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As of 2009, Lenscrafters will no longer match their employee's 401k contributions. They are reducing Full-time hours, taking away portions of employees Paid-Time-Off and reducing raises for annual performance reviews. What a great way to say thanks to your employees for helping you to increase your sales by 10%. Please add your comments!


The incentive for young people has been that matching funds that companies have been supplying to them and now without that, I think the incentive to save is going to be plunging.

  • St
    Stephen Mar 17, 2009

    Hey all you folks do is complaint about how bad the company is. So why don`t you form a UNION. You all work you ### all these years and at the end being treated like you are worthless. With Union, they can`t treat you like this. This is a big company and it is just right to be treated nicely in return.

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  • Si
    sigmaguybass May 29, 2009

    Lux still has a 401k and a Pension, they also are not rewarding poor performance of unconsistant behavior among associates thru doctors. They have NOT laid off anyone and they have frozen increaseses for Docotors on up the the corporate ladder.

    Lux is making these changes so that they can control there profit a little more closely and not have to do layoffs. Whats so wrong with that?? Payroll is the number one contributing factor to Cost Control in any business and with how spending from the general public is going we cant afford to have the same amount of people on our staff because we arent making the money need to support those Hours.

    This is just simple business, If you Sell more units you have more Hours. Dont complain about having a job, especially a job that has a 401k, pension, multiple dentals plans, multiple Health insurance plans for Full and Part time Associates and Great Discounts on Eyewear for employees...

    Look at teh BIG picture. Look at what we have as a whole, look at personal performance so that you can get those maximized hours in your location.

    These are just cost control measures any smart business person would take so that they can still grow there business in a slightly declined economy.

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  • An
    aners May 29, 2009

    yeah i mean, lenscrafters has some fierce competition! like.. uhhh..
    anyways, if you are over 35 and working here, DO NOT WAIT and start looking for another job, now. Once companies start making these weird moves that make no sense, its because they are determined to go bargain-basement-bottom-of-the-barrel cheap in order to "grow". And that means getting rid of older workers in an orchestrated campaign. Its easier to look for a job, while you have a job. Don't delay.

    Circuit city did this same kind of stuff. They dont care that you might have skills. They only care that you cost more than the 19-22 y/o they wish they could replace you with.

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  • Su
    SuzzieQ Jun 09, 2009

    LensCrafters took all of those measures so they would not have to lay employees off and so they could offer better job security! Do your resaerch!

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  • Gi
    Givemesometruth Jan 25, 2010

    LC has laid people off in the CSC Department. And replaced them with part-time workers! And tomorrow there is another round of lay-offs in headquarters. LC has 9 years in a row of decreasing customer count! Why? This business model cannot compete with Walmart and the $8.00 glasses ( yes, it is true ) you can buy on-line! It is a different world. And LC has to change to survive. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but the world will keep spinning either way.

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no customer service!

I Purchased over $1000.00 worth of glasses at Lakeland, Fl Lenscrafter on Florida Ave & the left lens kept coming out, would not tighten. They refused to give me a screw to take with me when it works out. But they would allow me to drive almost 18 miles without my required glasses in heavy traffic for them to put a screw in. What is the thinking behind this? A two cent screw cost them a customer for LIFE! Plus the laminate on my sunglasses lifted off the lenses and they could have cared less. A screw of all things!

  • Su
    SuzzieQ Jun 09, 2009

    DO you have a tiny little screw driver and tweezers to put it in with? If so they should have given you a screw.

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faulty glasses

I purchased two pair of glasses with these people and totally disappointed!!! They started peeling and becoming blurry with 6 months! I took them back and they said they can fix them at my cost of only 1/2 off!!! I paid 800.00 PLUS INTEREST for these glasses. It's not like I can do without them! Of course I tried to get help but I guess they dont care because they make so much money my little bit wont make a difference. BUT the word of mouth will!!! I plan on telling all my family and friends about them and their lack of services. I would like to see another class action lawsuite against these people. I had to pay another 350.00 to fix one pair of the eye glasses. My doctor told me they use cheap lenses and they don't put the protective coat on them. If you take your glasses to your doctor they can tell you just what a deal you got! Boy 800.00 later!


