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LG Electronicsdefective tv/poor customer service


This is a letter I sent to LG Electronics after having no success with customer service for defective TV still under warranty. It describes my experience.

My LG (Life is Good) TV (26LG40)

Pretty as can be
Pretty as can be, my 26 inch LG TV
It has a slot for a DVD
When I fed it a movie
It liked it so much
It wouldn't give it back to me

Oh dear, oh dear oh dearie me
I begged and I pleaded on bended knee
It finally caved in and spit it out

And oh what a growl, a groan and a shout
But then it stopped, it stopped talking to me
I begged and I pleaded on bended knee

My pretty as can be LG TV
Was only six months
A young'un to me
It still has a warranty good as can be

Oh doctor oh doctor oh doctor LG
Please come and cure my pretty LG

Oh no, oh no, it's too little you see
It's only six months, you surely agree
You must box it up and send it to me
I'll send you a label to ship it for free

A box? A box? A box also for free
Will you send me a box for free

Oh no of course not, that's your responsibility
Mine? Not mine
Yours, Yes yours
Mine? Not mine
Yours, Yes yours
Mine? Not mine
Yours, Yes yours
You get a box, I'll send you a label
With that label you can ship it for free

But a box, a box, box is not free

But you get the label to ship if for free
So generous, so generous we are at LG
We think you must surely, surely agree

A box that size is not easy to find
I think your expectations are not very kind
You said I need to send it by Fed-Ex
A very fine business, is that Fed-Ex
So I trekked to a Fed-Ex store
And spent many minutes more
They were kind, so very kind
But the right size box they had no more

Oh dear, oh dear oh dearie me
What can I do to ship it for free
I trekked down the street to the UPS store
I thought it could be, it just might be
That he had a box the right size for me

Oh yes, the right size don't you agree

Oh yes oh yes I shouted with glee
It's just the right size for my LG TV

He looked straight at me
Did you say LG
He was thinking he'd buy a new LCD TV
He shook his head sadly
When he heard of my plight
He saw an LG he thought was just right
But after my story it wouldn't be right
He'll find another brand sure to delight

I asked him how much the right box would be
He said he was sorry it wouldn't be free
The box with the bubble wrap would be $19.47
I gave him a twenty with change of fifty-three

As I walked out the door he called out to me
If you have any more trouble
Come back in
I'll see what I can do to to help you
And your pretty dead LG TV

Oh Mr CEO or is it MS
Perhaps you could help me
I'm sure you're a whiz
You're company's so large
I'm a customer so small
You might send me some money
I ask only a twenty
That's the cost of the box so that twenty is plenty

Oh my oh my how the minutes did fly
Trying to find a box the right shape and the right size
But I'm willing to give you those minutes for free
That's very generous, yes generous of me
Wouldn't you agree

I await your call I await your call
That you'll give me a box for free after all

But the label, the label the label is free?
You said you would sent it in days one, two three
It’s been two weeks and hasn’t come to me

The moral of this story :
If you have a pretty dead pretty little LG TV
You must send it back to the factory.
The shipping is free
But getting a box and a label is hard as can be

It’s clear to me now
That LG doesn’t know how
Or doesn’t quite care
How their customers fare


  • Sh
    Shruthi Mallya Aug 27, 2012

    I am writing to you as a result of countless arguments and follow up
    with the LG Customer care and Region Centers for a wrong buy.

    We had bought a 42 inch TV from one of the famous retail outlets on
    15th Aug'12 at Mumabi. The Outlet displayed a huge board of amazing
    discount of 40% on a 42 inch LED 3D TV, which seemed to be an
    irresistible buy for a middle class family like ours.

    Having the TV delivered to my cousins house in Mumbai, we paid the
    additional cost
    of travel at the mumbai Airport to Bangalore.

    On 23rd Aug we requested for installation of TV. Seeing no response
    from the local LG team we asked the Call Centre guys for a POC at
    Bangalore. NO BODY seemed to pick the phone even after ringing 10 - 15
    times. After several other follow ups from the customer care we got
    Mohans number. We were promised an immediate support within 24 hrs.
    Again after several followups we had someone do the installation for
    us. Post installation, the TV DID NOT TURN ON!!!

    The Demo guy obviously had no idea what was wrong, said he would send
    an engineer to fix it within 24 hrs. The procedure of us following up
    continued when an engineer came to diagnose the problem. The same
    story of being "lost" and keeping us in the "dark" continued when he
    said, "Sir I don't know, you will get a call tomorrow". After several
    followups from us AGAIN, and to and fro conversations, we get a revert
    that they will not be able to replace the TV, they would however fix
    it for us.

    Now can someone or anyone answer me the below questions.

