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Credit Scam - Don't buy from Leons Furniture!

In 1996 I purchased a new Washer and Dryer from Leons under the don't pay for a year event. I paid for the washer and dryer in full before the year was due.

Between [protected] someone had called me from an agency stating that they had taken over all of Leon's accounts, and they wanted me to provide proof of payment for the washer and dryer! I stated that my records (now over 6-7 years) were destroyed and I could not provide them with record of payment. The person was very rude in dealing with me. A short while later (2004) a collection was placed under my credit bureau.

At that time (2004) sent Equifax a detailed letter explaining my dilemma and they promptly removed this collection from my credit report stating there was a statute of limitations to collect and that it was illegal.

Well guess what? In Sept 2007, I get a collection agency called Contact Resource Services place a collection on my account for the same washer and dryer that I purchased over 11 years ago. Now why would I pay for the washer and dryer twice? Hmm..

I now need help to clear this criminal intent to scam me in paying twice. Your privacy rights are stepped all over and I will complain to every news media and website in the world until Leon's comes clean and gets this resolved for me.

In the meantime, since it is a new collection, Equifax is now stating that Contact Resource Services will not remove my collection from my credit bureau until 2009. I hope to get the issue resolved, but it will be a major headache. In the meantime, I have contacted CTV news and they are investigating.

Do not purchase anything from Leons!!! Keep all your paid receipts on file for life so you don't have to go through the hassle I did!


  • Na
    Nathan C Jago Dec 13, 2007

    I have several complaints about Leon's, starting with the fact that they don't service their own merchandise, they hire it out to a third party (Aptco), which makes it very hard when trying to get your product serviced. It started when my new front loading washing machine from whirlpool started leaking all over the place, I looked at it and seen that the seal around the door had completely ripped off. My wife then phoned to make an appointment to get it fixed (telling them that the seal had ripped off), they took one and a half weeks to come and when the repair man came, he looked at the machine, my wife told him that the seal had ripped off and he said "oh, well we'll have to order the part", and then he left. Not even bothering to look at the machine to see why the seal had ripped off. Nothing happened, no phone calls from Aptco to let us know when the part would be in or when they would be coming back to fix it. Over the next two weeks I tried several times to find out when they would be coming, but I just kept getting the run around. In the meantime my new fridge I purchased, also from Leons, started leaking, we called to make an appointment to have that fixed. But with Aptco, when you make an appointment, they won't give you a time, just a day, then they phone that morning to give you a rough time on when they might be there, but if you miss their phone call they cancell your appointment. Which makes it very hard when you're both busy in the daytime (work, appointments, etc.) So I contacted Aptco to give them my cell number and explained the sitsuation, and asked them to call me on my cell if they couldn't get anyone at my home and I would gladly come home from work to meet the repair man. Of course they didn't do this, so we would come home to find out again that they had cancelled my appointment. Anytime my wife phoned Aptco to find out what was going on, she would get treated quite rudely, so I had to take over phoning, in the daytime, from my work, while I am busy working. We finally got arepair man out to the house for the fridge, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong so he told my wife that he was going to order a part, but didn't think that was what was wrong with it. Again, no phone calls from Aptco to let us know when they'de be back. So I called Leons to talk to someone in charge and make a complaint, I got the supervisor, I explained the whole sitsuation and my frustration, she made some phone calls and called me back to tell me how sorry they were, and that a repairman would be out that thursday to fix my washing machine and the following tuesday to fix my fridge, she also said that they were going to add an additional 6 months to my extended warranty. I thought the problem was finally going to be solved, "BIG MISTAKE'. Thursday comes around, no repairman, my wife phones me in the afternoon to tell me that they had again phoned the house in the day leaving a message that are appointment was cancelled because we were not at home when they phoned. No phone call to my cell even though I had told Aptco, Leon's and Extended Warranty all to phone my cell. So I called Aptco back, they told me they would have him come out between 2:00 and 5:00 and to have somebody at home. The repairman never showed and never phoned. I called back the next day to find out that the repairman doesn't work on Friday and I would have to wait until monday. Again on Monday they did the same thing, leave a message cancelling my appointment. I called back when I got the message and they actually got a repairman out that day. Of course when I used my newly fixed washing machine for the first time, the seal came off again and leaked everywhere. I guess they should have looked at what might have caused the seal to rip off in the first place to find out what the real problem was so they could fix it properly. Oh, by the way, when Tuesday came the repairman never showed up to fix the fridge and we had no phone call from Aptco at all. So I call to let them know that my washing machine is broken, again, and they send the repairman out that day---to rip apart my machine and leave it in peices in my laundry room, while they order yet another part. That was two and a half weeks ago. Still no sign of the repairman or the part. Of course I phone Aptco, and get no where, they don't know when the part will come in. Now I phone Leons and talk directly to their manager, I explain everything again, he tells me he is going to call Aptco himself and get to the bottom of this and call me right back. That was two and a half weeks ago---still waiting to hear from you. I did however get a call from someone else at Leons to tell me that the part was in for my fridge and I could call Aptco to make an appointment, Oh Boy, The Joy. So I call to make an appointment which of course they don't show up for and don't bother phoning. I have three children, and I am spending about $100 a week at the laundry mat. they're washers are darn expensive now days. To date I have spent almost as much at the laundry mat as I did on my useless washing machine. I get to walk by my fridge and step in puddles of water. The biggest mistake I ever made was buying through Leons Furniture, from now on I will only purchase products from dealers who service what they sell themselves. Oh, one more thing about the incompitance of Leons, I had my wallet stolen back in the beggining of all of this, so when I phoned to cancell my Leons cards and get new ones (letting them know my other ones were stolen) they told me "Sir, you don't need to do that, know one else will be able to use your card here." Not being that stupid I cancelled them anyhow and had them send me new cards. But apparently 2 weeks later they had a phone call to have new cards sent to a new address, no alarms sounding here, this gentleman just had his cards and I.D. stolen and requested new cards to his address which is on file, but now he wants 2 more cards sent to a completely different address, well O.K. that sounds legit---they actually sent them the cards. I cannot beleive the stupidety. If after reading this you still decide to shop at Leons, GOOD LUCK, you'll need it!

