Les Schwabhorrid service


I will never take my car here again. I took it there to have my rotors faced. The employee had explained to me that if I wanted my break pads changed they needed to do my whole break system, which would have cost well over 500.00 when I could just have my brother who is certified work on my pads for the cost of the part, so I just had them face my rotors. Well I took my car to my brothers and he couldn't get the bolt that held on my caliburs off I called the store they said oh well I don't want to look for parts come in the morning. I'm pissed. I have to breaks and they told me to come back in the morning.. so I did. THEY LOOSED THE WRONG PART!!! they loosed two screws that held on my rotor so i took it back and explained what part.. well they then told me they couldn't loosen the other parts because they locked tited them.. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SUPER GLUE SOMEONES BOLT TO THEIR CAILBURS??? It look my brother so long to change it out..well come to find out..they had checked all my rotors and said that they had locked tighted them all LAIRS! They only did the front two and my back two were so loose that it could have fallen off while driving. I will NEVER return to this or any other Les Schwabs again!


  • Jo
    Jordann Jun 13, 2009

    sorry my spelling and grammer are horrid

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  • Lo
    Loyal Les Schwab customer Dec 22, 2010

    Well it sounds like your brother doesnt know how to do brakes. The reason Les Schwab puts lock tight on the caliper bolts (and you dont spell caliper like this, CAILBURS) is they dont want anybodys brakes (and you dont spell brakes like this, BREAKS) to come loose after they do a brake job. Also when you go in somewhere to get service done and you have them check it for you. Then you decide to have your idiot brother try to LOOSED it himself, HA HA, you dont spell loosen like that either. Also lock tight is not super glue. Super glue is the stuff you and your inbred brother ate as kids that made you so stupid. You cant spell to save your life. Les Schwab has always done my brakes and I would not even think of going somewhere else. They change the calipers on every vehicle for the customers safety. They dont even charge you half of the cost of the calipers. They also warranty it better than any other place I have been.

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