I bought an expensive pair of prescription bifocal glasses, with clip on sunglasses. Less than two years, the frame snapped at a joint. I paid to have the frames replaced. Less than 1.5 years later, the new frames broke at a joint (obvious design flaw). They would do nothing about it. They said outside of their one year warranty, they weren't obligated and I could call Customer Service to have it explained further. After dropping over $3, 468 at Lenscrafter, all tallied, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Talk about shoddy customer service. Being a long time customer, recommending them to friends and colleagues and dropping over $3K to a store means absolutely nothing to them. If I treated my customers the same way, I'd be standing in front of the liquor store, begging for change just to eat.

These people know NOTHING about sales. There are two sayings in sales:
1. It's far easier to keep one existing customer, than to gain one new customer.
2. Happy customers tell ten people, unhappy customers tell 100 people. This unhappy customer is going to tell everyone I encounter.

  • An
    anonymous Feb 10, 2009

    Lens crafters isn't a great company but you are supposed to replace your glasses every year and most glasses retailers only have a 30-60 day warranty. There is no optical place that would replace frames 3 1/2 years after you originally bought them that I have heard of and I have been an optician for 5 years.

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  • Ga
    gator kat Mar 24, 2009

    I have to agree that Lenscrafters at Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque has gone down hill in terms of customer service. My husband ordered glasses 3 weeks ago which never came in. Whenever we called to inquire about them, we were told "Oh, they sent two left lenses, they sent the wrong lenses", and on and on. So, today we went to get our money back. The person who waited on us, a "supervisor", was pathetic. She offered no apology or explanation for the poor service. Instead, in her attempt to come off as "authoritative and in charge", she came off as rude, uneducated about proper customer service and down right snotty. Perhaps this demeanor is an attempt to cover up some shortcomings such as maybe she just isn't "supervisor" material at all.

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faulty frames

I bought my glasses less than a year ago, at the cost of over $500.00, and the frame broke. I went back to Lens Crafters and they informed me there was nothing they could do about it and I could buy a new pair of glasses. I will NEVER do business at Lens Crafters again and I am advising my company of the problem so they can see if they still want to send thier employees to them. They should be made to stand behind the product or get out of the business.

  • Br
    Brandy Shelley Feb 12, 2009

    I also purchased a pair of glasses through Lenscrafters. I purchased them in August and they were broken before Christmas, less than 4 months. I was also told that I could purchase another pair for 1/2 the cost of the frames, basically a whole new pair of glasses. I was also told they could not fix them there but that I could go to a different place. What a rip off and a scam. I can't afford to purchase two pairs of glasses a year. I will never go back to Lenscrafters. You shouldn't either.

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  • Tk
    tkirkpatrick May 09, 2009

    So, you are angry at Lenscrafters because you were irresponsible and broke your glasses and they won't give you free ones? Sorry, but try that complaint with your new car, clothing, or anything else. You break it you replace it. It's time people started taking responsibility and stop asking for handouts. You can't chalk this one up to "poor customer service."

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  • Cm
    cmenigoz Jul 12, 2009

    I purchased a very expensive pair of Ray Bans progressives and within a year, I had scratched them. I went back to Lenscrafters and I had to purchase another set of lenses since the glasses were over 30 days old. I spend over $800 for two pairs of Ray Bans.

    Now less then 6 months from the replacement of the lenses, I have a hairline crack in the OD lense and I am pissed. Now, being an Optician and a Ophthalmic Technician with specialized training, I am confident that this is a manufacturing defect in their lense material that Lenscrafters is using.

    I want a new lense now! Lets see how Lenscrafters really does take care of their customers.

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  • Li
    lizbe Jul 26, 2009

    I'm sorry, but you're made aware of the Breakage Protection Plan when you purchase a pair of glasses from Lenscrafters. I know it's easy to forget these things, but don't say they're a rip-off when you agree to the terms and conditions by PURCHASING THEIR PRODUCT! Glasses aren't indestructable. In the 15 years I've been wearing glasses, I've NEVER had a pair of glasses that didn't last for well over a year. In fact, the only time I get new glasses is when I want a new style. Perhaps those of you who can't comprehend why a business won't replace (at no cost) what you've negligently owned ought to start paying attention when you purchase a medical device that costs so much. If you're willing to pay hundreds of dollars up front but are unwilling to pay for new ones at a fraction of the cost, then you should ask questions about proper care. Write down what you're told, even. It'll help you in the long run. Do you complain to The Gap months later when the sweater you've purchased starts to get those little balls on it because you don't wash them according to the label? It's the same thing!

