LGlg k20 plus


Hi my name is dave bisher and ive been a huge supporter and contributor to all types of lg products. Ive always had an lg smartphone and it was always lg g series phones my lastone was the lg g4 and now i have an lg k20 plus. I had to down grade because someone stole my lg g4 and also because ive recently lost my job due to economic reasons. Ive dropped phones before here n there and all my lg g series phones never cracked or broke maybe because of how much they cost those phones are made better. I just dont understand how my lg k20 plus which only fell 15 inches to my kitchen floor spider cracked the entire screen. Why not atleast make your cheaper phones a little more durable than being able to have the screen shatter from only a 15 inch fall? This has really got me questioning my involvement with buying lg products. Ive been a product supporter for so many years and i think its sad that lg would make even a cheap priced phone this weak. Lg is a great company and the name alone is powerful. Everyone knows lg and what they represent and that is great, awesome, amazing and unique products that work and last. Im really upset because i cant afford to fix the screen or even get another phone. Im a struggling parent of 3 beautiful girls and to have something like this affect me the way it has just isnt fair. I want to have trust in lg and the products they provide and something like this shouldnt be a deterrent or even an issue but it is because life is harder and continues to get even harder more and more. If there is anything you guys can do to help i would be so grateful and thankful. I truly hope you guys at lg can understand where im coming from and appreciate my struggle. Please help me please.

Sincerely, dave bisher

24 s sheridan rd newmanstown, pa 17073


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