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Ecco Complaints & Reviews

Ecco Shoes / ecco shoes

Oct 16, 2019

Ecco ShoesThe soles of both shoes in this pair are cracking and rubber is chipping off on one as well. I have had a few pairs of shoes in my 83 years and they usually last me until they go out of style of the shoemakers refuses to resole them. I have another, newer, pair of Eccos, can I expect to...

ECCO / ecco-soft sneaker falling apart

Oct 15, 2019

ECCOI purchased the Ecco Soft Sneaker from DSW and they have not even lasted a year! These shoes were recommended by a friend at work. She has the exact same shoe, only hers came from Macy's, and hers have lasted several years now and she wears hers way more frequently. I asked her if her pair...

ECCO / ecco shoes

Oct 15, 2019

ECCOWorn my new shoes 4 times, loved the comfort, now one shoe sole has fallen apart and the other one on its way. They were purchased from Wales about 2 months ago and last week the sole simply disintegrated whilst I was out shopping. I've decided to take this to citizens advice to get some...

ECCO / ecco shoes

Oct 09, 2019

ECCOI bought two pairs of ECCO shoes at the Karstadt in Bad Homburg (Germany). A brown pair and a black pair. Both pairs must have cost over €50 a few years ago. I have since moved to the UK. Both are very nice shoes and use them "for best". Unfortunately, the heel on the black pair ha...

ECCO / shoes

Oct 04, 2019

ECCOThe soles of my Ecco shoes, which I bought about two years ago but have used very very little, have started disintegrating. I do not have the receipt as I thought I'll never need it since Ecco shoes are supposed to be very durable. Should I throw them in the garbage or will Ecco need to...

ECCO / ecco cruise ii women sandals

Sep 29, 2019

Dear Ecco, This summer I was going on a trip with a lot of walking activities. That's why I decided to go with a brand that is known for its comfortable shoes. In June, I bought women sandals (model Cruise II) and wore them twice before going on a trip. However, it was summer and my feet...

ECCO / ecco women cool 2.0 gtx

Sep 26, 2019

ECCOI bought these shoes thinking that will be "athleisure" like being told by the sales person in the shop, not just look good and fashionable but also good for walking. Instead, when I had a walk, because the sole is too high, I sprained my whole left ankle to the side of the road, I can't work...

ECCO / 2 pairs of shoes

Sep 23, 2019

ECCOI have two pairs of shoes which have had the soles and heels disintegrate. One pair has been used regularly started to disintegrate very recently - they have always been kept on shoe rack when not worn - when out walking which was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassing. Photo...

ECCO / defect soles on ecco men shoes

Sep 18, 2019

ECCODear Ecco, Some years ago my father bought me a really nice and comfortable pair of black Ecco shoes in Kungälv/Stenugnsund, in Sweden. I have used them rather sparingly, mostly on special occasions and conferences. About two years ago, the back heal-part of the (both) soles cracked and...

ECCO / ecco cool 2.0 grey / paint defect from frontal stitched areas & bad support

Sep 13, 2019

ECCOThis is Barbaros from Istanbul/Turkey. I was knowing your brand from my US visits before but because you were not valid in here, I didnt buy any shoes from you. When you oppened your stores here, I just bought a shoe from one of your stores here in Turkey around 11.2019. After 4, 5 month...

[Resolved] ECCO / sandal

Sep 13, 2019

ECCOSo after changing the first sandal due to Manufacturers defect and after waiting for almost one week which I am not suppose to wait since it's not my issue, again the same issue appeared in the new replaced sandal, which suppose to be the one of the best selling model . I have no more...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco shoes

Sep 11, 2019

I'm one of the biggest fan of Ecco group and I have purchased 2 pair of shoes from your store, and dissapointed to say that I have recently used the same noticing a very bad quality which has shown some damages in the shoes which is visible to our eye. We all know the rates and prices of...

[Resolved] ECCO / I am complaining about your snobber and lazy employee bad customer service

Aug 30, 2019

To Ecco Shoes Philippines I hope you'll be able to see and check out this message. I have been a customer of your company for the past 5 years. I have always been content regarding your products and services. However I have recently come across a less than satisfactory encounter or I would...

ECCO / defective shoes - quality issue

Aug 29, 2019

ECCODear ecco team My name is anas awata and I live in saudi arabia, me and my family are regular customer of ecco shoes I have bad experience with one of my shoes which I bought like 8 months before from riyadh - al nakhil mall branch - the leather of the shoes peeled off although I am using...

