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A person purchases extended warranty for a reason. RIGHT! With Leon's extended warranty you would figure that there would be no problems. LOTS OF PROBLEMS! Back in January (2nd week) of this year I contacted Leon's Extended Warranty because of a few things that had been falling apart on mystove. Said they would have someone out to take a look.

Now I waited until the last week of February to contact the extended warranty program and they stated I needed to contact my local appliance dealer. In Point form this is how it went:

1) Called Appliance repair shop - said that Leon's had not yet contacted them with answer. Faxed them several times.
2) Called Leon's they said they had not received anything.
3) contacted local leon's furniture store in Winnipeg. They said they would find out what as going on. They called back saying that the repairs would not be covered because it was abuse.
4) Called Leon's warranty, they had no clue what was going on and that they did not have a work order for my stove. I asked them how did Winnipeg get and answer.
5) Called local appliance repair shop and asked them to fax me the work order.Got work order - called leons warranty - said someone had seem it because there was some writing on the side.
Complete DENIAL that they had seen it.
6) Talked to one rep said that she had found it later on her supervisors desk. Asked her to get supervisor to call me I wanted to know where the failure in communication happened.

This is where it gets good:

7) Conversation with supervisor - I was accused of
a)Getting someone else in to clean my oven
b)all repairs that where needed should not hinder in the process of cooking. (plugs on top, light in oven, storage drawer on bottom rollers broken)
c) the only thing covered by the extended warranty was the elements
d) Told me that it was my problem that I used my stove to much.

This conversation steamed me and it was not over yet. Inquired about the 7 year parts and labor that the salesman put on my warranty certificate. She said she had no control over what the salesmen put on the warranty. All in all I still got nothing accomplished. Complete denial on leon's part. Filled with accusations and lies to cover their butts.

In the end I will never by anything from Leon's again never mind the scammy extended warranty program.

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Oct 18, 2021 11:33 pm

Purchased the extent warranty and used it once twice I am still under warranty but I just got told I don't have it we don't cover it over one year.. and it was sold to me saying they will even replace the product in 5 years..

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Oct 18, 2021 11:33 pm

Do not worry you not the only one in that scam..

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