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LensCrafters - rude doctor

Yesterday, i experienced the worst eye exam of my life at lenscrafters. Dr. Rebecca pitt - jackson was so terribly rude that i could hardly believe she has a career in any field, let alone as a...

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Nov 20, 2008

LensCrafters - horrible & rude people


Recently I brought a Pair of glases, after 10 days I have decided to change to transitional lens. They have called to replace my lens, But the technician found that glases ordered are not, after that my touble started, The General Manger of Store is very Ride and lack manners. They dont care for customers et all, After their mistake of messup they think giving back credit is a great favour. I said them they are not doing any favour by giving back credit for the work they did not compleate. The GM of store threateaned me and behaved herself in a very un professional manner. I know No body cares these People, How shall we make the top Management of the company Understand, that A customer is a God ..Shame on You Lens crafter

Nov 15, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - terrible experience

I went to LensCrafters to buy a new pair of glasses and they have a 'menu' of different lens types. I saw the AVP lenses on their website and it showed a wider and clearer version of conventional...

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Oct 17, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - terrible place

So if you don't mind crappy, overpriced, service and products, check out LensCrafters.

First of all, I went in to LensCrafters for them to fix a pair of glasses. Instead of fixing them they broke them so I would buy another pair of glasses. And then over charged me for my lenses. So far every time I have been to the store, I have had poor service and bad quality purchases. I would not recommend going to LensCrafters for anything. Try Site for Sore Eyes or Pearle Vision.

My experience with LensCrafters has been in PA as well as in CA.

Nov 29, 2010

You're a terrible person to think that we purposely break customers frames. You've never been on the side of the associate who takes someone 5 year old frames that have seen WAYYYY too much love, and do a small change to them that causes them to break. Trust me, we all feel awful, and to have someone say that we're all scam artists is insulting. Whenever anyone in our store does tweaks to old frames we warn you ahead of time (we were all trained to do this) that they may break.

In response to John's message, stress cracks that happen after five and a half months are caused by customer abuse. Stress cracks that occur because of poor manufacturing (lens was too big for frame) appear at least within 90 days, though usually sooner.

Agree with above!

...So if you don't mind crappy, overpriced, service and products, check out LensCrafters...

Crappy and overpriced service and products, really? Lets disect your statement.

Crappy and overpriced, Untrue-but you say so because you didnt get what you wanted at the price you wanted to pay.

We dont fix glasses so that we can break them and charge our patients because we think the should get another pair.

Im sure you forgot to tell us that when we went to fix them that you were told that "if anything should happen to the frame or lenses that its not our responisability, do to it not being our frame."

Whe you come to Lenscrafters you get a Premium Product @ a premium price @ a premium time. One hour service. You came to LC because you knew we could try to help you.
If you go to a car dealer with you car and its making funny noises and ask them to look at it, they do, then it doesnt start You blame them?

I dont understand you logic. Point the blame, that all these message boards seem to do. Learn to have SOME personal accountability.

have a nice day.

Dec 01, 2008

My wife went to lens crafters for a secound eye exam purchased glasses and paid over 400.00 5.5 months later the lens have stress crackes one all the way cross her len, thay will replace them at 50% the cost of the lens witch would be 240.00, 2 years ago the same thing happened and thay replaced the lens for free, my lens only lasted about very cheap lens for the cost, i would never go into another lenscrafters again and not recomend them to anyone thay sell scrap.

Nov 13, 2008

your a ###. First you recommended someone goes to Site 4 sore eyes. While I agree LC is not a good choice, Site is far worse and talk about scams..yikes.

Second, Pearle Vison is owned by Luxotttica retail, the same company as Lens Crafters

Oct 15, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - no customer service

I bought a very expense pair of glasses and first broke and then they replace and the second pair broke and with same issues and they would not do anything about this company ***., I went several times to the store about the same complaint they kept saying do not worry the glasses will be alright then they broke again. Also they accused me of miss using them such I did not I only wore these when I went out for good because of the expense Of buying them such was over 500.00. I think they need to accounted for what they did.

Sep 10, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - very bad customer service

Lens Crappers has very bad customer service!

This is the Oceanside store in California. The staff did not call my husband to tell him that when his glasses came in, they were defected and had to be sent out again. It took 3 weeks to get his glasses. There is bad communication between the so called "staff".

The "manager" named Karla said she would credit my husband’s credit card $50.00 for the inconvenience, but when he went to pick up his glasses she was already gone for the day and did not leave any note of any kind with my husband’s glasses so that the then "manager" Sherry would not credit my Husbands credit card. Sherry said Karla did not tell her anything about the situation and would credit his credit card.

