LG Electronics / stove model lsg4513st

United States

I had the stove less that 2 years. The oven will not hold the temperature. Any setting above 325 degrees goes 50 or 75 degrees above the setting.

The repair agent has come 6 times and has called LG in regard to parts to fix it . None of the replacement parts solved the problem.

Called LG's customer service department numerous times. Today I got an email saying they won't make good on the appliance. Call for more repair services.

This is a defective stove that can't be fixed !! More repair services is not the answer. The appliance store has replaced 3 parts but says they can only turn 1 into LG.

The service calls are under the phone number [protected] Bruno Genevro.
This stove should be replaced by LG.

Apr 16, 2019

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