    1. Why would i want to pay a huge lump some amount for a repaired TV
    and still assume it as a new TV???
    2. Aug '15th showed other brands of amazing discounts which we did not
    opt for and bought LG assuming it was the best buy. If we are refunded
    the money right now, will we have to wait for another festival to buy
    a new tv?
    3. We paid 62994 after discount. The local team claims to refund the
    amount which was billed at the retail store. After 2 weeks of
    maintaining the TV, ensuring the safety from mumbai to bangalore, who
    is going to refund the extra amount of endless followups we have made
    to the customer service, local team, Mr Mohan, the engineer and the
    damage done to our walls due to drilling of the wall mount stand???

    This is an absolute breach of trust and customer service. As a
    customer i demand immediate revert on how will this be resolved. This
    will also be my final communication to LG as a company for any
    complaints. I will ensure I spend all my time and money at the
    consumer court to receive justice on this.

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  • Ba
    Bamby Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was lied to by the Sprint representative at the store in Wilton Mall, Saratoga Springs, NY regarding the LG Remarq phone. I was told this device came with an microSD did not. I was told the phone had a video did not. I contacted sprint regarding the clerk who sold the phone to me...said they could give me a discount on the card? I contacted LG to find out what I need to do ( I have since let my phone lapse with sprint...I don't intend to pay for this crap) and they said I need to contact Sprint. I addressd the situation that I was misinformed about their product by Sprint. If they have a business would be beneficial for the both of them to make sure they are selling the same it comes from the store. I blame LG just as much if not more than sprint, for not ensuring their product is not being sold under false pretenses.

    Would someone just own up for this mess?

    I wouldn't trust either company...not anymore. Also, the LG phone...which was guaranteed (by the Sprint Store representative) not to pocket dial anyone...did, about 10x a day. Do no t buy this phone, or trust a Sprint store.

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  • Ma
    Marylk Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an LG fridge in March of 09' here it is Sept 10' and my LG fridge has completely stopped working, no power! I was just informed that my warranty was only for 1 year and therefore I am responsible for the over $500 repair bill. Clearly LG only makes their products to last through the one year warranty. I would not get another LG product if it was free. If my review will change just one person's mind and stop them from buying anything LG it will have been worth my time to write this. DO NOT BUY LG!!! Worst appliance and customer service I have ever experienced!!!

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  • Ri
    Ristansc Jul 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a new computer system on 04 DEC2017 with a LG CRT Monitor (S. NOl. 2756) from a vendor at Lucknow. It is not working since 20.07.207. The customer care no. on broucher was not working. Then I got the no. of Lucknow Customer care centre [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting) and made complaint on 23.07.207. They promised me to look the problem on same day. On 24.07.207, I again contacted the customer care centre, The asures me that the complaint will be look after same day. Then I took hafd day leave and reached home for waiting the customer care executive. ( I lives alone at the addres where computer installed). I made about 05 phone calls and they were asuring to attend the complaint . But, No executive reached to attend the complaint. Then at approx. 05:00PM I againg called at the no. 4041998 and ask about any seniou officer, Centre manager or the contact no. of LG NOIDA centre. But they dont gave me any number. On the next day, 25.07.2017 I got the no. of service engineer Mr. Yusuf ([protected]). I talked him and he promised me to attend the complaint on same day. I again took the leave from office and wait for any response. Till now, i.e. 26.07.2017 ( 12:30PM) I am still waiting for repairing the monitor. I have a computer related job, so my work is suffring a lot.

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  • Li
    Listerun Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After buying the A/c for a month now the LG customer care is claiming tht they do not have the stock of the filter which was not provided with the new Unit .Although we had to undergo an ordeal to get the A/c after paying cash down in Advance and waiting for good 2 days, If allowed i will never recommend any LG products to any of my known people. We had previously purchased Washing machine, Refrigerator from LG before and had excellent service.Its quite rediculous to note that why your Aircondioning division operates in chaos.

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  • In
    Inmydrr Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a complaint about my lg dvd recorder. mine was 9 months old when it had a motor failure. the part was under warranty, but lg insisted on charging me $85 for the labor to fix it - even thought it was caused by their failure. I had purchased it at best buy and they went to bat for me to try to get lg not to charge me this fee. lg refused. best buy replaced my lg with a sony for a couple more $. lg didn't care about the customer, and didn't care if they lost my business. I will never buy an lg product again and recommend that you not purchase one either.

