LG Electronicstv warranty

A Nov 10, 2019

having bought a tv from argos 5 months ago it started to have flashing screen so i took it back to argos who said to contact LG thay then sent an email asking for photos and video of every angle of the tv taking the photos with my phone at the lowest settings these photos were to larg to email even though it said sent after 3 days i had no reply so emailed again to be told thay had not recived the email once again i sent each photo again plus video to be told the angle of the tv switched on was not the correct angle it was a VIDEO NOT A PHOTO! once again i have sent another email with just the video it hase now been over a week trying to get LG to collect the tv for repair under the warenty i have asked for a program to make video or photos smaller and what format LG need to be able to see it in no reply if this happend to any one older or with less tec know how thay would have given up i personaly have never had such poor service from any company before as i am with out my second tv i am going to have to pay out to buy another make and report LG to trading standerds £119 may not be a lot to you but it is a loss to me the person on the phone was realy nice but had no way to contact the email side or the repair side of your company

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