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Beazer Homes CorporationHVAC installer

The above HVAC installer did our home at 860 San Marco Court in Myrtle Beach, SC. A worker came to change out our thermostat because he said the wrong one was installed. At the same time he sold us a maintenance contract which we paid for that day. We have been here six months and called them to come do the maintenance. Five phone calls to their answering service and we still have not received a call back from them.
We assumed this contractor was reputable since your company had them doing your new home installs. Since this is not warranty work, the warranty service people can not help us. I was told they are still doing work for Beazer. Can someone from corporate contact this company and find out why they are not backing up their contract with them for maintenace.

Gene and Mary Carangelo
[protected] or [protected]

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    Nov 07, 2019

    Beazer Homes Corporation — park place myrtle beach sc

    We purchased a home in the above mentioned community. So far all is ok with home. We did have an issue with...

    Beazer Homes Corporationservice of soleil association management for burson ranch homeowners association

    I have received 2 notification from this HOA team, one for popping ariel fireworks which were unfound and unsubstantiated and the other is the misdescription of a canopy tent, which they claim was a fixed structure and needed ARC approval. I have lived in Burson ranch for over a year after 43 years of government service (retired)and encouraged both my nephew and a close family friend to buy homes here, which they did, but now with this ridiculous HOA company, this is slowly becoming a place that I don't want in live in nor will I recommend Burson Ranch to any other family members and friends as the place to buy and live. Many residences feel uncomfortable with this company, it shows no common sense, intimidating and feels like a police-community with the HOA looking over your shoulders. This is not the way I envisioned my retirement to be. Get a company that adds to the community and enriches it, not one that has out-dated rules and regulations with no common sense approach of dealing with community issues. We need an HOA comprised of members from this community, not an outsider.

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      Beazer Homes Corporationair conditioning in our home not working properly

      When we moved in our Beazer home in 2016. We noticed the ac did not work correctly in some of our bedrooms a few months after move in. I reached out to Beazer and I was informed that is was a thermostat issue. I was told to make sure I was keeping the thermostats at least 5 degree different from each other. We tried it and the rooms still continue to be warmer than any other rooms in the home. Months later the problem continued to get worse but in other rooms of the home. I called again and I was told to call warranty to take a look at it. The problem still exists and no one wants to take responsibility for it. Last year someone from Beazer warranty came out to look at the ac again but stated there's not a problem. Here we are 3 years later and the problem is even worse. Our ac is not cooling now and Who knows what else is wrong with it. I know from day one that there was a problem with this ac system. We want our ac fixed as this is a very hot summer

      The picture is the attic ac unit that has a small split where air is escaping

      air conditioning in our home not working properly

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        Beazer Homes Corporationnegligent home site preparation

        Our homesite required an enormous amount of fill in order to fit the house on the lot The fill dirt was not properly compacted nor allowed the time necessary to naturally compact before we signed for the house (80 days start to finish). After living in the house for some 20 months it became increasingly apparent that settling of the fill soil was taking place to the extent that my backyard has now an excessive slope and a deep depression. Evidence shows that the soil is flattening out and spreading. I have reported the problem to the Beazer warranty dept. but because it is not construction related the warranty dept. has forwarded the compliant to the Land Development Dept. for action. The warranty dept. sent one of their employees to take photos and assess the situation. He reported findings that affirmed my analysis. The report was forwarded to land development 8 days ago and I was told they would contact me to further look at the situation. So far I have been completely ignored by these people. They do not even respond when their own area QC supv. asks for a response. I am in the process of having a soil engineering firm evaluate the situation but based on experience to date I do not think that this action will
        precipitate a response from the responsible dept. I have sent emails and a certified letter as well as numerous phone calls to responsible people/departments at Beazer but, so far, have rec'd no meaningful response

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          Beazer Homes Corporation — carpet on the floor of the basement is squeaking

          The carpet in the basement is not properly installed and keeps on squeaking, Kindly look in the matter. Also...

          Beazer Homes Corporation — 2204 west ethan court, san tan valley, az 85142

          In November of 2017 I purchased a Home (the Rockwell Model) which is a 2519 sq. ft. home. In June when It...