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  • Wr
    Wrigge Apr 01, 2010

    We purchased what we thought to be a very nice surround sound about a year ago and have been able to use it for about a month total. It has broken 3 times and has been sent in three times to be repaired by LG with no results. The last time that we received it back it was broken on arrival, they didn't even fix it when it was sent in. We then call to get a refund or something equivalent and we are told they need our receipt when we sent in with the original unit to be fixed. (Our mistake for not making a copy). They then expected us to drive three hours to get a receipt printed from where we originally purchased it from because they do not know how to keep records correctly. This is the worst experience that I have ever had with a company. The only way to make this right is a full refund and I will never buy or recommend LG again.

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  • He
    Helen Maureen King Feb 23, 2010

    I purchased a LCDTV model no 32LB9D in November 2017 for over $1, 000.00

    The TV no longer works - no sound - picture and LG customer service could not help me other than to send me to a TV repair shop and did not have the level of knowledge to tell me what was wrong.

    I feel that for $1, 000.00 I should be able to expect longer than 2 years of use from any home appliance purchase

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  • Cu
    Cupilan Jan 13, 2010

    I am a customer of LG Electronics using refrigerator and microwave from your company. I purchased the Refrigerator in 2017 but find problem today regafrding cooling. I lodged a complaint with LG customer care and to my shocking surprise, the complaint was forwarded to Perfect electeronics asnd their rep. visited my home posing as LG Engineer, purported to have replaced the items, charged Rs.2100/- whereas the problem has not yet resolved. I would like you to find out the nexus between customer care office and pvt operators to avoid any reputation loss to LG Co. I am taking this issue with Consumer cell also.

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  • Fa
    farmngal Dec 09, 2009

    This catchy little ditty completely describes my experience with my LG lcd tv. Stay away from LG. Life will not be good if you buy one of their tvs.

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  • Ma
    Mahesh Bala Sep 19, 2009

    I brought my LG 32 inches Jazz on 30th August 2017. The volume of the set was not proper and I had raised a complaint. The servce engineer visited on 5th September 2017 and then told the set will be replaced. It is 19th September 2017 today and the am still awating my replacement TV. When ever I call the service manager, he used to say it will be delivered in next days and the 2nd day never use to come. This a pathatic service level quality of LG. A customer will for sure lose his patience level. All fancy things thhey put in web site...but on ground it is nothings.

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  • Ro
    Ron May 01, 2009

    LG-Electronics should be listed as Life is BAD i.e. LB-Electronics.

    LG French Door Refrigerator - model LFC25770TT

    Seven days since initial call. Still NO functioning refrigerator. Numerous phone calls, waiting and NOTHING.

    Their warranty service and "phone center" reminds me of a John Grisham novel "Say No Long Enough and Don't Follow Up and the consumer will go away" - Company Motto?

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  • Wi
    Wizzy Apr 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a 50" LG Plasma TV in April of 2017. Almost immediately, I started having issues with the sound. The speakers were crackling, the volume would have to be turned all the way up to hear anything and there was an odd "pulsating" sound. I contacted LG and they sent someone out to take a look. The person was coming from an authorized repair shop, since LG said they had no Service Techs in my area ( Philadelphia?? ). The repair guy came out and replaced the PCB board. That night, the TV started again with the same problems. A week or two later ( I work for a living ), I contacted LG again. They said they would have to do some research and let me know what they find. About 3 weeks later, I hadn't heard anything.

    Very, VERY long story short, I've had 4 repair techs come out and try to fix the TV. Its been more then a year. The last person told me that it was "unfixable". He said there was a problem with my HDMI inputs and suggested that I use Component Cables. He said there was no difference. I told him that for $3, 000, I want to be able to use every feature of my TV.

    In 2 days, LG is sending a LG Employed Tech ( thought they didn't have any! ). The LG Customer Service center has been horrible. They've argued with me about everything... they've made promises they didn't keep... I even had one hang-up on me ( I couldn't understand him. When I told him that I needed to speak to someone else, he said that I was being racist. I seriously just couldn't understand what he was saying! ).

    I will never buy another LG product again if this is how they handle the issues on a premium product of theirs.

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  • Ch
    Charan Preet Singh Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    The offer given to me is true or not.

    With Regards,

    Charan Preet Singh
    Mo: +91-[protected]

    The Desk Of The Chairman
    LG Employment Agency
    Recruiting Officials Of*
    LG Electronics Co. Ltd ("LGEC")

    ATTN:Charan Preet Singh,

    Congratulations! On your success and emergency from other applicants
    you have been found qualify for the job offered to you. This mail is
    coming from us based on the following as agreed by the panel that is
    in authority for this project of LG ELECTRONICS UK
    The selection and the appointment are based on the following:
    1. CV and qualification
    2. Mode in which your data is being presented on the employment data
    sheet. Attached herewith is your
    1. Certificate of appointment
    2. Terms of agreement, which you are to read, very well, accept by
    printing and signing it.
    The Hard copies documents have been sent to the immigration office
    earlier for their approval. Upon your Arrival in UNITED KINGDOM these
    are mode activities that will take place:
    Day 1. Reception from the Airport
    Day 2. Meeting of the company senate board
    Day 3. Start Day of the seven days Job and work orientation Workshop
    Then Work Start after the workshop.
    You are required to contact our approved travels agency SWFIT TRAVEL
    INTERNATIONAL immediately for the procurement of the UNITED KINGDOM
    Visa cum residence work permit clearance certificate which you would
    use in getting a visa from the United Kingdom embassy/high commission
    in your home country note you will have to add your contact numbers
    while contacting this agency.

