LensCrafterspoor quality of lens

After the forth pair of lens they still can't get it right. Now they refuse to refund my money, they want to keep trying to get the lens right. 7 weeks 4th pair ! I think not.
I've worn glasses for 30 years and never have I had as poor of quality as from them.
I've never returned a pair of glasses ever in my life. These lens are crap. They even used (so they said) the best material they have.
Well they have poor techs working on them too, first 3 lens they gave me had scratches all over them. But they asked why I couldn't just wear them like that!
I told them the Purple Fringe was the worst I've ever seen, the head tech asked me what that was.
I told him I would expect someone in his position should know that.
(look it up on internet)

If you are doing your research and looking for quality... DO NOT GO TO LENSCRAFTERS !


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    optigal72 Mar 19, 2010

    Purple fringe is more of a photo term- in the eyeglass field you would refer to it as chromatic aberration. As for your situation I would go to the LC website and contact customer service via email. Most stores, after going through that many remakes, would prefer to just give the money back than dealing with the issue again.

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