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LGI Homes review: Workmanship on our roof

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My husband and I have contacted 2-10 Home warranty regarding our roof on the backside of our home. On August 13th my daughter woke up to a wasp in her room. We killed the wasp. On August 14th she woke up again as we were getting ready for work stating there was another one in her room. We contacted the pest control person that same day who came out and went up to the attic to see if there was a nest there. He stated no nest or bees. Later that day we stood outside of our home looking at where the bees may be coming in and out. My husband used the ladder, checked the corner of the roof and found that the shingles were not nailed properly and could be lifted from the wood. We called the pest control person back to our home, but he could not get here until Saturday Aug 19th. He treated the area however this needs to be fixed. Pictures were taken and we called 2-10 home warranty who informed me of my options and what was covered under the structural warranty. This issue does not seem to be a structural issue but a workmanship issue.

Desired outcome: I would appreciate LGI sending someone out to fix this issue.

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