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  • Mi
    Michael Pollard Aug 18, 2009

    My husband and I also purchased a pair of glasses through Lenscrafters early last year. Both frames are now broken!! I was told that I could purchase another pair, and that the frames could not be fixed ? What ?? I've never heard of this before. We have purchaseed 5 pairs so far from them within the past 3 years. I was also told that they could not fix them there but that I could go to a different place. What a rip off !! We cannot afford to purchase two pairs of glasses again this year. We will never go back to Lenscrafters ever again. It's sad that they do NOT take care of their customers.

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defective lens

Eyeglasses keep cracking in the same place - - - 5 times. They made me buy new frame - - the lens cracked again - - in the same place.

  • Ca
    Caroline H. Apr 27, 2007

    My husband and I have dealt with Lenscrafters for several years and been very satisfied until now. Neither of us can clean the lenses, they are always smeary. The lens towelettes do nothing. My husband has stopped wearing his glasses altogether. Is there some magic way of cleaning these lens?

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  • To
    tora May 16, 2007

    I don't know if this will help, but my husband has had that same complaint about the anti-glare coating on his lenses. He got his next pair without that coating and they were just fine. Hope this helps!

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  • Tw
    tweet722 Feb 20, 2009

    I just had a horrible experience with Lenscrafters. Less than a week after getting them, I cleaned them properl with Lenscrafters towelettes and they put scratches on my lenses. They replaced them no problem. Two days after getting them back..same thing happens. Go back tonight to have them replaced an paid more to have the double scratch protection and when I get my glasses I can't see through them. They assure me it's the correct perscription but clearly it wasn't as I could not see out of them. They did not offer any options to me. So I got them to pop the lenses out and got a refund on lenses. Will take frames elsewhere to get lenses.

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my mother treated badly

I gave a gift certificate to my elderly mother for Chrstmas. She as many othera live on a strict income. the $500.00
was to cover exam and the glasses of her choice. Apparently she had lost the certificate. She called and told me she had done something wrong, as many elderly people tend to feel in this society. The elderly are usually not treated with kind hands. I said mom give the phone to the tech, he boldly told me that she HAD TO HAVE THE CERTFICATE. Well when it comes to my mother watch out for me.
I told the soon to be reported to a higher authority tech, that he had better look in the gift book, look at her receipt and give her the kindest care or else. He tried to back me done but got an ear full. This happened just a half hour ago. while searching the district office of LENS CRAFTERS, I saw this site.
Presently she is on her way home (1 and a 1/2 hr drive) as they closed early. By the way she is not able to drive and my loving 17 year old nephew is taking her home. She feels she did something wrong. Not finished with this issue.


  • Ho
    horsebreaker Mar 09, 2009

    A disgusting company to be sure .
    They scam folks, The employees are depressed or
    criminal when you complain about the service after you have paid they
    look at you as if you are the person that made a mistake, they are right
    my mistake was going to LensCrafters in the first place.

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  • Tk
    tkirkpatrick May 09, 2009

    I do feel for your mother, but no company just randomly replaces lost gift certificates. They are to be used as cash for services rendered. If they did replace them that way..imagine how many others would be "losing" them.

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  • Si
    sigmaguybass May 25, 2009

    The company is not disgusting and trying to win a Vocal "fist fight" over the phone isn't civil. If your mother needed more attention because "you" didnt think she might not have been helped with "kind hands" maybe you should have accompanied her? As for the gift certificates, if one was lost im sure if you had talked to a Manager not a "tech" you could have been helped in a more proficent way. (In NO way am I saying technicians, lab or doctors office <depending on state>, do not offer great customer service to our patients/customers)

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error by lens crafters re: account

I purchased two sets of eyeglasses at the above business. Unbeknownst to me, they opened up a Lenscrafters Account and charged part of my purchase to the account.
Subsequently, they turned the bill over to GE Collections service, which was sending invoices to the wrong name and address. In addition, when my Social Security number is entered by GE, another person's name is shown. I am having trouble clearing up my credit history and am greatly concerned that my social security number has been compromised.
Please help with any suggestions for resolution.
Thank you
Christine Naranjo [protected]@windstream.net

  • Ga
    gator kat Mar 24, 2009

    I wholeheartedly agree--Lenscrafters has gone downhill--way downhill in the past few years. Here is my experience in Albuquerque, NM.

