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Discovery Health Medical Aid Customer Care Service


Discovery Ltd

The Point Shopping Centre, 76 Regent Street, Sea Point
Cape Town
South Africa - 8060

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 115 292 888(Digital Support) 13 2
+27 315 086 444(Fraudline) 3 1
+27 860 445 566(Healthcare Professionals) 13 2
+27 860 345 678(Financial Advisers) 3 3
+27 860 998 877(Employers) 5 5
+27 115 411 222(Discovery Health Medical Scheme) 39 7
+27 115 296 006(Discovery Vitality) 7 1
+27 113 691 018(Lost & Stolen Cards) 4 0
+27 860 751 751(Discovery Insure) 3 0
+27 860 047 687(Discovery Life For Employers) 2 0
+27 860 998 877(Gap Cover) 5 5
+27 315 026 760(Fraudline) 4 0
+27 115 392 273(Discovery Card) 1 0
+27 115 397 388(Discovery Life For Employers) 4 1

Discovery Health Medical Aid Complaints & Reviews

Discovery Health Medical Aid / Vitality

s.bloch on Mar 22, 2019

22 March 2019. 9506245082083 I was unable to log onto my Discovery app to use my rewards today. I asked around and others were unable to open the app. I think it was a general fault. The points are expiring and want to use them - but couldn't. I had to spend cash to purchase breakfast and...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / misinformed and mislead

Jadeshanker2807 on Mar 14, 2019

I have been following up on a claim refund since the 06.03.2019 and after calling in almost every day until yesterday I was told that the money should be released and it wouldn't affect my clawback that I have made an arrangement for. They lady that initially handled my call ensured me that...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / the service and procedures

Sadé Davids on Mar 6, 2019

I have been calling in for the past 6days because i am not able to use my Optometry benefits as i was told that the Isoleso department needs to wait for my membership gile to be submitted by Discovery and still no feedback. I am a new member of your service and if this is the only way I'll...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / unethical behavior

Jabu Ngubeni on Mar 1, 2019

I was at westville hospital for admission on 26/02/19 around 15h00 coming from the DR's room. There was a lady by reception from discovery who refused for me to be admitted. She said she will not authorise my admission. She said Dr is not suppose to admit me, I must go to casualty and I...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / terrible advice and bad customer services

Alexander Haig Parkinson on Feb 15, 2019

How does two consultants confirm telephonically that my wife and daughter can be moved from their own policy onto my policy without any hassel. Only for another consultant to tell me after cancelling cover for my wife, completing online paperwork, multiple phone calls only to be told "it...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / medical aid

Lezard van Tubbergh on Feb 13, 2019

Good day, I have been a Discovery client for more than 4 years and now I have had enough of your pathetic customer service. Every time we submit a claim your system responds with some vague or cryptic error message and I have to try and figure out what it means. No effort is made from...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / approving hospital surgery for my wife

Andre Anthony on Feb 8, 2019

Membership number 415 897 220 Spinal Surgery to remove slipped disk that has cut into the spinal cord. must be done to prevent paralysis. Surgery due 12 Feb 2019. member since 2012. in a time of urgent Need, Discovery informs me that we have to pay R16k upfront to cover the surgery. In my...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / medical aid - keycare plus

Ray de Klerk on Feb 8, 2019

I came to the conclusion that discovery health medical aid is just like any other insurance company. You pay your premiums and agree to the terms and when it comes to the point that there is a claim then they decline it and will have several unrelated reasons why they are not paying. Im so...

Discovery Insure / rental vehicle not made available

Clarisa Fouche on Feb 6, 2019

Our Bakkie was stolen on 18 January 2019. Recovered by the police 19 January 2019. We informed Discovery that they need to collect the bakkie from Police pound 21 January 2019, all the documents was sent to the relevant claims person Vusi handling our claim at that time. It took them a...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / discovery internet site

Louise Meyer on Jan 30, 2019

Good day Struggling since 2019/01/28 I am battling now for 3 days to get my banking information that is currently on DISCOVERY`S system changed to my new banking info. When you call them, they are unable to assist you, you need to log into the internet site. And this is were the frustration...

Discovery Insure / insurance claim

DocJ on Jan 17, 2019

I have been in the process of claiming for damages on my car after a collision on 8 December 2018. I had my car assessed by a local panelbeater and then by Discovery's assessors. Besides the major disparity in the amounts (approximately R40 000), a few days later I noticed mechanical...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / membership

Mmc Victor on Jan 11, 2019

Membership: 580746001 M.M.C VICTOR I made an EFT payment on 31st Dec 2018. Amount R4968.00 got sms related that my membership has been suspended for none payment. Phone callcentre. Lady said I must send proof of payment to [email protected] wich I did. Phone again another lady...

Discovery Health Medical Aid South Africa / your bully practice of only paying for one brand of medication you decide is suitable for a diagnosis

FTehini on Dec 14, 2018

Discovery you are a vile, greedy, disgusting, elitist, self-promoting entity that uses your size and wealth to force and bully your members into a one fit mould without giving the members options on medication which they may have bad or uncomfortable, be it non-life threatening, reaction...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / let care plus medical aid

Liam David Soobramoney on Nov 28, 2018

We are sitting in hospital for 4 hours and still waiting for authorisation. This is ridiculous. How do you treat people's lives like this. Would in have to die Before I get authorisation. I came in to the casualty ward as an emergency. The doctor has authorised my admittance over 3 hour...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / widow left devastated by discovery after not paying medical bills

Conniemccamlie on Nov 28, 2018

WIDOW LEFT DEVASTATED BY DISCOVERY'S REFUSAL TO PAY FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES Connie McCamlie (membership number 507404061) has been left devastated by Discovery's refusal to pay for hospital and other medical expenses following her husband's death in November 2015. Discovery unilaterally and...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / emergency room payment

Egmont Scholtz on Nov 28, 2018

Today my wife was admitted to the emergency room at Emfuleni mediclinic after she accidentally inhaled chlorine vapours. Everything went well at the hospital and she was treated and discharged a few hours later. HOWEVER at discharge stage I was informed by the hospital that Discovery i...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / disappointed and shock in discovery racist action against the white race of south africa citizens

Gerhard Bohmer on Nov 19, 2018

I'm so disappointed and shock in discovery racist action against the white race of South Africa citizens .  With how did you start your empire with?  Remember never think you are a giant and nothing can touch you. History has shown and proven itself time and time again that giants can...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / inefficient service of crucial needs

Vashni Chetty on Nov 6, 2018

We have managed to secure a date with the neurosurgeon for Mitch's VNS surgery but Discovery are dragging their heels. The motivations from the doctors are clear and submitted some time ago. We just need approval. We were told this morning that 'it's not life threatening' and so we just...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / buying with discovery miles online

Dries Botha on Oct 25, 2018

Good day, I purchased goods from Takealot via the Discovery website using my discovery miles on the 23rd October 2018. The transaction went through reference 823398774 as confirmed by sms to myself from discovery. However, Takealot denies that they received payment and blames Discovery for the...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / 29% increase in family monthly contribution: son turned 21

Eloise Lewis-Enright on Oct 23, 2018

Don and I are long time (25 years) members of Discovery Comprehensive medical cover. With our son, Daniel having turned 21 years old recently, we now have to pay a student dependent full adult membership overnight. Hence overall as a family we needed to increase from a premium of R11 182...