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Subject: Booking no lov 486885u zante

Hotel perked room 209

I’ve just come off the phone with one of your support team shantanu

I rang whilst I was in the reception as the receptionist Our money back, although they had inspected the room and give us the all clear they said they had previously give the money to somebody else. This was very frustrating as we kept a clean and tidy room. They inspected it and then advise that the money has been paid to other people I asked for the manager and the receptionist refused. I believe this is a fraudulent activity that is going on in the hotel

Can you investigate I can get the police involved in Greece as I feel this needs to be stopped. I am owed €25 and my friend also is €25

So in summary, we kept the room clean and tidy. It was expected however, on the last day, the receptionist said the deposit has been paid to somebody else but wouldn’t advise us who And wouldn’t get the manager.

I’m looking for full refund of my £25 plus compensation for the hassle. If this is not the case, I’m more than happy to take this to Small Claims Court and put a legal proceedings against a loveholidays.

This is a fraudulent activity that the hotel is running and needs to be stopped .

this has happend before on trip adviser

Please respond within 21 days or I will start court proceedings.

We also tried to video the woman refusing to give us our money back, but she said she would get security if I carried on video.

Regards Lucas robinson


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