We will never go to Lens Crappers again.

Apr 29, 2009

Ms. Moriarty,

It does not matter that you are lucky to have not had all of your lenses crack on you from incorrect cleaning--you should avoid cleaning lenses with dishsoap, Windex, and other chemicals not specifically formulated to be gentle with the special coating you ordered. If you do not want to purchase a cleaner that is meant to be used on glasses, water works fine and use a 100% cotton cloth (not Kleenex.)

Lenscrafters also needs you to leave your glasses so they can make the lenses fit correctly, otherwise they cannot do anything to help you. It is entirely possible to purchase a spare pair without spending $400 at Lenscrafters, and it is entirely possible to purchase a nice inexpensive spare pair at another place while staying with Lenscrafters for a more fashion-conscious pair.

Lastly, Lenscrafters doesn't make the lenses themselves, but just as they work in tandem with companies like Ray-Ban and Prada, the same goes for lenses.

Oct 31, 2008

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have I had such problems with glasses. I should have known better. I need invisible progressives. I ordered them with the special coating --I've had many pairs of glasses with the coating on them and never had a problem. Two months after wearing them I noticed pitting or bubbling on one of the lenses. They replaced them. Tried to get me to leave my glasses with them. I don't have $400 to throw around on spare glasses. They tried to get me to purchase their 50% off lenses. Right, like I might make another purchase at Lenscrafters. Now, we're 6 months down the road and the same thing happened again. The manager tried to pin it on me -- must be the way I clean them or care for them. THEN WHY DIDN'T IT HAPPEN TO THE OTHER LENS. Whoever they use to make their lenses should be shot. NEVER WILL I BUY GLASSES HERE AGAIN.

Aug 31, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - polarization problem with sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in November of 2007 from the Lenscrafters in Bakersfield, California. In May 2008, I noticed that the lenses had cracks horizontally in the polarization tinting on both lenses. It cost me $130 to have new lenses installed. (Lenscrafters said the lenses were scratched). The cracks looked exactly like a bad window tinting job you see on the rear window of a car after a few years.

I looked at the new lenses and noticed that in one month, the polarization tinting was appearing to stretch and distort in the corners of the lenses. On August 28, 2008, after only 3 months, the right lenses had the same cracking in the tint that the previous pair had. Lenscrafters replaced both lenses without charge but I have a feeling that this will reoccur again.

I bought a pair of Ray Ban with Polarization in 2011 and now have issues the lens. I took them into the store and they said it was salt water or Hawaii weather that has destroyed the polarization portion to the lens?
I am not on a boat all day or live by the ocean and cannot see why this should be happening. I really
thinks its a bad product they have issued. They sold me a plastic type of lens instead of the glass ones because they do not make a polarized lens for this particular model. I am still going to get to the bottom of
the issue and think they have defective lens because I have a pair of Style Eyes glasses with the exact plastic polarized lens and they are still perfect and they are much older too.

Do you have a clue as to what you are talking about? A polarized lens has a film called a polarized laminate attached to it! Any half wit optician knows that. The fracture marks the customer saw in his lenses were due to improper fit of the lens. the rainbow looking colors that appear before the cracks are caused by stress on the lens; the lens was cut slightly to large and when inserted into the frame was squeezed or bent away from the actual base and cross curves, not only will this result in a cracked lens but surface delamination may also occur. Somtimes labs like The one here, will try to hand edge the lens and the result is usually a ring or unsightly white ness that traces the edges of the lens. the customer should call the corporate Luxotica and demand a refund. I hate when people try to justify secondhand quality work as a customers issue! The store manager ANITA, or Lab Manager Will should be able to help the customer with his or her refund.

Also if exposed to saltwater or chemicals can cause problems with the polarization!

Apr 29, 2009

Lenscrafters does not tint polarized lenses, nor do they tint them like a vehicle's windows. It isn't a piece of film they place over clear lenses to create the effect of polarization. Maybe you are confused or the customer service did not do a very good job at explaining what lenses you were purchasing?

Make sure to only clean them with 100% cotton towels (not Kleenex), never use dishsoap or Windex because the chemicals can eat the lenses, do not leave them in a hot place for an extended amount of time (ex: car in the summer), and remember to place your sunglasses back in their case when not in use.

I know having scratches appear really sucks, especially when you look at the price, but remember to be as gentle with them as you would be with something else for the same price!

Aug 29, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - false charity program

I have spent hundreds on glasses, sunglasses, etc. at Lens Crafters over the years. Recently I had an economic downturn and needed help getting new glasses. Lens Crafters touted a charity program...