ECCO / Your branch in istanbul, cities shopping center, osmanbey station

Aug 28, 2019

ECCODear Complaint Service of Ecco, I am writing to complaint on very impolite bevahoir of one of your branches in Turkey. I should state that the saleperson is that much impolite which you cannot even ask him to bring a new shoes to wear, size and test it. I cannot imagine such a behavior...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco vitrus iii

Aug 16, 2019

ECCOI have had these shoes a short time. I have worn them, maybe, 5 times. The rest of their life they have sat in my closet. Yesterday I put them on and as I began walking the soles began to disintegrate. Large chunks of black rubber fell off of the heels and soles of both shoes. The heel...

ECCO / women wear

Aug 12, 2019

I bought a women wear (top) from ECCO few months ago and after just wearing 2-3 times, the backside cloth of that top started tearing out. It was impossible to wear it and hence, I took it to the ECCO shop again. The staff told me they will get it checked and revert but no one reverted for...

ECCO / women's shoe 41c8385231811000650

Aug 11, 2019

ECCOI purchased these shoes on August 6, 2019 and one of the shoelace loops came loose. What is the best way to handle this? I do not want to drive back to the outlet mall to return them. I bought them to wear on a trip in late September where I will be doing considerable walking and am quite...

[Resolved] ECCO / shoes

Aug 11, 2019

ECCOI brought these new pair of ecco shoes and after wearing it once the sole and rubber started coming off and they broke. So I would like to know what am i suppose to do now am i going to get my money back or am i going to get new pair of shoes. Kindly give me a reply within 2 weeks on [protected] and let me know the further process for this damage.

[Resolved] ECCO / faulty product

Aug 07, 2019

ECCOI purchased a pair of shoes on July 25, 2019 while visiting Orlando for a Conference. I am disappointed that I did not even get the benefit of wearing it for one day as the connecting strap is broken. The item purchased was: Ecco Felicia Black # [protected]. (See invoice attached.) I am...

ECCO / golf shoes

Jul 26, 2019

ECCOHello. I have purchased 3 pairs of Ecco shoes over the years - 2 pairs are golf shoes. I rarely wear them - the golf shoes would get worn maybe twice a year. This year, on the first time of wearing the ones pictured, I noticed one of the sections flapping as they gradually loosened and...

[Resolved] ECCO / boot soles have fallen apart

Jul 21, 2019

I bought these boots years ago. Paid a lot for the boots as I felt that I would have them for a long time. A year ago, one started to fall apart. Spent money for some shoe epoxy and attempted to fix. The fix worked for a while. Now the other good boot has disintegrated. See pictures. Oop...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco walkathon men’s oxfords

Jul 19, 2019

ECCOFound new looking pair of black stitched shoes at Thrift Store. In no less than wearing them just 50 steps- the soles started cracking and crumbling apart, in big chunks. The soles felt like they were made of sticky fly paper, as nearly everything on the ground was stuck to it. The upper...

[Resolved] ECCO / shoes

Jul 17, 2019

ECCOHello. I recently had to throw away a pair of sandals as the rubber soles fell apart and crumbled. Now i find that my Ecco shoes are falling apart. The strip moulding on both shoes is coming loose. The glue is holding but the rubber is breaking away. Very disappointing for a "quality"...

Ecco and Clark’s / shoes

Jul 11, 2019

In the last few months I have purchased two pairs of Ecco shoes that as soon as I wore them the soles crumbled, I have also had the same thing happen to a pair of new Clark's boots. I threw the Clark's boots away as soon as I found them to be crumbling as they were making a mess of my very...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco golf boots - all looks like new, but soles deteriorate

Jul 09, 2019

ECCOHello. I have ecco white leather golf shoes purchased in HK, but stored in my house in thailand. Worn 2-3 times - all leather upper and even inner leather like new, bottom soles - like new, but midsoles - completely deteriorated just from storage. How can it be - so big good brand and so...

[Resolved] ECCO / shoe sole quality

Jul 04, 2019

ECCOGood Morning, I have been purchasing the Ecco Cross shoe for over 25 years. This last pair however is literally falling apart! They have been worn very little (as you can see by the minimal wear). Noticed a little crack on the side the other day...and by the end of the day both soles were...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco shoes 47 size heels decomposing. very embarrassing at the time. surprise.

