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Loveholidays review: Service I have received due to the original hotel i booked being closed before my departure date

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Booking reference: LOV5689200U

My partner and I along with two friends are going on holiday to Turkey, we had booked to stay at the Marble Hotel, Kusadasi. Our departure date is 03/10/23. My partner and I booked through yourselves, our friends booked through Tui.

Our friends received an email from Tui last Monday, 11/09/23, advising them that the Marble Hotel is closing earlier than planned and offered them a new hotel, Palm Wings Beach Resort, Kusadasi, and advised them of their room allocation. I contacted your customer service department via manage my booking, asking them what is happening. I was told that they were unaware of the Marble Hotel closing earlier and asked me to get back in contact with them on12/09/23 and ask for the relocation team. I contacted the relocation team as advised the following day, they again were unaware the hotel will be closing. Whilst I was communicating with the relocation team, my partner rang the Marble Hotel and was advised that yes there were closing at the end of September. At this point they advised that if that was the case then they would contact the "suppliers" and we would be advise of the outcome within 72 hours. I advised the relocation team of the hotel my friends had been moved to and explained that we would like to be transferred to the same hotel.

Via manage my booking, I contacted the relocation team on Thursday asking for an update, they confirmed you had been advised that yes the hotel is closing before our departure, but were still waiting for confirmation of which hotel we were being moved to. Explained I didn't understand why the delay because both hotels were owned by Palm Wings, so only one "supplier", was involved. But due to the 72 hours not being up agreed to wait a further day. I had to contact again on Friday, as I had not received any communication from yourselves. Again was told still waiting to hear back from the "supplier". Again I found this very confusing because Tui customer had been notified and moved on Monday. Was asked to give them another 24 hours. Had to again contact the relocation team on Saturday as still not received any communication from them. Finally I was informed that I would be moving to the Palm Wings Beach resort, as requested, I asked for confirmation that we had been allocated a double room with a balcony. At this point was told, that they did not know what type of room I had been allocated. Again I was told that they were waiting for confirmation from "supplier" and asked to wait until Monday. Again no contact was received from your relocation team, so again I had to contact them. Told that they were still waiting to hear back from the "supplier" but another email had been sent, and ask to give another 24 hours.

Again no communication received today, so I had to contact for an update, again advise still waiting for contact from the supplier, but finally this matter had been escalated. Asked why this had not been done sooner, told it was done via departure date. Asked when I would hear something but told that they could not advise me of this because did not want to frustrate me further if again did not hear back from the "supplier" within the time frame they gave me.

At this point I asked how I contacted the complaints department, I was advised your company only had a complaints department for when people came back from holiday. I found this complaint form by searching online.

As I am writing this complaint I still do not know what type of room I have been allocated. This is nine days after I originally contacted your company and nine days after Tui customers have been informed.

You can not imagine the stress this is causing to my partner and myself. We are due to depart in 2 weeks, and rather than looking forward to our holiday, the last nine days have been a nightmare.

It makes me think that if our friends had not already been notified regarding the change of hotel, when would your company finally have informed us.

Your customer services is appalling, throughout this ordeal, I have not received any form of communication, your company sets the guidelines of 72 hours etc but at no point once the timeframe was over did I receive an email advising me of what was happening. Each time it has been myself, contacting you, which makes me think, if I didn't keep contacting you and asking for a resolution on this matter would I still be waiting to even find out what hotel I had been moved to. Adding to the stress is the extra costs that are being incurred for example airport transfers and excursions also constant taxi fares to the center of kusadasi where we have friends living. this has not yet been discussed and causing us an undesired amount of anxiety.

Desired outcome: I want a response and also compensation for all the stress and worry both my partner and I have endured. When booking through you before we have also been moved and was offered a free excursion. This time we expect more.

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