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We purchased a bed, side table and mattress set 3 weeks ago and it has been nothing but a headache. It started in the store when the salesperson we were dealing with did not have a clue about what she was selling and just wanted the commission. We purchased a clearance mattress for $799 and she advised a box spring for another $300 on a platform bed? As well as a mattress protector for $150 and side table for $200. When I received it and started setting it up I noticed pieces missing, broken and warped boards and non matching supports when I started to put the bed together after removing everything from the boxes for 2 hours. The side table was fine as I proceeded to only have to attach the handles on the front. I am still assembling the bed 3 weeks later because the headboard did not fit on the back of frame as there were no screws drilled in the back to attach it. I had to go to the store and speak to the manager and customer service to solve this as I had to spend the weekend not sleeping in my new bed but rather on the sofa which is also from Leon's. I had told the manager that they can come pick up the box spring that cost me $300 that is not required and once the mattress was put on I needed a ladder to get in the bed. they said it was going to be 3 weeks until they could pick it up (really). You delivered it fast and I am not going to be stuck with it and I wanted it picked up in a couple of days. They finally set up the pick up at my convenience which I am a long time customer for over 12 years. While I was there I had to wait an hour to get new boards and it wasn't even busy. The first girl told me all sales final and they couldn't do anything. That's when I got the managers involved to do something or I was returning it all and going to the Brick. Last year I had a dryer delivered damaged with a big noticeable dent at the front bottom of the machine as well as the machine not working which they sent out someone to repair it instead of sending me a new machine as I requested. I am very hesitant to ever purchase again from Leon's as this has left me scared and worried if I do ever order something again what the problem is going to be the next time. Customer service is very bad and all my time having to deal with this and not being compensated by the company with an I don't care attitude by your staff I am not a happy customer and should be. I would like to come to a store for a purchase that makes me happy and respected as a customer not as I will sell it to you and you deal with it cause I don't care I made the sale and got my commission. Have you know I work in the retail sales business and would bend over backwards if a customer was not satisfied or happy to have them come back and word of mouth goes along way. I did not feel like a valued customer or did I feel like I received a good price on my purchase. I am sure I could have been treated better and received better pricing somewhere else if I had not been in a hurry. I thought I would give Leon's another chance after the hell I was put through with my dryer last year. Not sure if I will be dealing with you again in the future.
Robert and Parris Thompson

May 15, 2019

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