LG Electronicsbroken refrigerator

G Jul 14, 2019

On the evening of June 13th 2019 noticed water on the on the floor and the refrigerator was not cooling. Friday June 14th, 2019 called a
Repair Service they said they could come the same day but we
should check with LG to see if the unit was under warranty.
We called LG and was told the refrigerator was under warranty. We
then made a service appointment. Spoke to Irene a supervisor and
the soonest they could get to us was June 21st between 2 and 5 pm.
LG sent a new compressor as we later found out the company was
Selling refrigerators with a known compressor problem and not
Disclosing this to the buyers.
I took the day off from work to be home at 4:45 they called and
Canceled the appointment. They now wanted to reschedule to June
27th almost another week without a refrigerator.

On June 22nd 2019 spoke to a supervisor Keir Deriso and told him we could not wait another week without a refrigerator. He said he would authorize another service company to fix the refrigerator. He contacted Long Island Refrigerator Service Co. We were told we would have service on Monday June 24th. LG sent the incorrect paperwork to LIF it took 2 more days and 8 emails to Keir Deriso to get the authorization. On Wednesday June 27th LIF installed the compressor and it did not fix the problem they told us it needed another part and would complete the repair on Thursday June 28th.

On Thursday June 28th LIF installed the starter and this did not fix the refrigerator. I was told the computer board may be burnt. LIF was concerned about getting paid from LG. I emailed the supervisor I was in touch with Keir Keriso to see our next step. He did not responding I emailed him 2 times on July 1st and 2 times on July 2nd He did not respond.
On July 3rd I called LG Technical Support and spoke to Alex. He told me that it is very unlikely that that the computer board is bad and it was possible that LIF installed the compressor incorrectly. He gave me the number to LG executive service repair center. I spoke to Heather and she told me they would arrange a service date on Friday July 5th. On Friday July 5th I called and spoke to Nina and was told they would call back within 3 days with a service date. They did not call back. I was in the Hospital a few days and called them on Thursday July 11th. I spoke to rich and was guaranteed a call back by Friday July 12th. I did not get a call back. On Friday July 12th I called spoke to Patty and then supervisor Winston. They told me they would call me back in 3 days. I insisted on talking to the head supervisor Tony he did get me a repair date of July 25th 2019. He refused to give me his last name or email for me to follow up.
It will be a total of over 6 weeks without a refrigerator this is not acceptable. I still don't know if they can fix it on the repair date.
I know there is a class action lawsuit against LG because on this problem and they still do not do the right thing.

INVOICE NUMBER [protected] $ 2289.80

8 BALFOUR PATH CELL [protected]

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