          Beazer Homes Corporation2014 home in orlando

          Good morning,
          I have purchase this home in Reserve at Sawgrass, Orlando. I have had small issues like carpet nails, cracks on the walls, garage floors and so. Lately my AC unit stopped working. I called the number on the unit AIRFLOW which is the company that's installed the unit, the guy charged me 60$ and the result was the unit needs to be replaced.
          New home and new AC unit decided to get a second opinion while still trying to get in touch with beazar homes reps. The AC tech comes in and does the leak test and says that the unit was installed incorrectly underground and hence the leak and another 120$ charge. At this point I am frustrated and call the Beazar homes only to be told that the warranty is done and so cannot do anything.
          I paid 350, 000$ and I am having construction issues for which Beazar homes is responsible. Please be conscious and well informed when dealing with Beazar homes

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            Beazer Homes Corporation — sewage issue

            I hope to be heard openly & honestly. I purchased my Beazer home in Charleston SC in the fall of 2015 & my...

            Beazer Homes Corporation — sink / dishwasher installation

            We purchased our home almost 3 years ago;however, the sink was definitely put in as a shotty job! Sinks are...

            Beazer Homes — Warranty on a new house

            I had requested before my warranty ends from Beazer to check on my 2nd AC unit as my first one had issue...

            Beazer Homes / EMC LoansVerbal loan fraud!

            I purchased my first home in October 2006 while I was in Iraq doing contract work. I served in the US ARMY for 7 years, then 3 months after being out of the service - I joined a contract job in IRAQ to continue helping out my country. My sister was my power of attorney and signed all the paperwork for me. We found a brand new home in the Wildomar/Murrieta area with Beazer homes and I was pre-approved right away because of my good credit and income.

            At the time, I was pre-approved for 100% financing with an interest rate at 6% on the 1st loan (80%) and 8% on the 2nd loan (20%). Beazer Homes said that if I used their mortgage company they would "throw" in 20K in upgrades and pay for my closing costs. They also said they could beat my lst mortgage interest rate with a 5.5% interest only 5 Year ARM vs. the 6% my bank was offering. This sounded perfect!

            Little did we know, the loan officer was crooked (Linda Smith). She verbally told us the rate was 5.5% and when my sister signed the loan paperwork, she also explained it to her that it was a 5.5% interest only 5 Year ARM. What she neglected to say and point out in the large stack of loan papers was that the 5.5% rate was a negative amoritazation rate and that my REAL interest rate is 8.5%. (Linda Smith and Beazer mortgage would be making a killing on this loan by marking my interest rate up - that meant a great deal of money in Linda's pocket - at my expense!!!)

            Once I received my closing paperwork and first mortgage statement - we realized we had been conned. Needless to say, I love this home and want to keep it. I have perfect credit and decided to pay the 8.5% interest rate for a year and then just refinance when my one year prepayment penalty was up. This meant I was stuck in Iraq doing contract work for a year more than I planned. This also meant leaving behind my new wife (married in 3/2007) in a large home all by herself. I am working to pay for a home I can not even live in or enjoy.

            Now a year later with the decline in home values - I can not even refinance. EMC Mortgage could easily give me a loan modification but they say I have to leave my job in IRAQ and fall behind on my payments before they will assist me. This is bull! I am basically risking my life to be able to pay down all my other bills so I can "hopefully" one day come home and join the police force and afford my mortgage. I have worked too hard to have a credit score of above 720 to just throw it all away because Beazer Mortgage/Linda Smith and EMC Mortgage are not ethical.

            Note: I am not the only buyer that Beazer Mortgage conned. My next door neighbor is in the same scenario.

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              • Ap
                april Mar 20, 2009

                aside from this, how about getting any warrenty work done?

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              • Ti
                TIRED OF THE BULL Mar 10, 2009

                I so much agree with you. I am in the same boat. NO ONE IN EMC WANTS TO HELP! I wish I would hit the mega lottery so I can buy the foreclosure homes and give it back to the families. So many family are hurting. CAN OBAMA just help the families with a one percent loan families can pay their mortage, and bills... Why help big banks, they are only saving themself.

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              • Un
                UnHappy EMC Customer Aug 19, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                My horrible EMC Experience!