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Aug 25, 2008

LensCrafters - poor product quality

I purchased a pair of burberry frames in february 08 about 220. In June I went in for an adjustment on Sunday. Monday morning I noticed the sparkles on the side had begun to fall off. I went to...

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Aug 06, 2008

LensCrafters - frames do not hold up

About a year & a half ago, I bought a pair of Prada eyeglasses at Lenscrafters here in Boston. They were extremely nice looking and I paid quite a bit for them (around $450). Over time the frames became dull and cloudy. Nothing wrong with the lenses, just the frames. So I stop in at Lenscrafters and ask if there is anything I can do to clean or correct my glasses. I'm told by the salesperson that this just happens, it's plain wear & tear. Plastic frames, he said, only last about a year before they dry out & that this is very common. "Nothing you can do about it, " he says, and shrugs. He said I should just buy another pair then tried to sell a similar pair to me. I wasn't told this when purchasing these glasses. What's up with this? Built-in obsolescence so that we have to buy glasses every other year, spending hundreds on each pair to keep Lenscrafters going? Ridiculous--I'm purchasing my stuff now either at Costco Eyewear or online as I refuse to support Lenscrafters. I'm also posting on my blog, facebook, my space, etc. I'm sick of this stuff!

first off the associate was wrong for talking to a customer like he did. Frames do not break on there own. having worked in the optical business for years i handled plastic frames for years and having myself purchased thousand dollar plastic frames for myself i will tell you that no matter what you do to them if you wear hair product like most people do the plastic will become dry and crack if handled improperly. also just to note just because you spent money on something doesn't mean that they are indestructible. also again having worked in the optical business i will tell you those people work hard for little pay so you can see. feel free to go to walmart or costgo or any other sub par optical store and use their lenses that were made in china or korea. they will not work. also pair 29 dollars for glasses that should have been left in the seventies. and finally give people a break you would have to pay me a lt f money to sit down with the likes of you and most of the americans i read posting things on this site. also for ever negative comment on this site there are 15 satisfied customers out there who have a superior product that liooks fantastic.

My thoughts exactly Hammed3! Thank you!


There are many things you could have done to break them. The associate was an idiot if he really said that, but the product is good. I'll bet you often take your glasses off with one hand. Be honest.

Feb 26, 2009

I agree. I also had a similar experience. I had some Versace frames that weren't even a year old break on me. "The spring broke in the barrel, " is what the store associate told me. I felt that the 50% policy didn't apply because I didn't do anything to break them, but he insisted that I had by simply being the owner of them. Trust me, I've been wearing glasses for a very, very long time and my prescription is so high that I don't even qualify for the 1-hour service, so I do take great care of my glasses and, yes, have even broken a few throughout the years. I definitely know the difference between my breaking them and a crappy product that doesn't even stand up to the test of time to get me through the year for my next eye exam. Moreover, that same associate became arrogant and boasted about his degree and told me that I was wasting his time. So, Lens Crafters will not get any more of my money, nor my family's--we're a family of eye glasses wearers. By the way, this happened in Austin, TX, at the Lens Crafters located in Highland Mall. Good luck and good riddance!

Jul 25, 2008

LensCrafters - just ripped off!

Had an eye exam at lenscrafters and while my eye were dialated ordered glasses and couldn't see the screen the woman ordering my glasses was typing on. She told be they were 495. and with my...

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Jul 10, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - pressured sales

I have used Lenscrafters since the early 90s. The last 3 times I have wanted to use my old glasses. The first pair they said they could not put new lenses in made sense to me. They said the bottom of...

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Jul 08, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - poor customer service

Recently I purchased a pair of glasses from the Lens Crafter store in Tupelo, MS. The girl who fitted me told me that if anything was wrong with the glasses to return in 2 weeks. I did and told her...

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May 04, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - cheap frames - expensive prices

I have used LENS Crafters for years. I usually get their Brooks Brother product.

About three weeks ago my two year old glasses broke. I went to Lens Crafters and found a pair of CHAPS frames $160 that I liked. High Index lenses were also about $200. True to word they made them in an hour.

About two days later I notice I was [censored]ing my finger when I took off my glasses. The top of the screw that held in the lens was too long and they did a poor job of clipping it back.

I took the frames back. I was told that the manufacturer plaints the screw in and they have to strip it to get it out. I expressed some doubt and concern about the frames, but let them give me a new pair and put them together better. The manager assured me they were high quality frames.

Three days later the right nose piece just fell off. I found the screw, but could not put it back because it was stripped.