    My husband ordered glasses 3 weeks ago which never came in. Whenever we called to inquire about them, we were told "Oh, they sent two left lenses, they sent the wrong lenses", and on and on. So, today we went to get our money back. The person who waited on us, a "supervisor", was pathetic. She offered no apology or explanation for the poor service. Instead, in her attempt to come off as "authoritative and in charge", she came off as rude, uneducated about proper customer service and down right snotty.

    It did come to mind that perhaps this woman's I am superior to you, nasty demeanor was an attempt to cover up some shortcomings such as maybe she just isn't "supervisor" material at all, and maybe she should not be employed in the customer service sector.

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fraud and cheating

LensCrafters sucks----that is the lesson to be learned here. My husband has been working for LensCrafters for...

crappy customer service

I purchased glasses from LensCrafters. After 8 months one of the nose pads broke off the frame. I was told they were unfixable and I needed to buy a new frame. After I paid for the frame, I was told I could take it to a jewelery repair shop and have it welded. But of course that was only at "temporary" fix. A week later I went back to inquire about my new frame. Lo and behold, it is now no longer available. So, I could now have the pleasure of purchasing a different frame AND new lenses for 50% off. HUH? So my $600 overpriced glasses are now going to cost me another $400. I do not have $1000 to spend on one pair of glasses that lasted only 8 months. They wanted to charge me $219 for a new frame, and of course at 50% off it came to $116. Then it would be another $300 for new lenses at their 50% off. I came home and found the exact same frame that they say is no longer available on a website for $113 with FREE shipping. So I guess now I can see why they can offer a 50% off replacement for the first year. Everything is marked up 100%. You know the company selling the frame for $113 is still making money, so LensCrafters is not losing a single penny by making you buy a replacement for their crappy shoddy frames. Not to mention that the frame from the website comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Where is that at LensCrafters? Just one more tidbit of information they conceal to make more money. I am now looking into the possibility of a class action suit against them. I would have to wonder how many other customers they have ripped off when their frame breaks in the year and suddenly it becomes "unavailable" and now they have to purchase an entire new set of glasses.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS RIPOFF STORE!! Tell anyone and everyone their guarantee is worthless!

  • Su
    SuzzieQ Jun 09, 2009

    You are dumb-I am uncertain why people cannot take responability for their things! You wore the glasses, you broke them, and now it is suddenly LensCrafters job to replace them? The frames were probably not discontinued from the company who makes them, but LensCrafters may have discontinued them from their stock. Or the company you purchased them from on line purchases frames that are being discontinued and sell them for less. But lets blame someone else for you problems that is easier.

    0 Votes
  • Li
    lizbe Jul 26, 2009

    Dude, you broke your glasses. You keep complaining about everything being overpriced, but I find it hard to believe that you couldn't fine a cheaper frame. It sucks that the frame is discontinued from their stock and you had to buy new lenses as well, but honestly, you should take better care of something that's so expensive if you don't want to pay to replace them. Nose pads don't just break off like that unless you're not taking care of them. If your heart was set on the frame you found online, you should have purchased it online and gotten the lenses 50% off. OR you should have asked them to price match the frame with the 50% discount. Either way, they're taking a hit on their profits because YOU broke your glasses.

    0 Votes

defective transition lenses

I also purchased transition lenses and started to see "smudges" and thought it was just dirt. I cleaned and...

eye glasses

Had a great exam through their eye doctor chose frames they needed to be sent out. Was told could take 10 days but usually doesn't. Called 7 days later they had a hard time finding my order. Nope not in yet. Called 10 days later lens place didn't have my frames. Maybe friday (15 days later) 10th day called district manager very sorry looking into it. Called me back put a rush on it. wil be here Thursday or Friday (15 days late) Git a call thursday glasses will be in today. Drive 21 miles you guessed it not here. Demanded a refund paid cash. Sorry I don;t have enough monet in the register here's an out of state check. Don't get mad GET EVEN !!! I am filing a complaint with the BBB and complaining to the Attorney Generals Office.


rude doctor

Yesterday, i experienced the worst eye exam of my life at lenscrafters. Dr. Rebecca pitt - jackson was so...

horrible & rude people


Recently I brought a Pair of glases, after 10 days I have decided to change to transitional lens. They have called to replace my lens, But the technician found that glases ordered are not, after that my touble started, The General Manger of Store is very Ride and lack manners. They dont care for customers et all, After their mistake of messup they think giving back credit is a great favour. I said them they are not doing any favour by giving back credit for the work they did not compleate. The GM of store threateaned me and behaved herself in a very un professional manner. I know No body cares these People, How shall we make the top Management of the company Understand, that A customer is a God ..Shame on You Lens crafter

terrible experience

I went to LensCrafters to buy a new pair of glasses and they have a 'menu' of different lens type...

terrible place

So if you don't mind crappy, overpriced, service and products, check out LensCrafters.

