LG Electronicssmart tv 60lb6500 hdmi ports stopped working

F Aug 03, 2018

This TV was released for sale in May of 2014. I purchased this TV on June 27, 2014. This TV was a brand new TV, both to the market and myself. Approximately 5 or 6 weeks ago, I started to have issues with the HDMI ports on the TV. Ports 1 and 3 were showing "no signal" with any devices being connected...only port 2 was working at the time. On July 17, all 3 ports stopped working. I contacted LG and was told it would cost me $125 to have a technician come out since my TV was out of warranty...unacceptable! THEN, I was guaranteed at the time that if I paid the $125, my TV would be fixed. Their favorite phrase "rest assured it will be taken care of." The issue was obviously NOT fixed, so I would have just been out of an ADDITIONAL $125. Bad business! The issue was clearly a manufacturer issue. I contacted your social media team and they agreed to send a technician out at no charge.

Your technician came out 3 different times and replaced the motherboard 3 times and replaced a cable as well, still nothing. The head of his department had determined that the TV was unrepairable. On July 31st, a "return authorization" was allegedly submitted and denied. The technician contacted me on August 2nd and notified me that he had to escalate it to get it overturned and he submitted another one. I contacted LG today (August 3rd) and they told me it was denied and would have to be resubmitted. I asked the representative why and he alleges he was unaware.

Your customer service is absolutely NO HELP WHATSOEVER!!!
1.) My TV should not have a shelf life of 4 years! This TV or part(s) should have been recalled! Throughout this process, I've discovered that this is a common issue with your TVs!
2.) I am paying for cable service on a TV I can not even watch! No compensation there from L-[censored]ing-G!
3.) I've had to take time off from work on 3 separate occasions to sit home during a 4 hour window waiting on the technician! No compensation there from L-[censored]ing-G!
4.) Everytime I call, the call/hold times are beyond excessive for the reasons for my call. Your customer service is outsourced to an overseas company and those people are mentally dense when it comes to addressing customer issues. They're unempathic and only have the ability to be robotic script readers. I have never had my time wasted on the phone like it is when I contact your custoner service department! It's disgusting and despicable. I am writing this email as I am on the phone with your custoner service department...currently on hold...the current call time is 1 hour and 15 minutes and counting. Out of 75 minutes, I've spent about 60 of them actually holding! RI-[censored]ING-DICULOUS!!! After holding, I finally got to an AMERICAN person from the return authorization department and he told me my RA request was in fact NOT denied, it was just submitted incorrectly! Yet another display of the incompantcy of your customer service department!

I am MILES BEYOND being livid at this point and a partial credit for my TV is unacceptable! LG has wasted my time and money in more ways than one and I want to be compensated for the mayhem that I've had to deal with!

I want to be contacted by someone from America...not a foreigner in one of your low-rent call centers! You all are making more than enough money to have adequate points if contacts for these specific customer issues! Everytime I call your call center, I should not be made to feel like I'm being a bother to YOUR employeees as a customer. The nasty attitudes, the disregard for tone, and lack of knowledge is what your customers get for spending their hard-earned money on your [censored] products???


P.S. Still holding to speak with someone else because the RA that was allegedly submitted about 40 minutes ago was not done. Current call time...1 hour and 42 damn minutes!!!

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