I took the glasses back to the store today and told them, I liked the shape but would no longer accept CHAPS. They found me a pair of POLOS, but then wanted me to pay $70 more. I told them it was their error and I would not pay more. The manager then told me that he was giving the LENS for Free. I asked him how he figured that. He said he could not use the lenses in the pair I brought back.

Anyhow, I told him those pair were coming back, and I was giving him a chance to keep my business.

H said he could not match the price of the first pair and that the CHAPS were entry level frames. Like that was my fault.

I got my refund my family is done with LENS CRAFTERS. They have lost $1000s of future business from me.

Why not just let them replace the frame? Because you perceive a problem with the frame because the NOESPAD fell off? What a [censored], I'm sure the staff was grateful that you left and didn't cost them more money in remakes.

I agree with above! You are the kind of customers I would not want to have at my business. Why should they have to eat the cost? Things like that are what runs up the cost of glasses for everyone/ Why should you get something for free? If I walked in and purchaed the polos I would expect to pay the extra $70, why shouldn't you? I think you got great customer service.

Jul 06, 2008

I do have a ? for you - IT is clear that the polos are more expensive frame - so why do you think YOU should not have to pay for the upgrade - they are not asking you to pay any more just what you would have paid - if you purchased them orginally - the 1st day -
so u mean to say that if you go there 1 day and buy the cheapest frame in the place ( recallu get what you pay for ) - and you go back and get say a very explesive frame - say - 400 bucks - you should not have to pay the differance -

remember - they are getting you new lenses - so they are loosing $ there - and now you expect they should give you what ever you want - and not charge you for it - just to make you happy - THIS IS NUTS ! -
I think they where already giving you great customer service - by saying they would take them back - but that is not good enough for you ? you want more - ?
KINDA BALL SY if you ask me -
seems like not much makes you happy - i would think you would expect them to give you the glasses for free - and then get u a 2nd pr ?

Apr 30, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - cheap product - expensive price

I have recently purchased 2 sets of lens from lenscrafters at the Hanes Mall Store in Winston-Salem. I asked for scratch resistant lenses, one set to be the type that changes colour and the other...

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Apr 25, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - they have the worst costumer service

Well I had my new glasses handed to me March 21st, not even 2 weeks later my glasses are spotty and it seems as if the glare resistant stuff had chipped off. I go in and a manager gives me this BS of a story saying that I scratched it and it is my problem yada yada yada... So I call corporate and yes you may ask what day today is and it is April 24th and they call me and tell me to go get new lenses and this is after calling like twice a week... What BS... The management is rude and no one knows what to do... I will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy another pair of glasses there so long as I live.


Ok, let me get something straight. You want the anti-glare coating, but more than likely purchased the base anti-glare, or the invisible, you get them, but won't fork over just a few more dollars for proper lens cloths and cleaners, which on both counts makes you cheap. You could also be classified as lazy, as for if you were too cheap to buy the proper lens cleaning materials, but also didn't want to come into the store when you needed your glasses cleaned. Alas, your extreme combination of laziness and cheapness caused you to resort to using your T-shirt and windex, more than likely, which you were warned about upon dispense of the product. How dare Lenscrafters not replace your lenses free of cost when you were informed of the exact way your lenses needed to be cared for. Here's a similar story that may help you understand how you may have been in the wrong, if you can comprehend the relation: You buy a brand new BMW from a dealership and after the car is driven, it gets dirty, warranting a trip to the car wash. Oh, but car washes are so expensive, you're bound to save a few dollars and wash the car yourself. The man at the dealership didn't explain to you how to wash your car (which happens in real life because everyone knows what can scratch the paint on your car and car salesmen assume you know what to use. Once again, keep in mind Lenscrafters tells you what you can and can not use). You see a major build up of dirt in one spot of the car, so you think that the only thing to bust through the filth is sandpaper. You make sure to use it just enough to get the layer of dirt off, wash it, let it dry...OH NO! You now have a matte finish to the location of where the dirt once was. You drive to the dealership and talk to the salesman again, tell him that the finish should've stayed on forever, no matter what the car was exposed to, and ask for another one. The salesman then laughs at you hysterically. Just because you messed something up, well-knowing what would happen to it if you didn't take basic care of it, you expect Lenscrafters to replace them free of charge. They had every right to turn you away, but you could've replaced them at 50% of the cost. Where else can you get that, with the same quality product?

You were negligent and don't like when you're told you're negligent. And for that mental disability, I weep for you. I hope you can soon join the real world where people take responsibility for their wrongdoing.

I've seen so many people saying that the Attorney General should do something and how they have a valid lawsuit. If this was true, you wouldn't be ### on this website, but rolling around in your court winning, which Lenscrafters tries to crawl out of bankruptcy.