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  • Be
    Bea Dec 24, 2007

    Having worked at Leon's for several years (but I've quit about 2 years ago -- good riddance), I can tell you that it's only partially their fault.

    What consumers need to understand is that many MANY major companies use 3rd party credit agencies that handle credit lines; Sears does it, The Bay does it, Future Shop and Best Buy also do this. Leon's was using the Trans-Canada or something and then The Associates, then Avco (not Aptco) and when I left, they were using CitiFinancial. Customers NEED to read the terms of service on their application forms and also the welcome letter and such that come with the "credit" card so they don't have to waste their time screaming at the staff at the store when they should be screaming at the finance companies directly.

    You never actually PAY your financing TO Leon's Furniture. You are paying to whatever the heck they're using at the time and this is where the problem comes in. Since the complaint is about something that happened a couple of years ago, I could assume that the system was still pretty much the same as I remember it.

    1) If you pay by cheque, the cheque could be sent late, posted to the wrong account number, or just lost by CitiFinancial. Rule of thumb for cheques is always pay SEVERAL DAYS ahead of the due date because they need time to clear. I WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD REALIZE THIS. This doesn't just apply to deferred payments either.

    2) If you pay by debit card or cash, the only major mistake that could happen here is that the wrong account number was typed it.

    The employee working in the finance department in any store has the responsibility to ensure the correct account number is used. It's easy to do this when purchasing an item since a report is printed out that allows him or her to verify that number on the order matched the one on the promissary note (the small piece of paper that needs to be signed when doing financing). With payments, it's not that easy since there's no other piece of paperwork to verify the account with. The only way I can think of is to go through the payments with the master books that have the account numbers. However, this is not a feasible method given the volume of purchases and payments per day (and the fact that those master tomes don't have the most up-to-date addresses).

    Anyway, while Leon's or any retail store is responsible for part of the finance-related transactions, it's also the responsibilty of the consumer to realize who they're dealing with and also to ENSURE THAT THEIR PAYMENTS ARE POSTED TO THEIR ACCOUNT. If you get statements, check them. If you don't get statements, REQUEST to get them or call the finance company.

    I swear, the one thing that I'm thankful for about working at Leon's is teaching me all the things that go on behind the counter and thus making me a more conscious and cautious consumer. It also made me dislike working in retail but that's another story for another day.

