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Complaints & Reviews

sku #810.191.029

On 12/7/2019 @7:31 PM I purchased a 60 in Brown Glittering Buck #810.191.029 from Big Lots! The following day I started to Assemble it. But
to my surprise the right Anthler Was Broke The pin that Keeps it in the slot in the head, was broken off. Tried to return it for another one and to my surprise they were sold out thried another store in the area and they told me were sold out. My wife was in love with the Buck and had ask me if I could somehow get it to work. So we kept it and I wired it in place to last the season. And would try to get it replaced. I contacted Big Lots who in teern gave me your e-mail. They were ready to give me back my money but I choose to keep it and try to get a replacement part. What I would like very much to see if it is possible to purchase the part from you. If So contact me at Roger Pelletier 1264 Plumtree Rd., Springfield, MA [protected] Letting me know how much it would cost and where to send the money.

Thank You

led c9 lights

I bought 6 strings of these lights and used them last year. I out them away on the reels they came on and...

led indoor/outdoor 80 ct. c3 lights

I am very disappointed in the quality and life span of these light sets. I purchased 4 sets from Lowes three years ago to replace the tree lights that I have used for years. I decided perhaps it was time to go LED. The first year they looked great, although several bulbs needed replaced due to burning out. The second year, we only had our tree up for a week and I noticed so many lights getting dimmer and several burning out. This year I lost so many bulbs after my tree was decorated. The real disappointment was the fact that I could not purchase any replacement bulbs anywhere. I did call customer service at [protected] to inquire about purchasing direct from the company but was told they are no longer available. I realize that products don't seem to last forever anymore. I am not one to take the time to complain about everything but this was an issue that I felt I needed to express. If you have knowledge where I can buy replacement bulbs, I would be most grateful. Thank you!

Christine Hunt

7.5 pre lit ponderosa pine christmas tree

I purchased this tree, got it home and when I plugged it in, there was a huge section of lights that did not...

12' twinkling stars cool white/blue curtain lights

Two years ago I purchased 6 sets of these lights for my Christmas House decoration.
Part of the strings went out last year, but this year 3 of the 6 sets are totally unuseable.
The fuses have been checked and are good.
One set is 1/3 lit.
second set is about 1/2 lit
34 rd set is completely in lit.

And I cannot afford to go out and purchase more sets, even IF I could find them available in my community.
Terrible product. So SAMS cvlub take note: NO MORE EVERSTAR crap on your shelves.
Very poor product.
Bill White
Bay Pressure Cleaning Systems
2565 Sandra Avenue
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 7W7

cc: seasonal buyer - SAM'S Club

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6 1/2 foot pre lighted christmas tree

Tree is sold as haveing 150 led twinkle lights, it has about 10, called the toll free number and was told...

60 led diamond cut multicolored lights on reels

I purchased 7 reels of these lights dec. 2015. This Dec. 2016 I got them out 2 sets would not work at all. I...

christmas lights scu # [protected] from walmart 2015 christmas

We bought 12 sets of lights for the Christmas season 2015 @ $ 9.97. Very nice lights to display on our garage...

led 140 cool white icicle lights

Purchased 8 reels of these lights. Put them up this Christmas season and within 4 days part of one strand had...

celebrate it christmas led lights

I bought 3 strands of 120 Multi Lights and all 3 strands within 2 days had partial outages on the strand...

led warm white indoor/outdoor holiday lights

I purchased 8 strands (25 lights/strand) of lights for holiday decorating in 2013. Fast forward to 2015--all...

ledseries 48 inch pop up fabric snowman

We purchased for $113 at our local Home Hardware and set it up outside. The base was not very sturdy, metal...

merry brite 150 led lights

I purchased 8 reels of these lights and after 2 Christmas seasons half the strings of lights stopped working...

overheats and will not chill

I bought an Everstar HDBC361D wine/beverage cooler from Home Depot in Scottsdale and when I brought it home...

stopped working

We purchased an Everstar Beverage/Wine Cooler Model HDBC36ID approximately 16 months ago. Has worked great...

Resolved no repair available

Purchased an Everstar beverage cooler a year ago, had two repairs on it within 90 days, then they gave me a...

Resolved bad cell

We purchased a battery at walmarts, to replace a seven year old battery, we continued to have car problems thinking that it must be something else as we had just purchased a new battery, after putting in a new starter and alternator and license mechanic checking it out it was discovered that the new battery that we had purchased was bad. This little adventure cost us a lot of money for the simple solution of a bad battery bought off the shelf of walmart.

Resolved does not cool

This Beverage/Wine Cooler does not work. We purchased from The Home Depot. We have called more or less 15...

Resolved does not work

Purchased beverage cooler at Home Depot and it had a broken fan. Continued to call for replacement fan. Kept getting customer service call center which promised a call back within 24 hours. Finally after several attempts to talk with a person from Franklin Industries we finally made a connection. First fan sent was the incorrect fan for the model we purchased. We again attempted to call back to get the correct fan for our model and again we were faced with numerous calls to a call center and when we finally got through to speak with a live person, we were promised a new fan. Needless to say Home Depot has a 90 day return policy. On day 89, we returned the beverage cooler and got our money back.

Resolved does not cool

I bought aEverstar Dual Climate Wine Chiller at the HD and have had it for just over a year by about 1 month. It stopped reaching the temperatures needed to chill the wine. I was told at the HD that they have had many returned but since I have had mine for more than a year that they would not be able to give me an exchange or refund an I would have to call a tech to come out and fix it. I would definately think twice about purchasing anything from the HD again especially when they no that this should be a recall item and wont do anything about it.

Tacoma, WA