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I purchased my new refrigerator from Sears four years ago. First of all I purchased Kenmore, not knowing it was LG!!! The ice maker did not produce ice. For 2 1/2 years they would come to repair for it to only last approx. 6 months before breaking down again. After the 3rd year a tech comes and explains that the ice maker has been recalled, it's none repairable. Now year 4, the unit stopped cooling! They come and replace the control board because it was on recall too. Really??? Now I'm on technician visit number 6 within 2 weeks. Day after installation of new board...warm again!!! No freezer, no refrigerator. Ma'am it's your compressor. Another week for compressor to arrive, installed, nothing. The thing is warmer with new compressor. Why???!!! We are now past week 3, no refrigerator. Sears Home Warranty won't replace because Technicians keep playing "Process of Elimination". They are not deeming it dead, therefore, we are at the mercy of diagnoses, which are still not correcting the problem, only asking that we wait more days to get more parts. Unbelievable!!! I call Sears corporate, their answering service explains that my complaint would only go to a voicemail because Sears no longer have employees. Sears Home Warranty continues to call me with hopeful remedies and not a replacement after 3 weeks. My refrigerator died August 19th, and the tech Sears is dispatching states "Well, it's registering at 45 degrees, you should be OK with this for another week." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????? 45 won't keep meat, or milk and I have 2 diabetics living in my house!!! I don't want all the money I've spent in insurance to go to waste, but no one capable is able to service LG Appliances. DON'T BUY THEM!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!

Sep 10, 2019

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