First of all, I went in to LensCrafters for them to fix a pair of glasses. Instead of fixing them they broke them so I would buy another pair of glasses. And then over charged me for my lenses. So far every time I have been to the store, I have had poor service and bad quality purchases. I would not recommend going to LensCrafters for anything. Try Site for Sore Eyes or Pearle Vision.

My experience with LensCrafters has been in PA as well as in CA.

  • Si
    sin Nov 13, 2008

    your a ###. First you recommended someone goes to Site 4 sore eyes. While I agree LC is not a good choice, Site is far worse and talk about scams..yikes.

    Second, Pearle Vison is owned by Luxotttica retail, the same company as Lens Crafters

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  • Jo
    john turek Dec 01, 2008

    My wife went to lens crafters for a secound eye exam purchased glasses and paid over 400.00 5.5 months later the lens have stress crackes one all the way cross her len, thay will replace them at 50% the cost of the lens witch would be 240.00, 2 years ago the same thing happened and thay replaced the lens for free, my lens only lasted about very cheap lens for the cost, i would never go into another lenscrafters again and not recomend them to anyone thay sell scrap.

    0 Votes
  • Si
    sigmaguybass May 25, 2009

    ...So if you don't mind crappy, overpriced, service and products, check out LensCrafters...

    Crappy and overpriced service and products, really? Lets disect your statement.

    Crappy and overpriced, Untrue-but you say so because you didnt get what you wanted at the price you wanted to pay.

    We dont fix glasses so that we can break them and charge our patients because we think the should get another pair.

    Im sure you forgot to tell us that when we went to fix them that you were told that "if anything should happen to the frame or lenses that its not our responisability, do to it not being our frame."

    Whe you come to Lenscrafters you get a Premium Product @ a premium price @ a premium time. One hour service. You came to LC because you knew we could try to help you.
    If you go to a car dealer with you car and its making funny noises and ask them to look at it, they do, then it doesnt start You blame them??

    I dont understand you logic. Point the blame, that all these message boards seem to do. Learn to have SOME personal accountability.

    have a nice day.

    1 Votes
  • Su
    SuzzieQ Jun 09, 2009

    Agree with above!

    0 Votes
  • Am
    Amykathryn636 Dec 12, 2009

    In response to John's message, stress cracks that happen after five and a half months are caused by customer abuse. Stress cracks that occur because of poor manufacturing (lens was too big for frame) appear at least within 90 days, though usually sooner.

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  • Dp
    DP1518 Nov 29, 2010

    You're a terrible person to think that we purposely break customers frames. You've never been on the side of the associate who takes someone 5 year old frames that have seen WAYYYY too much love, and do a small change to them that causes them to break. Trust me, we all feel awful, and to have someone say that we're all scam artists is insulting. Whenever anyone in our store does tweaks to old frames we warn you ahead of time (we were all trained to do this) that they may break.

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no customer service

I bought a very expense pair of glasses and first broke and then they replace and the second pair broke and with same issues and they would not do anything about this company ***., I went several times to the store about the same complaint they kept saying do not worry the glasses will be alright then they broke again. Also they accused me of miss using them such I did not I only wore these when I went out for good because of the expense Of buying them such was over 500.00. I think they need to accounted for what they did.

very bad customer service

Lens Crappers has very bad customer service!

This is the Oceanside store in California. The staff did not call my husband to tell him that when his glasses came in, they were defected and had to be sent out again. It took 3 weeks to get his glasses. There is bad communication between the so called "staff".

The "manager" named Karla said she would credit my husband’s credit card $50.00 for the inconvenience, but when he went to pick up his glasses she was already gone for the day and did not leave any note of any kind with my husband’s glasses so that the then "manager" Sherry would not credit my Husbands credit card. Sherry said Karla did not tell her anything about the situation and would credit his credit card.

We will never go to Lens Crappers again.

