Toyo LED Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Toyo Intl. Group/Energy Star LED Lights / Customer service proves this company to be a scam providing BOGUS phone number for customers & no way to replace or repair the faulty products

Apr 28, 2015

This company provides product instructions and customer service contact info inside the box of the LED Holiday indoor/outdoor lights I purchased December 2014. I need 1 of the 3 lighting strands replaced. I was unable to return the lights to Walgreens where they were purchased & now I...

Toyo LED Electronics / LED Christmas lights

Feb 24, 2014

Purchased Toyo LED christmas lights. They worked one year & next year 1/3 of the lights would not work. Tried new fuses & new bulbs. With 3 year warranty I returned lights to Toyo International at address list but package was forwarded & never delivered. Filed report w/ USPS...

Toyo International Group / LED icicle lights


I purchased 6 strings of LED icicle lights from Lowes. These lights are rated indoor/outdoor, but after the first rain with these up, they portions of each string started to go out. I've tried replacing the bulbs, but that doesn't seem to work. The company doesn't appear to...

Toyo International Group / led lights are dim and they rust in the sockets, they are marked indoor/outdoor


We put up the lights and two weeks later there were Sections of their led icicle strings that are half lit and you need to find out which led is bad.! the problem is the metal leads of the led's rust and then make a bad connection, Some times you can clean them and sometimes you have...

Toyo International / christmas lights


Lights purchased from Home Depot in November of 2009. Over 10 sets of 100 LED;s. Stopped working midway through Christmas last year. We just got back from Home Depot, they replaced all the lights, said they were from a new supplier, But Guess What Toyo again, this time, they r located in...

Toyo International Group / outdoor Christmas lights


I purchased 3 60 foot strings of outdoor LED Christmas lights manufactured by Toyo Internationa Group at Home Depot. After they were installed on our house for about a week a sestion of one of the strings quit working. Before the season was over sections of all three strings had quit...

Toyo International Group / Product failure & inability to get ahold of the company


Bought a 7ft spiral tree with 300 lights, and the middle of the tree won't light up!!! Pulled all the middle bulbs, no luck, tried evrything, even called Kmart and they said nothing they can do, and I can't even find a way to get a hold of Toyo international, No Phone # that...

Toyo International Group / outdoor Xmas lights


I purchased over 20 strains of Multi Function Xmas Lights from Lowe's and K-Mart to put up outside. The lights state that they can be used indoors or out doors. After being in the weather one season, the inside of the control switch corrodes up and the lights don't work, The...

Toyo International Group/BLUE LED C6 lights / Different colors


I am very upset that I bought 10 boxes of LED BLUE C6 Christmas lights and come home and put them up on the house only to find that they are two different colors. 5 boxes are blue and the other 5 boxes are a different color. I can not find a way other than mail a letter to complain about...

Toyo International Group / breaking


Every year I buy K-Mart Christmas decorations. But every year the outdoor, clear plastic, electric candy canes have to be bought because the peg you put in the ground always breaks. Usually I at least get them in the ground and they break getting them out, but this year they broke before I...