                A management company stole my money and never had renter in the property as I as told. The investment property is out of state from me. When I found this out, November 07, I called and wrote EMC and asked them to work with me. I called them again in December 2007. I sent in paperwork in January 08 for a modification, 1st is at 8.50 % the second is at 16+%, yes sixteen percent. We had plans to refinance at the end of one year but did not make it to a year.

                EMC would not help. I submitted the whole package again to a different person as instructed in February 2008. They stated that they could not do anything to help. A friend used $25, 000 to keep up the payments as long as he could. He ran out of money.

                I tried again in March 2008 to work it out with them. I tried again in April to work out a plan with them. No luck! We started a short sale process in April, it would not work out with the offer made. We had to close it and submit another short sale. My agent did just that and we had a buyer for the property. I was told by EMC that it was agreed on it would just be a couple more days until it was complete.

                The property sold Friday, August 15, 2008 at auction while my short sale agent was working on closing the deal. The EMC person handling the short sale did not know that it sold until Monday, August 18! Very strange! The right hand does not know that the left hand is doing.

                Everyone tells a different story when you talk with them. One guy got nasty today when I told him of my experience and that EMC was the worst that I have work with. He said that they did not make me sign the paper work. They actually purchased it from my original lender.

                I told him that I did not make someone steal my money and run! He was rude! I did not get nasty but really wanted to scream at him.

                There are some nice people there that want to help, but they are not allowed to help.

                No wonder that the government had to bail them out. They are part of Bear Stearns. Never do business with EMC.

                My credit is ruined and I do not know what I can do. I barely have enough to pay most of my bills and rarely go to the grocery. I eat very cheap. My air condition has been off for 2 weeks. The gas prices have hurt since I have commute to work. I have a cheap old car.

                EMC is a predatory leader for sure.

                If you see EMC on your loan RUN...RUN...RUN!

                Don't get behind on your payments even if they tell you to modify, they will not work with you!

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              • Ra
                Rachel Henriquez Mar 10, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                EMC has been taking my monthly payment putting the appropriate escrow amount into the escrow account, but yet with no major increase in taxes, my mortgage has increased from 1200.00/mo to 1630/mo in just 4 years. When asked about a suspicious "Repay escrow advance" amount clearly deducted from my escrow account, one person said "no, that amount wasn't taken out; it was actually put in." However, that person couldn't say where it came from. Another EMC employee hung up on me, when I questioned why the $94 was deducted from my escrow. One employee told me that there is a shortage, but she couldn't tell me why and she said that I will be paying them 55/mo for the next year just to clear up the shortage that apparently came from nowhere.

                This financial company cannot answer a simple financial question about my payments to it. The people EMC's got handling my inquiries are probably reading from a script, and when I don't accept their quick-talking, number-throwing highly suspicious responses to my inquiries, they transfer me, hang up on me, or put me through the automated phone system loop again. Very unethical and fishy practices for a company who is handling MY money.

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              • Pa
                Pamela Mangona Mar 04, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                My husband I purchased our Beazer Home in January 2006 and were persuaded to go with Beazer Mortgage for the incentives and that they would pay our closing costs. We recevied a pretty good fix rate because of our good credit. We have paid over and above on our monthly payments allocating most to our escrow account so we wouldn't be in the scenario of being in the rears. The first year was fine, we even rec'vd a refund check from Irwin Mortgage for having too much in our escrow. When IMC shut their doors, our loan was transferred to Everhome Mortgage who I must say we are not impressed with at all. Our payments for 2008 increased by over $400.00 amonth b/c EMC states we were in the rears on our escrow account when they inherited our loan from IMC. I'm thinking how can this be? Well, it can't. Something is fishy. I've asked for help from EMC, but they want to charge me $10.00 for each document I want a copy of concerning my loan. Bogus!! I also asked for a formal investigation into my account, but all they can come back with is that we were in the rears when they inherited our loan. I can not get ahold of IMC for answers because they are out of business. Now, this $400.00 extra a month has put a financial strain on our family, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster. I can only imagine if we had not paid extra every year, how much would we owe?? We are seeking legal counsel as EMC is not providing the answers or information we need to understand where this extra amount came from.

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