  • Ms
    Ms. Moriarty Oct 31, 2008

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have I had such problems with glasses. I should have known better. I need invisible progressives. I ordered them with the special coating --I've had many pairs of glasses with the coating on them and never had a problem. Two months after wearing them I noticed pitting or bubbling on one of the lenses. They replaced them. Tried to get me to leave my glasses with them. I don't have $400 to throw around on spare glasses. They tried to get me to purchase their 50% off lenses. Right, like I might make another purchase at Lenscrafters. Now, we're 6 months down the road and the same thing happened again. The manager tried to pin it on me -- must be the way I clean them or care for them. THEN WHY DIDN'T IT HAPPEN TO THE OTHER LENS. Whoever they use to make their lenses should be shot. NEVER WILL I BUY GLASSES HERE AGAIN.

    -1 Votes
  • Ka
    Kat Apr 29, 2009

    Ms. Moriarty,

    It does not matter that you are lucky to have not had all of your lenses crack on you from incorrect cleaning--you should avoid cleaning lenses with dishsoap, Windex, and other chemicals not specifically formulated to be gentle with the special coating you ordered. If you do not want to purchase a cleaner that is meant to be used on glasses, water works fine and use a 100% cotton cloth (not Kleenex.)

    Lenscrafters also needs you to leave your glasses so they can make the lenses fit correctly, otherwise they cannot do anything to help you. It is entirely possible to purchase a spare pair without spending $400 at Lenscrafters, and it is entirely possible to purchase a nice inexpensive spare pair at another place while staying with Lenscrafters for a more fashion-conscious pair.

    Lastly, Lenscrafters doesn't make the lenses themselves, but just as they work in tandem with companies like Ray-Ban and Prada, the same goes for lenses.

    0 Votes

polarization problem with sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in November of 2007 from the Lenscrafters in Bakersfield, California. In May 2008, I noticed that the lenses had cracks horizontally in the polarization tinting on both lenses. It cost me $130 to have new lenses installed. (Lenscrafters said the lenses were scratched). The cracks looked exactly like a bad window tinting job you see on the rear window of a car after a few years.

I looked at the new lenses and noticed that in one month, the polarization tinting was appearing to stretch and distort in the corners of the lenses. On August 28, 2008, after only 3 months, the right lenses had the same cracking in the tint that the previous pair had. Lenscrafters replaced both lenses without charge but I have a feeling that this will reoccur again.

  • Ka
    Kat Apr 29, 2009

    Lenscrafters does not tint polarized lenses, nor do they tint them like a vehicle's windows. It isn't a piece of film they place over clear lenses to create the effect of polarization. Maybe you are confused or the customer service did not do a very good job at explaining what lenses you were purchasing?

    Make sure to only clean them with 100% cotton towels (not Kleenex), never use dishsoap or Windex because the chemicals can eat the lenses, do not leave them in a hot place for an extended amount of time (ex: car in the summer), and remember to place your sunglasses back in their case when not in use.

    I know having scratches appear really sucks, especially when you look at the price, but remember to be as gentle with them as you would be with something else for the same price!

    1 Votes
  • Su
    SuzzieQ Jun 09, 2009

    Also if exposed to saltwater or chemicals can cause problems with the polarization!

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    jackandandy Feb 15, 2010

    Do you have a clue as to what you are talking about? A polarized lens has a film called a polarized laminate attached to it! Any half wit optician knows that. The fracture marks the customer saw in his lenses were due to improper fit of the lens. the rainbow looking colors that appear before the cracks are caused by stress on the lens; the lens was cut slightly to large and when inserted into the frame was squeezed or bent away from the actual base and cross curves, not only will this result in a cracked lens but surface delamination may also occur. Somtimes labs like The one here, will try to hand edge the lens and the result is usually a ring or unsightly white ness that traces the edges of the lens. the customer should call the corporate Luxotica and demand a refund. I hate when people try to justify secondhand quality work as a customers issue! The store manager ANITA, or Lab Manager Will should be able to help the customer with his or her refund.

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Ron Howlett Nov 15, 2014

    I bought a pair of Ray Ban with Polarization in 2011 and now have issues the lens. I took them into the store and they said it was salt water or Hawaii weather that has destroyed the polarization portion to the lens?
    I am not on a boat all day or live by the ocean and cannot see why this should be happening. I really
    thinks its a bad product they have issued. They sold me a plastic type of lens instead of the glass ones because they do not make a polarized lens for this particular model. I am still going to get to the bottom of
    the issue and think they have defective lens because I have a pair of Style Eyes glasses with the exact plastic polarized lens and they are still perfect and they are much older too.

    0 Votes

false charity program

I have spent hundreds on glasses, sunglasses, etc. at Lens Crafters over the years. Recently I had an...