Jun 25, 2019

ECCOWerte being worn at a school event for my niece and the heels hust started crumbling and by the end of the event after walking to my car and subsequent trip home, this is the result with the possibility of the material sticking to my vinyl flooring. Did not walk into any unknown substance...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco men's lhasa brogue tie oxford shoes

Jun 24, 2019

ECCOI purchased these shoes on 6/18/18 - ECCO Men's Lhasa Brogue Tie Oxford, Cashmere, 43 M EU (9-9.5 US) from Services, Inc for $152.92. One year later on 6/22/19, one shoe has developed a major split in the sole. I am 64 years old and use the shoes for business and casual...

ECCO / cracked soles

Jun 23, 2019

ECCODear Sir, Madam, I was very happy with my Ecco shoes until one day from no reason at all both of my shoes soles just cracked in one moment. I wasn't near my home when it's happened and I have a long busy day ahead of me. So I have to go straight to the nearest shop to buy something instead to...

[Resolved] ECCO / sandals

Jun 22, 2019

ECCOIn 2019 May I bought a pair of sandals at the mall in Porto. I have a bill to prove as well as the brand new shoes. I have been conveniently handed out the wrong size . I wear 40 and checked with the sales girl. No explanation provided or details that size 40 was not put in my purchases. We...

ECCO / shoe soles disintegrating

Jun 18, 2019

Almost unusable after two weeks use : soles falling apart! Not fit for purpose: expensive rubbish! In New Zealand the : Consumer Guarantees Act, makes provision for such deception: either a full refund or new replacement! How does Ecco remain in business? Customers buy in good faith; in thi...

[Resolved] ECCO / womens soft 7 shoe, marine, upper detaching from sole.

Jun 13, 2019

Carmela Briones at Ecco Baulkham Hill's won't replace like for like. The shoes have been returned, (at my expense) are defective as I have an offer of replacement, but not like for like as the marine colour "isn't in stock" - yet the shoes are available to buy on line...

[Resolved] ECCO / defective sole in golf and casual shoes

Jun 13, 2019

ECCOI live in Barbados and have been an ECCO loyal customer. I recently noticed that the sole on 2 shoes disintergrated; one was a golfshoe and the second one is casual shoe. I am extremely disappointed and hope Ecco will take corrective actions to compensate me for a defective product. Thank...

[Resolved] ECCO / ecco shoes

Jun 11, 2019

ECCOI used to love wearing these Ecco shoes. Now I can't… They have split the soles and are crumbling and coming apart… they have only been used in normal wear. No running no jumping no kicking and no sports playing with them on… They were so good and so comfortable at first, but now they have...

ECCO / disintegrating shoe soles

Jun 09, 2019

ECCOFrom: Cliff Bond < [protected]> Date: June 8, 2019 at 7:35:55 PM PDT To: [protected] Subject: Defective materials Dear Ecco: I purchased Ecco shoes- shown below, approximately eight years ago-from Nordstrom‘s, Corte Madera, California. I have only worn them approximately...

[Resolved] ECCO / customer service

Jun 07, 2019

I had purchased an Ecco Soft 7 sneaker in late January 2019. Today is June 6, 2019. The laces have been torn and stripped. I had contacted the local store via phone from which they were purchased and she said that they would "provide service if I had a valid receipt or a credit card statement"...

ECCO / quality women’s handbag

Jun 07, 2019

ECCODear Ladies and Gentlemen I bought two years ago a hand bag for my wife. It was a birthday present. Since she loves your brand, I decided to buy her an ECCO leather bag from an ECCO store in Tehran. Because of certain circumstances Ecco left Iran and you do not provide any after sale...

[Resolved] ECCO / men's ecco fusion lace shoes, rarely worn, but sole disintegrating

Jun 06, 2019

Men's ECCO Fusion Lace shoes (Black color) bought 10/20/12. These were stored in original box (with receipt from a local shoe store) in controlled climate. My husband did not have occasion to wear them very much; they were his "fancy" shoes to wear -with his suit for formal event...

ECCO / ecco shoes the soles have deteriorated and made a mess in our house.

Jun 05, 2019

ECCOSoles have become rotten. Would you please replace them? What more do we need say? I had Timberland Boots that had sole that deteriorated same way and they replaced them. I think that you are good as Timberland and you will take care of this problem for us. The Dillard's sales manager for...