    Contact person: Dr Scott Barry
    Telephone: +[protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    You are required to contact the above if you accept the terms and
    conditions of work for a speedy processing of your papers.
    Because we have agreement with the travel agency to assist all our
    employees especially so that it will be easier for them. So that there
    will be no need of transferring of documents illegally by the company
    or the employee.
    The resident work permit clearance certificate that is needed for any
    employee to work in UNITED KINGDOM should come from the SWIFT TRAVEL
    Note: As written in the terms of agreement, every employee is to get
    the traveling documents and incur the expense personally. The company
    will reimburse all the expense.
    This is because the expense should be incurred by the company but due
    to the past experience we encountered by procuring Visas for employees
    who ended up using the company to gain resident visa into the country,
    we then agreed that every employee should incur the expense of getting
    the Visas and the work permit directly from our approved travel agent
    and apply for reimbursement through the following.
    1. Letter for reimbursement addressed to the Chief Accountant Mrs.
    Charity Abel.
    2. Scanned copy of information where the reimbursement will be paid.
    3. Application for payment of damages incurred during the process of
    procurement of Visas.
    4. Approval Letter from SWIFT TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL here in United Kingdom.
    5. Letter for the 75% advance salary of the first month.
    6. Account information where the reimbursement will be paid.*
    Thanks and God Bless.

    Chief Recruiting Official
    LG Employment Agency
    Tel: +[protected]

    Get news, entertainment and everything you care about at Check it out!

    2 attachments — Download all attachments
    CONTRACT------------Charan Preet Singh.doc
    76K View as HTML Open as a Google document Download

    notification of appointment-----------Charan Preet Singh.doc
    62K View as HTML Open as a Google document Download

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  • Ga
    Ganesh Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased an LG Intello washing machine from Vasanth & Co, Porur, Chennai(Invoice No.[protected]) on the 27th Oct, 2017, this was delivered on the 30th Oct, 2017.I had my repeated calls to the dealer on the 31st Oct to find out if the installation would happen on Saturday (1st Nov, 2017), he promised it will happen and I would receive a call from LG Service centre.It has been found that after several follow ups the call was registered on the 1st Nov, 2017 and I received an SMS for the confirmation (S8CB0104084).
    I receive a call on the 1st Nov from LG service person saying that he would visit my place on the following day between 10-11 AM. Unfortunately we didn’t see any one turn up on the Sunday (2nd Nov, 2017). Now looking at the above facts I’m wondering if LG is fully resourced to handle service calls/demo calls during such promotional sales. It has been 4 days since the delivery of the machine, I haven’t received any confirmation on installation yet, and do you expect me to install the machine myself.
    It has been a week since the WM is delivered and there is no sign of LG service Rep.I am not sure what would be the service going forward.

    All fancy colourful websites and workflows are more of a lip service when it comes to field level execution.

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  • Valerie Aug 29, 2008

    LG refrigerator- company refused to replace broken shelves and sliding doors. Engineering seems poor on this refrigerator. Pieces began breaking within the first year with regular use. We have owned several refrigerators and have had no structural problems before this. We want to make sure that others are aware and shy away from the brand and specific product- model # lfc25760st, serial # 610krgg00367. Sometimes fancier means more things to break. The company, including a supervisor, just spouted the company line instead of considering the loss of a good customer and the possibility of a bad product they need to be responsible for.

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  • Valerie Aug 28, 2008

    Purchased phone prox April 2017. Would not hold charge. Determined after switching batteries that phone had problem, not battery. Got RA to return phone for replacement or repair. Couple weeks later got another phone as replacement. Packager at LG service had put staple through box and cracked face of phone. I got another RA and returned that phone. The same phone came back a week or so later with note that "This producdt is damaged and not repairable. Corosion all over the main board." I explained to LG service we had not used the phone but that it had been shipped back to them in a matte of minutes of being opened. They gave another RA and I returned it again. Recieved it this date. Same phone. Same note about prior damage. We did not damage the phone. It was sent to us like that.

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