LBC Expressthe item (shea butter) that should be delivered to me.

W Nov 27, 2017

Where's my item (shea butter)? I been going back and forth at your place to request to pick up my item at the nearest lbc branch but you told me that the sender should be the one who will request it. I already ask the sender about it but she said that she can't do it because she didn't send the item originally at the lbc (so your branch is just the third party at the transaction). I been already go at the lbc hub because you said I should just go their to pick up the item and i text the number that you gave me but still I didn't get the item that I expected!!!That item is one of the ingredients of my project at school and the due date of our project is already next week still I can't get the item!!! I'm trying to be professional but if this is what I get, I'll just go be immature .

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