As for you, Sam Sawyer: The optician in which sold you the transition lenses should've told you that these lenses will not darken in the car. If not, that's too bad, but you should've noticed this quickly, and brought them in just as quickly to obtain a refund. For the first pair, I'm sure while you were out of town an entire summer, you didn't bother with finding another Lenscrafters in which would solve your situation actually within warranty. While you were partying it up, you didn't want to solve your problems until the trip had ended, knowing good and well that you would be out of warranty. I also want to know about your REAL doctor. Since Lenscrafters obviously hires fake, unlicensed doctors. I also think you are a bit confused in the role this doctor played in the purchase of your frames. A doctor of optometry's job is to diagnose eye problems and correct them. They're not on the retail floor saying, "Oh this look cute on you!" They have a degree and don't engage in these activities. That's what opticians are for.

So good job, Jackson. You did an awesome job ### about something in which was your fault and acquired something for free. The managers followed protocol and if a customer is mad enough, they'll end up calling corporate and no matter whose fault it may be, you will get something out of it. Perhaps you should've spent less time ### corporate, and more time learning grammar. I would like to introduce to you, the comma.

Nov 05, 2008

I am also DONE with LensCrafters. I purchased a pair of Maui Jim perscription sunglasses from the Newport Beach store and they came back with the wrong lenses, single vision instead of progressive. I was at lake Havasau all summer and when I got back I took then to the store and was told they wouldnt be able to fix them because it was past thier thirty day guarantee. I explained it was thier mistake not mine and was then told by the manager they couldn't do anything. They said it would be cheaper just to get a new pair, so like most consumers I gave in and ordered a new pair and also a new perscription non-sunglass that would tint, so I wouldn't have to change glasses in the car. (My order totalled over $1200) Well I used my old glasses for the next two months until I tried on the NEW ones and guess what- Transition Lenses don't darken while in your vehicle, you have to be in direct sunlight.
I then went to a REAL eye doctor and found that Maui Jim has a one year warranty on perscription lenses and I never had to spend the $1200 at Lenscrafters after all to try and accomplish my needs. LENSCRAFTER'S solution... we will send the first pair and have the right lenses put in at no charge to you, I wanted the cost of the first pair refunded and that AGAIN could not be done.LOOKS LIKE IT'S TIME FOR SMALL CLAIMS COURT.
It's SAD they don't even respect thier own customers, I hope thier out of business soon

Sep 15, 2008

I think what you should do is contact your state Attorney General and ask his office to investigate LensCrafters. Explain your story in a concise letter to the AG. You would be surprised at the numer of complaints against LensCrafters that are all over the Internet.

LensCrafters is clearly a company that is begging to be investigated.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

LensCrafters - disappointed with customer service

I am writing to complain about my recent experience at the LensCrafters store at the Hawthorne Shopping Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois. I am extremely dissatisfied, and will no longer be going to...

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Jan 07, 2008

LensCrafters - faulty

I puchased a pair of glasses that broke with in 3 months. After taking it back to Lens Crafters they said that they couldn't fix them. The best that they would do is go 1/2 price of a new frame. The...

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May 07, 2007

LensCrafters - spend your money else where!

I recently purchased a new pair of glasses from this store at the Brass City Mall. The frames I ordered were fine, it took them 4 tries to get my lenses correct, so I had to keep returning to the store. What upset me was each time I arrived the store reps couldn’t care less that I didn’t have my glasses. During my 4th visit I was chatting with a woman at the counter who was waiting and discovered she was going through the same problem. I even called the store manager and explained my dilemma; I didn’t feel she cared either. Spend your money else where.

Sep 25, 2019

Purchased glasses and returned glasses on September 1st. Have not received cash refund check yet of $60. The representative told me it usually takes 3 to 4 days coming from the home office. I received the $225 back on my debit card the same day and was told they don't keep cash in the store so the rest will have to come from the home office.

Nov 14, 2018

3 year old glasses with transition lenses only to find out they are not lenses, just a coating that can wear off! Lens Crafters said sorry there is nothing we can do. Contact with corporate office said the same thing. $700.00 for 3 years? What a ripoff.

Nov 04, 2018


Receipt # [protected]/16/18 store 142

Sales order: [protected]

Item: Misc repair [protected] $30.00

(See: Item is separate from one year plan charge).

No repairs made after customer took original delivery of eyewear.

Request refund to charge card.

Aug 15, 2018

The manager at the Greenwood Indiana location is lying to me about the lens that were ordered two weeks ago. She first told me that they didn't pass inspection and now she is telling me they were shipped to the wrong store. I want the manager FIRED and I want my lens NOW

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