this because this could be a real danger.
Thank you

service @ check-out

I had purchased $286.17 worth of paint. I had received great service at the paint counter.
As I was approaching the check out area, a checker named Linda signaled me to come to the self checkout area.
As I approached I told her that I did not want to use the self checkout as I do not agree with this service. She sneared at me and informed me that she would not make me use self-check out. She continued to frown at me as she pulled my basket
toward her check out station. I asked her to turn loose of my basket as I did not appreciate her attitude toward me. She continued to glare at me as I went to another station. My husband and I have completely updated our home and a majority of the items were purchased from Lowes and we have never been treated badly or rudely before. I will surely remember this when I need to purchase anything else for our home.

return policy

I recently purchased insulation for my home and when
I attempted to install it I found it to be the wrong width
and when I attempted to exchange it I was told that it
could not be returned because I had opened it.

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