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  • Ro
    Rob Hoddinott Oct 30, 2008

    I bought a TV at Leon's on October 16th, 2008 for $699. On October 25th, I noticed that Future Shop had it on sale for $599. Leon's states that if you find the identical item on sale anywhere else, they'll refund the difference. I gladly went in, and SO NOT THE CASE. They will only refund partical money, because Leon's and Future Shop have different sales conditions. Since Future Shop's one year financing is $99 (as Leon's claims), and Leon's financing is $79 for 15 months, they would only give me $80 back. While I was at Leon's I called Future Shop, and they state that their financing for one year is only $59. So, Leon's started back-peddling stating that their finance terms aren't the same and would only give me back $80. They were persistant on that. So, after verbally attacking back and forth, they finally gave me the $100. After they showed me document (and stating that I couldn't have it because they have to submit it to their financing company), it was for $100.01. I said "where's the taxes? It should be $113!) Their response was "you were only supposed to get $80 back". I was livid, and left the store, not before an outburst of "this store is a rip-off and never shop here".

    Since their financing is 15 months for $79, and Future Shop's is $59, they will never price match dollar for dollar. They will reduce their "price match" to match their financing terms. If that's the case, then they truely aren't price matching.

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  • Je
    Jenhottie99 Sep 07, 2009

    I got a bad credit rating because someone under my name bought something @ Leons & now I am paying the price for it. I never bought anything there & I guess I asked them for something with my signature on it but they have yet to produce it. I keep on recieving letters in the mail from Tel Aviv saying I can pay 1/2 of the amount & they will be happy. Now why would I pay for something I never bought? My credit is shot because of this. I hired a lawyer & he contacted CitiFinancial & they cannot produce any records of anything from Leons. Why can't they just erase this off my credit report? I got turned down for a truck loan, house loans & even creit cards. My parent has to buy the house we are living in because I have bad crdit (I had perfect credit before this situation). This has pretty much ruined my life. I know how you guys feel! I went to the police & since it happened more than 7 years ago they can't help me. I went to Leons & they can't even tell me what I bought!! What to do? Any suggestions?

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  • Wi
    winnipegfurniture Jun 22, 2010

    Winnipegfurniture says: good article

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  • No
    Nobody Mar 03, 2011

    yup, the stuff usually breaks after 1 year and then they say sorry nothing we can do for you

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  • Ken_Masters Mar 03, 2011

    Check out for more on Leon's and The Brick. They're both very shady, and have numerous complaints against them on that site. Bad Boy's Furniture is also another company you best avoid.

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  • Mi
    Mightymeeg62 Mar 04, 2014

    Just a follow up to my original post above.
    CTV News did a story and it the matter was resolved almost instantaneously as the statute of limitations expired on the claim. Leon's did have some pull as it seemed that the collection agency that put the collection on my file mysteriously went out of business and the collection was removed from my file. Thank you Leons.
    To assist others in these types of matters, you must do everything you can to complain to the appropriate parties. I called Leon's directly who at first refused to assist me with these matters, and I also complained to the collection agency who tried to be aggressive with me. I did not back down. I also called and emailed the Alberta Government in regards to these matters. I gave everyone a chance to do the right thing, but they did not at first. I then called CTV News and unfortunately the damage to Leon's reputation was done.
    Here are some hints at moving your complaints forward. If the first person you call is not able to assist you, ask for a manager or his superior until you get to the top of the organization. Don't be afraid to ask for the CEO or President, they can make decisions that others wont make. Contact your government departments that deal with consumer complaints. Contact the news media as your last resort if your complaint does not move forward.

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  • Ma
    mayrose4u Jun 17, 2014

    Leons-in Sudbury Ontario-has terrible customer service-I have spent 1900.00-and am treated like an idiot-no smiles-no laughter. It's being delivered today-Tuesday/June 17/2014. I spoke with a few people who told me the furniture will arrive-as late as 11pm. Who delivers furniture-close to midnight. They also-had the order-mixed up-and I'm hoping it gets delivered no later than 5-6pm. Thed sales persons-walk around like they don't care-no sense of humour-or expertise. The persons in the front desk-don't know what they are doing either-and are not professional. If my furniture is not delivered today-at a reasonable time-in good shape-I will make sure that the media knows-consumer protection-my local MPP-and anyone else. I'm afraid to shop at this store again. I was treated like they didn't care. I'm serious-when I say-if Leons wants to stay in business in Sudbury-then-they better crack down on their employees. Here's hoping the furniture is in good shape. Chair-ottoman-sofa-coffee table. Yours truly-Maureen Doyle-at 705-560-9011.

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  • Ma
    mayrose4u Jun 17, 2014

    What she said and more

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