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10:03 pm EST
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I had an appointment today with LGI (second visit to this office) Due to the fact that me being female they could tell me whatever they wanted. I told them I was looking to pay no more than I am paying now (875) per month. Have a list of houses to look at in better areas and closer to civilization.

The sales man wouldn't go over anything with me only telling me "We can get you close to that, very close!" He refused to get down to business until We all (me, my father in law and my children) all went out to the community. Then he tells the children to go play and I refuse to talk to him until he begins to calculate the numbers. He mocks me and starts writing things down saying "We will (say) the house is for you...(to my father in law)And we will (go by your income). I tell him I think this is silly. I have three kids looking for 4 br house. He tells me in the park, "Well, lets start with the 3br" I start shaking my head. I couldn't believe now that a man was present he was telling the truth and saying I needed to leave my comfort zone to get the house I wanted. (((He then tells me "look around, look at your children playing...don't you want them to be happy"

I replied with, "I was happy, My children and I had this until my husband was killed and we lost it all, so bringing my children out to something we lost shaking this in their faces and saying (you cant afford this) is sick. Now we're done take us back to the office"

On the way back he was speeding and rude. These people are sick! They are heartless and from what I can see, I wouldn't doubt they get the material from homes that have been foreclosure homes. The park was trashed, light bulbs broken...Oh real safe for kids!

, US
Nov 03, 2009 9:43 am EST

Hi when i was looking for a home lgi couldnt do enough for me.And they really did work hard to get me in my house.Now im stuck with a yard that floods everytime it rains;its like a river running through my yard.They talked me into putting in a french drain that runs through my whole back yard.I was so sick of the flooding i agreed to have drain it did nothing my yard flooded the last heavy rain on 10/20/09 water was pouring through my yard it was so high it was coming in my back door.I have no recourse now because my 90day grace period is up.There craftsman are terrible they cant even install there fences properly mine fallen 3xs now.Go elsewhere if your looking for a home .I;m stuck here now till market changes my house isnt even worth what i paid for it anymore.

, US
Aug 03, 2014 9:03 pm EDT

My husband and I went to 2 LGI Homes Houston Locations and we feel that they have false advertising.
They send out flyers claiming immediate move ins when it takes at least a month to go through the financial process before you can move in.
They Claim no money down yet they ask for $500 to "lock in a price" when they advertise preset prices for homes.
Or they ask for $1000 before even showing us a home claiming closing costs.
Yet they claim to have "Exceptional Customer Service" & "Integrity"

disappointed homeowner
San Antonio, US
Dec 26, 2008 10:24 pm EST

our garden tub had to be replaced twice. The final time the caulking was not completed the molding was not replaced and part of the marble was not replaced. Now the tub separates from the space that was not caulked and where it was caulked it's tearing. After my one year inspection the inspector submitted the report and there has been no attempt to correct the problems. I was promised that it would be completed and when I call my calls aren't picked up and my messages are not returned. I was also promised $500.00 if I refered a friend. My friend purchased and I never saw a dime.

Victor Victor
atlantic city, US
Nov 30, 2014 9:43 pm EST

Were you paying cash for this new home? 30 days seems reasonable if you're applying for a mortage. Only $1, 000 down? You mean no 3.5 % of the contract price and an average of $7, 000 in closing costs?